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  1. RubySauce

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    I work in IT tech support myself, and I know the perils of putting a date on a fix for a problem. You can almost never accurately tell how long something like that will take. Our managers wanted to implement a system promising fixes faster the more you paid, but thats just not how it works. I am extremely grateful that people are voluntarily putting in their free time to create this project. Just make broad statements on when you think stuff might be finished, take more time just in case and if it is done sooner, that's just great for us. I think I only really care about getting updates on what is happening. We've waited 3 years, it doesn't really matter all that much how much longer it takes now. Good luck!
  2. RubySauce

    Multiple Accounts

    Why so grim? I'm quite positive there was a non-ranked mode..
  3. RubySauce

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    I once got sent a shady site by a friend of mine that sold battleforge for 5 euro, which translated to 3k battleforge points. buying that in the store would cost about 30. I bought 4 of those packs before they sold out.. I also bought maybe 20 or so euro from ea themselves so 40 in total I guess? 100% worth it though.
  4. RubySauce

    For how long have everyone played?

    I think I played for about a year after it became free to play, and then untill the end played on and off. I remember my xfire stating that I played it for 700 hours.
  5. RubySauce

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    Im loving what I see here. The cap makes sense, and it is not too high. If it would be, hardcore players would speed too far ahead of the casuals. On that note, making quests PLAY a map, PLAY pvp is also better for casuals, as winning could prove too difficult or frustrating. I do have a question about selling cards. After a while, most people will have a ton of excess commons, which are basically unsellable in auction house. WIll there be a method to sell the cards off at a steep discount for extra bfp? say if a booster would cost 100, a single common would yield 1 or 2 ? personally I disliked having stacks upon stacks of useless cards but that might just be me :P.
  6. RubySauce

    What did you guys love and hate about battle forge

    I loved the combination of TCG and RTS. It's combining two of my favourite things. I hated the random upgrade drops. seriously, doing a map 20 times and still not getting the upgrade was frustrating.
  7. RubySauce

    [Daily Quests] Fix or flexible?

    I think different quests for everyone, and should be as doable and generic as possible I think. Perhaps to beat any single player map with at least two nature orbs, playing a certain number of single fire orb creatures, playing and beating any 4 player map on any difficulty and so on. I mean, this is supposed to appeal to the casuals as well as be doable to make sure everyone can get a decent bfp income. If everyone gets the same quests it might be kind of dull, everyone would have the same restrictions and it could prevent some maps from being beaten since they require more refined strategies. At least this way someone could screw around with orb 1 fire, but use the rest of the deck to beat the map effectively for example. But thats just what Im thinking :).
  8. RubySauce

    How much BFp is worth your time?

    yea, thats what I was thinking about too. It might be that it would hurt other people too much. I guess I would suggest only implementing a system like that if multi accounting will start to get a problem, because that also remains to be seen.
  9. RubySauce

    How much BFp is worth your time?

    Also, one more thing om multi-accounting. I remember runescape having a system where you cannot trade if the value of goods has too big of a difference. Perhaps we could do that with cards as well? You have to put approximatly similar worth cards opposed to the other to be able to trade. It doesn't have to be exact, perhaps some cards are of more value to a player than the ones he has, but still. On the other hand, you should be able to sell your cards for bfp or gold this way if the gold can get a certain value of bfp attatched to it (By calculating it with the time spent to gain it, just like bfp requires time) I'm just thinking out loud here. Couldn't find this suggestion anywhere allthough there is a lot to look through, I might just have missed it
  10. RubySauce

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    some of these times are insane! Are there videos of some of these somewhere?
  11. RubySauce

    Favorite Card

    corsair. The things they say and just how it attacks. Awesome all around!
  12. RubySauce

    How much BFp is worth your time?

    okay, well lets look at an existing system, hearthstone, the "magic the gathering" like card game from blizzard. they have daily quests that give between 40 and 60% of a booster pack. you can then spend around 30-60 minutes, depending on the fastness of your deck, to get another 10% with a daily cap of 100% (so, that means between 5 and 10 hours per day to get to the cap of 1 booster). ofcourse this system is based off winning and the fastness of your deck, but still. Then, to help players get started, there are invisible quests that you can ONLY DO ONCE. so lets say you win 10 times, you get a free booster just like that, but only once. Perhaps to keep the more casual players, and new players, interested, is to reward them a lot at the beginning so they will at least have some sort of collection to begin with. Then, dailies can be done to get a part of a booster, and the hardcore players can spend quite some time to get just a bit more. It's not much more, just a bit. I think a system like that is the closest you can get for an inbetween system? hardcore players can get about twice as much as casuals, which is probably not that much more? The only thing you have to remember besides this is that in heartsthone you can ofcourse buy packs too, but a lot of people are pure f2p.
  13. RubySauce

    Favorite Faction?

    bandit! I started when that expansion came out, and I got a few bandit cards from a friend. Just nostalgia I guess. I did quite well in PvP actually. commando's are crazy strong and i used gifted bandit stalkers to counter nightcrawlers and burrowers, noone expected it! Also, windhunters had L attack and skyfire drakes had M, so windhunters killed them big time and noone expected it!
  14. RubySauce

    How much BFp is worth your time?

    I know that, I meant to say that you should be careful since casual players might get scared away if everyone has all cards when they can spend little time on the game and would rather pump some money in there to prevent them from lagging behind too much. Since that is impossible here, you should probably also think about the casual players since most people suggest 1 pack per 4/5 days, or 10 hours or something. Stuff like that just isn't doable for casuals.
  15. RubySauce

    How much BFp is worth your time?

    The thing you all need to realise is that being able to buy bfp is handy for people who can't spend as much time in the game as others. So getting high requirements for getting bfp means non active players will get a single booster each month, which is clearly not a good way to keep those players. daily quests that are very doable are a necessity. Besides that, gain should be minimal. I'd suggest you can get maybe half a pack, a little less perhaps, from doing a daily, and then being able to gain a whole booster in about.. 8 hours? 9? not sure about the exact numbers. It still remains to be seen how the auction house will develop, but perhaps a different way to get cards you want could be created, or a way for your excess commons that noone wants to be converted to a tiny ammount of bfp?

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