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  1. Smok

    RadicalX PvP Tutorial Series

    When you talk about void manipulation in Nature video I would like to see Energy Parasite sneaking into enemy well and Shirne of Memory being used. Basicly I would like to see representation of what you talk about in videos. Also when you presenting a deck type it could be nice to see some cards and combos specific to this deck in use, like Harvester attacking a base in Shadow video, Parasite Swarm stealing powerful unit in Nature video etc. to show new player what cool cards and mechanics given deck have to offer. I recommend to take your time and do more editing. There is no deadline here. Looking forward to your tutorial series. Best luck!
  2. Smok

    Are core pvp cards too rare?

    It's just bad game design when essential cards are not common ones. If it depended on me, I would make all core cards from compedium commons and optional ones uncommons at best. I would aslo incrised rarity of some cards noone ever wants. This problem is aslo closely releted to cards balance and variety. We do not need special boosters. We need ANY boosters. 450 price is as good as not selling boosters at all. If price was 100, I would rather buy 4 boosters and try my luck instead of purchasing Cold Snap for 400. A resonable booster price is the thing that keeps commons/uncommons prices aslo resonable.
  3. Confirmed. Looks like it's gone.
  4. Smok

    How do I get BFP?

    You can't "buy" it. It's true free to play. You earn BFP from daily quest and by selling cards you don't need in auction house.
  5. Smok

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    I played some Banditos in PvE and geting full 150% damage boost on them isn't any problem. They are monsters when they get into melee combat, but I still don't think they are worthy of slot, even in PvE. They are expensive S melee with low hp pool. Every even weakes form of knockback/cc turns them into unusable trash. I think reducing they buff requirements from 3, max 9 units to 2, max 6 units would help them perform a bit better in PvP. Adding RadicalXs cost reduction maybe, but MAYBE someone would EVER consider playing them in low elo bracket. Bandit Launcher would also need massive building time reduction to fit aggressive bandits play style. It could pair well with Bandit Sorceress then making her more viable. My Northguards buff idea is way more radical than RadicalXs one but maybe will let Nothguards into PvP. So: - cost reduction to 45 - damage upgrades changed into hp upgrades - S counter removed (they counter nothing) This way they would turn into walking meat walls used to put between Master Archers and enemy melee troops in order to slow them down when they try to reach your MA, or to tank some damage from aoe spells.
  6. Smok

    got hacked i guess

    I'm sure you not got hacked but experienced a bug.
  7. SEVERITY: 3LOCATION: Ingame, ForgeREPRODUCIBILITY: AlwaysDESCRIPTION: I use Shift+X (X is any key) shortcuts to play cards. While playing cards with Shift+X I can get stuck in "command queue" mode (that dosen't work at all), preventing me from any mouse related action until I hit Shift key. This bug happens quite often for me during play and is very annyoing. By the way there is no way to rebind default Shift functionality to another key. Here is how to reproduce, step by step: 1. Select any unit. 2. Use Shift+X shortcut to grab card. Make sure to release both keys after. 3. Cancel this card with RMB. 4. You are now stuck unlit you hit Shift key. Update: Confirmed to work with Ctrl and Alt as well.
  8. - Controll single guy of S unit for x secounds "Last man standing" - Copy someones deck "You made this? I made this" - Have x more power wells than your opponent in PVP match "OverWELLming" - Win a pvp game as Bandits
  9. Smok

    Closed Beta Applications

    Discord: Smok#4415 Time dedication: ~20h/week (available mostly Thursday-Sunday, both mornings and evenings) Experience: Overal: About 150h played over BF livespan. FTP player, played mainy PVE. Have a bit of trading experience as well. PVP: 10-20 games (I didn't have good enough cards to compete) PVE: Most of the time I follow project since 2015 looking for updates every week since then. I love RTS and CCG/TCG genres. I got tired of team based games and I want to compete in 1vs1 PVP game which isn't Starcraft. So, I'm going to dedicate my time into (mostly) PVP, because ♫I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was♫. But seriously speaking, I just want to make sure game is as playable and fun as possible before Open Beta. I simply want this project to succeed, so I'm willing to help as much as I can.
  10. Smok

    Card ideas with description

    @ImaginaryNumb3r That's true, it would be not good to rush with adding new cards. Since SR is free and don't need to sell as many cards as possible to make profit it will be better to go quality over quantity route, but at some point it would be nice to see Fire/Frost and Nature/Shadow cards, and some more T1 cards since every T1 have it's "must have" core now. There should not be mandatory cards. I don't want to create separate topic so I'm going to drop my ideas here. Art: Supperssion card and some GIMP master skills. Infused Tansposition: Target firendly structure can move at slow speed. Last 30 seconds. Immediately reusable. Upgrades I: +15s Duration II: -5 Power Cost III: -5 Power Cost Tained Tansposition: Target firendly structure can move at normal speed. It takes 100% more damage. Last 30 seconds. Reusable every 20 seconds. Upgrades I: -25% increased damage taken II: -25% increased damage taken III: -5 Power Cost Bonus: What if Northguards card looked like this? Would it find use in some decks?
  11. Smok

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    @gnomgrol Could you add possibility to rearrange cards in deck?
  12. Smok

    Why Thunder Wagon isn't called Fire Wagon?

    But they look like eggs when they are unripe. It's super easy to change displayed name, even simple mod can do. Hardest thing will be to correct cards graphics unless they are created dynamically by game.
  13. Smok

    Why Thunder Wagon isn't called Fire Wagon?

    Let's rename it to wagon to avoid confusion.

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