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  1. Man, I want that free power lost souls deck... Ha, sounds so fun. Hope a looting ability is added to some cards.
  2. I like Necroblaster being able to self sustain, and at is one of my favorite shadow cards. I might be a noob, but the build, set up, and then forget nature of Necroblaster is core to how I use the tower in pvE. With the requirement of corpse setup / using enemy corpses, it already feels shadow themed. Not every shadow mechanic needs to come with a major cost. A lot of the core ones (furnace of flesh, chaos altar, time vortex) instead involve cheating cost, which is a very shadowy thing to do. (e.g. making a pact with the devil, and then weaseling out of it), and I don't think making
  3. OMG, I love the spawning on fire mechanic. So cool, and unique!
  4. The only other cards that does this are infernal chain and Santa, and it seems a really fun mechanic. I'd love to see more instances of this. Here are some example ideas: Better Boots (Arcane): Fire Affinity: ground units in a 5m radius gain swift Frost Affinity: ground units in a 5m gain steadfast Master Surgeon (Medium Unit) : Nature Affinity: Every 5 seconds gives a unit that does not have it, the medically trained ability (2% life regen) Shadow Affinity: every 5 seconds gives a unit that does not have it, the lifeleacher ability (10% life steal)
  5. Zyna: There is a hidden healing cap of 4000. I will leave this unchanged for now, since this will make the card even stronger than it already is. SEVERITY: 3+ LOCATION: Forge REPRODUCIBILTY: Always When the LSS is upgraded to U3 the crystal increases in duration, from 15 seconds, to 25, however the crystal only heals for the first 15 seconds.
  6. NAME: Green Dryad not stopping Melee Disable SEVERITY: 3 (or 4 :p) LOCATION: Any Game, or Forge (test with Twilight Abomination and Lost Dragon) REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: Green Dryad protects against ranged disables (like from the Lost Dragon), spellbane, and a large variety of debuffs but not the melee disabled status effect (like from the Twilight Abomination). I presume this is an oversight, as it is a weakening effect, that seems like it should be in the same category as the aforementioned ones.
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