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  1. I am very interested in especially rage and disintegration. Does anyone know in general how these work exactly? How much hp is drained for the church/worm when they disintegrate a target, or at least how much HP does it "take" per second?
  2. I fgeI feel the issue with the achievement is that it takes way too long to reach below 25 bfp. At that low of a reserve, the recharge rate is almost as fast as how much you drain. I played games of about 17-20 minutes, giving me about 13 bfp. But the reserve also gained like 8 bfp at that point..
  3. I hope that the current community will be more mature than most online game communities, and we can probably get together in a mature way where the balance developers have the final say.
  4. Hello! I posted in the announcement threat that I hoped there could be new characters/voices for the new maps, as I always found they gave such character to the pve maps. I'm hoping you'll consider this! In that same thread, someone posted links to info about a voice AI learner, which might prove useful? I hope you'll look into this, or if this is outside of anyones technical scope (Ihavent looked at it myself yet). The paper on the voice learning topic: https://arxiv.org/abs/1806.04558 some examples: https://google.github.io/tacotron/publications/speaker_adaptation/ the git r
  5. Holy crap this is awesome. I hope this reaches the map makers, but otherwise I might just bug them about it anyway.
  6. For the new maps, is there a plan to include voice acting and perhaps an expansion of the lore by adding new characters? (as getting the old voice actors on again would probably be hard..) Or do we know of people that can mimic the voices well enough?
  7. RubySauce

    upgrade list?

    So I know it's probably the norm to get upgrades by farming gold, but I like to add some variety in the maps I play by going for specific upgrades on specific maps. However, I ran into a problem.. I found an upgrade list as a post on this forum, but when I looked for Overlord I found it was listed in a different map than what the card API tells me.. So can someone enlighten me as to which one is correct?
  8. I've only experienced 1 update, the most recent one. The launcher issue was present before the update as well, but like I said, before it would just go away after a restart or 2. This is quite a fringe case, as it only seems to happen on my VM. My home PC is fine, weirdly enough.
  9. So on the Windows 7 VM on my mac, which I use to play this game on the go, I recently started getting the error from the title (launcher.exe has stopped working). What happens then is that the game won't close, but it will tell me I lost connection to the server about 5 seconds later. It used to work fine before, I got this error a few times but restarting usually made it go away. Not this time, I've gotten the error about 10 times in a row now which is unusual. I will start up, log in and after about 2-3 minutes it will generate this failure. The Diags show only a single error ami
  10. Since we're in this topic also discussing PvP, how about in-client tournaments that run at specific times? Some other games have these and would push more people to play during specific time windows. Just have them in the evening between 8-10pm or something, or during weekends. You can still get pvp at other times but with these times they could be guaranteed.
  11. I 100% agree. I recently started playing and especially the first few missions were tough, because I couldn't just invest a bit and get a few cards to experiment with. I was pretty much forced to use the starter decks for at least a week, which I was only able to do because I was feeling nostalgic about it. The same thing happened with my cousin, by the way. The 2.5 hour barrier at the start was too much for him. I have to convince him to play as well. Basically he got tired of the starter deck before even completing that 2.5 hour quest, and now that he has he lost interest completely.
  12. Could be, but once there is a fee installed, what is stopping people from using the ingame trade system exclusively?
  13. This sounds great. I especially like how it will fill a niche between the other 2 spells without being changed TOO much.
  14. Thanks! Should it happen to me again I will collect the logs.
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