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  1. [Official] My Improved CardBase

    @gnomgrol Could you add possibility to rearrange cards in deck?
  2. Why Thunder Wagon isn't called Fire Wagon?

    But they look like eggs when they are unripe. It's super easy to change displayed name, even simple mod can do. Hardest thing will be to correct cards graphics unless they are created dynamically by game.
  3. Why Thunder Wagon isn't called Fire Wagon?

    Let's rename it to wagon to avoid confusion.
  4. the game market

    Your friend is right and I do not support idea of preset auctions after beta. However beta will be limited for time and without this auctions some rare cards may be too hard to get during this period, so they wouldn't be tested enough.
  5. Reset Win/loss ratio + ELO

    I think there should be win/loss ratio based on games played, for example, to two months ago. So if somebody had 40% ratio at start, but after year he improved and wins 60% of games, he will have more accurate ratio displayed. It's better than allowing reset, where player makes reset after single loss to have constant 100% win/loss ratio.
  6. Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)

    Hi, I wish there will be a place for all of us in beta, but that rather won't happen.
  7. Bandits PvP Buff

    Meybe just make bandist cards cheaper/spammable so they will compensate thier weaknes with nubers. Pros: don't affects PvE balance brings more variety to gameplay make bandits more resistant to CC as single enchanted units dont hurt so much Cons: none
  8. Introducing ... Bolrader

    Welcome Bolrader! It's great to have you here. I wish I have experience in reverse engineering because I too would like too help at speeding up development of BF Reborn. I'm curious how to get started with reverse engineering thing. Can't find any valuable tutorials about it. By the way, good luck!
  9. BFR for Brazilians

    But only server will be in Europe, so prepare for high ping.
  10. Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    Do you want pay to win game? Because that's how pay to win games works.
  11. Change a Letter

  12. No fear of EA?

    Did devs ever asked EA for non-commercial license? I think it's pain, that devs can't do some features, because they requires client modifications. Did anyone tried to send EA message like this (but with more official language): "Hi EA! We are making private server for Battle Forge. It is non-profit fans for fans project. We want to make some new features and customizations that requires client modifications. Can you grant us a licence for non-commercial use of Battle Forge or something what will make client modifications for the purposes of of our project legal? Oficial servers are off so we are not competition for you. Not only you will lose nothing but you can get the reputation of company that support fan base of their games. So help." ?