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  1. Hello, First, for those who don't know what i mean by "wall attack", i'll introduce it to you very quickly. You're in a PVP map, and there is a wall very closed to your opponent's monument or power wells. A common strategy here is to take the wall and put some archers on it. They will attack your opponent's monument or power well. He'll be in a hard position because it's hard to kill units on a wall. I admit i use it when i can because it's part of the game. But i think it shouldn't because it's way too much punitive in an off-guard moment. Often, it results by the victory of the wal
  2. Soooo i think i didnt understand very well how does we pick the winner in a match? Do we only play 3 games with our opponent, the first one is Haladur and then the one who just lost pick the next map? In that case do we stop at 2 - 0 ? Or do we play with a timer and the highest score win? In that last case, what are we doing if its a draw when it's finished? see ya
  3. Same problem for me. 2 days ago (29/09), after 1-2hours of playing with no major problem, i have the bug: i cant enter in any maps because DC after full loading (i tried around 10 times in several maps) Yesterday (30/09), everything's fine, i can play every maps. Today (01/10), can't play any maps, DC after full loading (i tried 4 times in several maps). And then i can't even connect to the server, it say "success" and then nothing (around 10 tries). After 10 min. everything is normal again.
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