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  1. This may or may not work but try playing the game in windowed mode, i have been lagging for the past 2 hours non stop, switched to windowed mode thanks to Afro's suggestion and i seem to be perfectly fine, tho i must say that the issue i am experiencing is not really in the forge but ingame itself which switching to windowed mode seems to have resolved. Granted should this even work is not an ideal solution but at least it's something until they implement a fix.
  2. Description: A bold title to be sure, however it's true after the first game on each login the game gets a little bit laggier each time i play a new map/mission and it scales up in 2-3 games to the point of being straight up unplayable(the screen will freeze for an increasingly long time). I played earlier at around 4-5 am and it worked buttery smooth for an hour or two, however yesterday the whole evening and today as well after about 8 am it's been well this. I've seen/heard other people complain about lagging in the forge/menus and while that does happen to me as well, that's far less freq
  3. The forge works mostly fine for me, however the same can not be said about ingame. I've experienced freeze from couple seconds up to 2 mins and it keeps happening every 10-15 seconds.
  4. Description: Was playing a 2v2 game on Nadai against Carofex&DonProm, game went to the T3 stage. Carofex summoned 2 Lost Grigoris to split attack, and the one at the top somehow started taking 0 damage from Swamp Drakes which are XL counters and should have no problem killing it. Reproductibility: I belive i have experienced this bug once or twice in 2 years. Log: links attached to log/screenshot because of file size restrictions. https://www.mediafire.com/file/3qez63kphbzls6z/_log_proxy_0.log/file https://www.mediafire.com/view/fp2yy0jrb43zhkq/Screenshot_5.png/file LostGr
  5. Name: 2v2 random generated maps are crashing. Description: I am not sure but i'd say about 50% of the time 2v2 random generated maps "crash" in the first loading screen. Once the game "crashes" no error messages are displayed it's like the game just closed itself on it's own. The issue started happening after the last patch in December. Reproductibility: Just open a 2v2 random generated map and you'll crash 50% of the time. Logs: Mine( _log_proxy_latest.logcrashdata.mdmp ) Dutchy's(log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp)
  6. Name: Brannoc and Jorne are having a starrring contest while Rogan is chilling in the backline. Description: i got Titans advanced+ as a daily quest and i figured i'd solo it, i have done it once so i should be able to do it again. but not wanting to lose the map and have to go again i deceided to trap jorne so i'd have plenty of time to clear the relevant parts of the map. at 29:40 i figured i was ready to finish the map so i let Jorne out of his cage. everything went smoothly until 31:20 where i opened the last gate and rogan says the following line: "Come friends, let's see if we can
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