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  1. RubySauce

    upgrade list?

    So I know it's probably the norm to get upgrades by farming gold, but I like to add some variety in the maps I play by going for specific upgrades on specific maps. However, I ran into a problem.. I found an upgrade list as a post on this forum, but when I looked for Overlord I found it was listed in a different map than what the card API tells me.. So can someone enlighten me as to which one is correct?
  2. RubySauce

    launcher.exe has stopped working (bad allocation)

    I've only experienced 1 update, the most recent one. The launcher issue was present before the update as well, but like I said, before it would just go away after a restart or 2. This is quite a fringe case, as it only seems to happen on my VM. My home PC is fine, weirdly enough.
  3. So on the Windows 7 VM on my mac, which I use to play this game on the go, I recently started getting the error from the title (launcher.exe has stopped working). What happens then is that the game won't close, but it will tell me I lost connection to the server about 5 seconds later. It used to work fine before, I got this error a few times but restarting usually made it go away. Not this time, I've gotten the error about 10 times in a row now which is unusual. I will start up, log in and after about 2-3 minutes it will generate this failure. The Diags show only a single error amidst a whole bunch of info messages about packages: [08:59:29.637400] [error]: [] bad allocation I don't know where this comes from. Things I've tried: - Running in administrator mode. I've always done this - running in compatibility mode. Windows suggests XP service pack 2, I've tried all the service packs. - Disabling DEP. I coudn't create an exception for the launcher.exe, but disabling it entirely also didn't seem to work - completely reinstall battleforge and the launcher (a.k.a. unpacking it again and running the launcher). - restart the VM I'm hoping you guys have seen this before and can point me in the right direction.
  4. Since we're in this topic also discussing PvP, how about in-client tournaments that run at specific times? Some other games have these and would push more people to play during specific time windows. Just have them in the evening between 8-10pm or something, or during weekends. You can still get pvp at other times but with these times they could be guaranteed.
  5. I 100% agree. I recently started playing and especially the first few missions were tough, because I couldn't just invest a bit and get a few cards to experiment with. I was pretty much forced to use the starter decks for at least a week, which I was only able to do because I was feeling nostalgic about it. The same thing happened with my cousin, by the way. The 2.5 hour barrier at the start was too much for him. I have to convince him to play as well. Basically he got tired of the starter deck before even completing that 2.5 hour quest, and now that he has he lost interest completely. Even though the premise of the game itself is very promising to him. My suggestion would not be to give more bfp quests early on, since to a new player bfp is completely useless. They don't know what to buy in the AH, and boosters are too expensive to buy with BFP. I think the suggestion of picking a rare card is a good idea. At the very least, have some limited boosters which have a specific selection of rare cards that people can get, so they can get started on a decent deck sooner (random so they can just play with whatever they get, reduce the choices because again, new players don't know what they're looking for). Or just have a boatload more achievements early on which reward boosters (like you said, to entire players to play through the campaign). These will be one-time as not to overload the market with cards, but entering cards into the economy is better than entering bfp for the newer players, in my opinion.
  6. RubySauce

    Inflation Incoming!

    Could be, but once there is a fee installed, what is stopping people from using the ingame trade system exclusively?
  7. RubySauce

    Battleforge on OSX

    Same here.. I open the updater or the .exe directly, but neither does anything.. Right now I use a virtual machine if I want to start this game on macOS, as you can get free VM's here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/
  8. RubySauce

    Balance Proposal: Fire Sphere

    This sounds great. I especially like how it will fill a niche between the other 2 spells without being changed TOO much.
  9. Thanks! Should it happen to me again I will collect the logs.
  10. I've had a game freeze on me just once. What I would like to ask, is if there is anything we can provide the moment it freezes. Are there logs we can collect? Is there something we can turn on? Just random freezes aren't much to go on for bug fixing I'm afraid..
  11. RubySauce

