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  1. After reading through some posts about this card and seeing the discussion about it, I'd like to bring in a new approach for balancing/reworking it. (5310-nerf-amii-monument, 6319-balance-proposal-amii-monument) My idea would be to go away from "make its costs higher" and "make it t4", but rather does a little rework to open up new play styles with it. on T3: - when activated, it will just stay active for a short period of time (like 10, 20 or 30 seconds) - after that time it most likely needs a very high cooldown to reactivate (like 120 seconds or something) -
  2. I'd also love to see that "attack cancellation" fixed, it's so annoying, even in PvE. Now, after the "big patch" for frost, he even gets his shield always as he doesn't require an upgrade for it anymore.
  3. A lot of new players don't know that you have to press "enter" when putting in BFP in the trade window. My suggestion would be like a small button saying "Enter" (or similar, or maybe just an icon) which functions like pressing it on keyboard. I know that after the first trade ppl will tell you to do that in order to put in BFP, but it would make it a little easier to understand it on your own. EDIT: added a professionally edited example 🙂
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