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  1. I think the goal is the entire crew must survive. Nevertheless I would suggest something like for the Defenders in The Soultree. There it says something along the lines "... too many have died". Thus it automatically fits on all difficulties and in case of amount changes.
  2. The easy plan worked: Thousands of minus points and got a Promo 😉 ... 3 more boosters to go
  3. It is only one of the things regarding shadow mage that we have fixed on test server already 🙂
  4. As a general rule for external buffs it is: Only the highest buff counts. (Of your named cards Unholy power is the exception to the rule) In the future it is planned to give better indicators in buff's descriptions if they stack and how.
  5. Just to make sure, you are experiencing this crash on live server, right?
  6. well yeah there you ll still encounter it until test server updates go live
  7. @Mak Did you encounter this on test server? The issue should be resolved there already.
  8. No, in fact the card base was already containing lots of false data before the first balancing patch. I have made an effort to keep the stats/abilities... data up to date on the wiki's card pages tho https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Skylords_Reborn And unlike the card base, if you find a mistake there, I can fix it if u ping me
  9. I like it a lot, one last issue I like to have resolved is: what do you do for Maps that do not have standard difficulty?
  10. if you like shielding more than freezing then have a look at winter witch that got changed alongside it, providing you all the shields you need
  11. It looks nice to have, whoever gets to implement this though, use the scroll icon and not the book icon as thats for the chronicle.
  12. Is there something u always do, does it crash at always the same sequence etc. ? Any patterns u notice
  13. @T1421 @Ponni @DeleriuM @Kapo @Treim @kenjil @Dallarian The fix for the Ocean crash should be available on the test server by now. Try to reproduce the error there. I hope you can't anymore If so, these post can be moved to resolved aswell:
  14. Perhaps even the "to channel name" could be optional aswell in the settings, as you have the colors anyways?
  15. Change the 4 bytes in the replay after "PMV" to the game version u want. Currently we are on 255 (FF). You can perform this step with a hex editor or the BF_antipatch.exe . This will make the replay watchable again. Unfortunately, as the replay literally replays the game for you, any major changes that happened to cards played in the replay will lead to desynchs.
  16. Unfortunately some descriptive updates for cards did not come through this patch and will be send live next time. If you notice any other inconsistencies between wiki and ingame always let me know.
  17. Back then I made Kiwi install this link to the balancing discord.
  18. Oh well Bad Harvest has many different speedrun strategies, and if u apply the same pure restrictions I dont see why it would be less interesting, dont u agree?
  19. I mean given that the last PvE Challenge had 4 entirely different replays on Rank 1-4, I dont see the the single ez win strat abused by every good PvE player point there either. It is surely a map less people are familiar with, but it has been released over 2 years ago..
  20. Which bugs are you talking about? Have you reported them (unless they are already reported) ?
  21. I think it could be considered a tool and gaining an advantage: --> But I am curious for official judgement !
  22. Well it is kinda obvious that a solution that shall reward based on ingame time, would need a gold/min equation Getting everyone happy with that is a different thing^^ I would suggest something like the current rpve 9 avergame time and its gold reward.
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