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  1. Hello, First, for those who don't know what i mean by "wall attack", i'll introduce it to you very quickly. You're in a PVP map, and there is a wall very closed to your opponent's monument or power wells. A common strategy here is to take the wall and put some archers on it. They will attack your opponent's monument or power well. He'll be in a hard position because it's hard to kill units on a wall. I admit i use it when i can because it's part of the game. But i think it shouldn't because it's way too much punitive in an off-guard moment. Often, it results by the victory of the wall attacker. I think the map designers didnt thought that the main PVP strategies would be: destroy wall already built because you get more energy into the void + make wall attacks. So they put walls everywhere. Including near start position thinking "it will help to defend the base, LOL". Well... its the total opposite... xD Solutions i see here: - (If its possible) If the wall is built at the beginning of the game (near base), make it free in energy, and even a definitive wall that can't be rebuilt. So players will keep it as a defensive structure and wouldn't be able to use it offensively. - Increase / decrease the wall cost depending on if it's closed to a monument/power well, - Put the wall a little bit closer so player can't take it to wall attack (red area) - Remove wall and maybe create some new walls if the map is designed to play with it. If i have the time in September, i'll be happy to edit the default maps and apply those changes, maybe publish them as "Wall attack removed" community maps and publish it to server :). And the final objective would be to submit it to devs so they can replace it by the current maps. Does someone is interested in this project? I would be happy to work with one of you people! Thank you!
  2. Soooo i think i didnt understand very well how does we pick the winner in a match? Do we only play 3 games with our opponent, the first one is Haladur and then the one who just lost pick the next map? In that case do we stop at 2 - 0 ? Or do we play with a timer and the highest score win? In that last case, what are we doing if its a draw when it's finished? see ya
  3. Same problem for me. 2 days ago (29/09), after 1-2hours of playing with no major problem, i have the bug: i cant enter in any maps because DC after full loading (i tried around 10 times in several maps) Yesterday (30/09), everything's fine, i can play every maps. Today (01/10), can't play any maps, DC after full loading (i tried 4 times in several maps). And then i can't even connect to the server, it say "success" and then nothing (around 10 tries). After 10 min. everything is normal again.
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