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  1. I mean could it just cut off the name after x characters and only display the full name in a tooltip? Like permanently display „{GM}Mephisto…“ and the full {GM}MephistoRoss on hover in tooltip only?
  2. The cards displayed on the all cards website are also no longer up to date. (For example new cards are completely missing) Using the card viewer template in the wiki you can increase the displayed scaling of a cards but afterall the quality is not better than the original 320 × 320 resolution that is available for all cards. Additionally you would have to screenshot each card using this scaling method which would be an absolute nightmare^^.
  3. I mean the XP requirements were lowered to a point where they are basically irrelevant, if we want to incentivize with XP, these requirements would need to be increased again or additional dependencies created.
  4. Should be fixed in an upcoming update.
  5. Alright thanks, this new one might make it into the next patch.
  6. Alright thanks, this new one might make it into the next patch.
  7. Should be fixed in an upcoming patch.
  8. I am pretty sure all the buildings are immune against a wasted matter mastery nowadays. Hence I like to see some proof that one of the building cases was missed. Spawners in particular should definitely be immune since the change that prevented freezing them.
  9. Can you reproduce a case where it happens for matter mastery ?
  10. Well voidstorm also says that it ignores all shields, hence the amii paladin shield does not detect it and nothing gets redistributed.
  11. @Kubik Hehe now you have to add another GUI button somewhere 😛
  12. @Revan_Amell Once it is approved, you can filter in the wiki for it: 🙂 And see it if you open the infobox on card pages:
  13. It is currently missing male tho.
  14. So u now have a list, ready to put onto the wiki?
  15. @Kubik it is back again
  16. Just see the new Hag icon as a hypnosis medal with which she hypnotises the units, not as a disco ball.
  17. Yes, it was fixed in the mid patch update of 06 January 2022.
  18. What you describe is the intended functionality. Of external buffs only the highest one counts. A better description using keywords is planned but is not a priority at the moment.
  19. Eh i don’t think this will happen any time soon, different languages have different length of speech, and some map scripts require these „breaks“. This would already be a lot of work to change it just for one map without breaking functionality, an insane endeavour for all.
  20. You can find all changes in one place on that page. Once I have time I can populate the respective card pages and copy paste it all onto them .
  21. Yeah do not use the old wiki for that, cause upgrade drops were different back then. in the new wiki you can find a sort and searchable table here https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Template:List_of_Card_Upgrade_Drop_Locations
  22. It was last patch, the wiki pages of each individual card are just not updated yet. The change is noted on the main patch page: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Patches/Patch_400031 and yeah only what is displayed was adjusted, no actual dmg changes occurred.
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