    Allow all cards to be tested in the Forge

    There is the spawning option where you spawn in enemies, perhaps something like that could be created? Although I can see how this would take a long time since it's an entire UI update. But for my friend, who is new to battleforge in general, something like this would be great just to see how they look like and what they can do.
  12. RubySauce

    Signing up

    72 characters? so when your game crashes it will take like 10 minutes to log back in Also computers can't really hack passwords that are like 12 characters long in a reasonable ammount of time, I think you're safe enough..
  13. RubySauce

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Okay, so I got kind of curious. You say there are more than 2 sexes, indicated by hormones. But in the end, even if I have a high number of female hormones in my body, I will still have a penis. How would this affect my sex? Excuse my ignorance, I honestly don't know. Secondly, fair point about the surviving part. I also didn't mean that there are more per se, more that people are becoming more and more open about it. As well as surviving I guess, since "survival of the fittest" is barely applicable in human society nowadays. Interesting points about species changing sexes, although I'm not sure how that is applicable to humans. These species changing sexes, as you say, is for convenience and changing their sex is usable. If a human changes from male to female, they can't suddenly carry babies. Humans changing sex is an issue with them not feeling right in their body, and the species you mentioned seem to change regarding to the needs of the survival of the species. I don't think that's really applicable. Also, the bathroom issue is not exactly like I meant. For me, if someone was born female but transitioned to male and they use a male bathroom, that is not a problem. But lets take people that say they feel like neither gender. What bathroom would they use? What I think some people are afraid of, is that this opens a grey area where guys can just say they feel like a women at that moment and just barge into a female bathroom. This is just a benign issue on the surface, but this would open yet another door to men saying they feel like a woman and they enter sports competitions, where there are clear distinctions between male and female due to biological differences like upper body strength. Although on that issue, I recently learned about a south african athlete who was born with both genitalia, identified as a women and competed, but was forced to take hormone pills due to high levels of testosterone in her body which seemingly gave her an edge, so I guess we're already facing this issue...
  14. RubySauce

    Inflation Incoming!

    I'm guessing part of the system means that people only get cards through boosters and that the whole auction house system is thrown out the window. If you again look at Hearthstone, also a card collection game, you can't trade cards between players. Why I didn't really think about the Hearthstone system is because it has 1 important feature that this game simply cannot have: You can speed up your collecting by paying. You don't HAVE to, but you have the option. The other system, the dusting system, means you can toss cards away to purchase SPECIFIC new cards. Right now, the auction house provides something similar. You can purchase specific cards you want. The problem with this, is that the money doesn't go away out of the system (the dust would dissapear in Hearthstone, removing it from the "economy"), but it goes to other players. Similarly, you can "dust" your cards by selling them on the auction house, but this also makes sure the "dust" comes from other players. So I guess a possible solution could be to have auctions for every card at fixed prices, and people can either try their luck in boosters or just buy the specific cards they want. They could then in turn be able to "sell" their cards to the action for set prices as well. These cards would then exit the economy, just as how buying cards from this same auction would remove the bfp from the economy. The biggest problem with this system is that it removes the interactivity between players and trading/selling, which is a big part of this game. I understand wanting to slow down bfp gain, or at least card gain. How I would implement this at least, is to give some "beginner quests", which grant new packs (NOT bfp) really quickly so you can open like 20 boosters within the first week, 10 in the second week (don't take these numbers exactly, it's just an example), and then you can open maybe 1-3 boosters a week after that, max. You at least want to make sure new players feel like they have a chance of playing multiple types of decks and farming upgrades, I think, to make sure they don't leave right away. You can still earn bfp besides this and have the whole auction house system, but I'd imagine it would be less prominent and this would in turn possibly keep prices down (this is pure speculation, I am just not sure). Just my 2 cents.
  15. RubySauce

    Promo Cards? ( Premium )

    promo's used to be for special events or pre-orders or whatever. They should be very special. I'm sure you'll figure out a better way for the promos

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