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  1. Updated the first post with all maps as a separate .pak file. I also added a PvE_ or PvP_ prefix to the maps that didnt have one. Also updated to the last version of some maps.
  2. You placed the files from the archive next to the battleforge folder. You need to place them into the battleforge folder instead.
  3. Currently there is a test server on which we test new features. On this server everyone has all cards so you could use it as your sandbox for now. Instructions how to connect to the test server are on discord.
  4. The server should be working again.
  5. Could you try high settings but without Ssao?
  6. Actually that is not true anymore (since last patch), the server calculates the bfp gain/reserve each minute now during matches. Nevertheless thanks for proposing your own system, will look into it.
  7. Try all steps mentioned here, especially step 6:
  8. @Dude003 and @Obimoine did redownload/reinstall fix the problem?
  9. How did you end the game? Did you win, lose, crash? Is there anyone else you encounters this issue? I have never encountered it myself.
  10. If you play every day 1 hour for 3 days, you still earn more than someone who plays once in 3 days (1200bfp vs 1000bfp). But maybe the difference should be a bit higher for more incentive to play every day. I wonder what other people think about this? The current system is highly favourable for players who play every day 30-60 minutes. But it is not really fair for players who cant play each day but play a longer time in the weekend, nor casual players who play every once in a while for a couple hours, nor players who play longer than 1 hour nor players who play less than 30 minutes. With
  11. Not everyone likes to get a booster as reward because it is too RNG dependent. Many people always try to sell it indeed, but they cant always find a buyer. I've seen people who have over 100 unopened now. So we wanted people to have a choice what they get as reward: keep the bfp or buy a discounted booster (350bfp) once a day. One of the problems of the current rewards is that people play 30 minutes to finish the quests and they complain they dont have any incentive to play that day anymore because they cant earn more bfp. This reward system always let you earn bfp, but it is more spread
  12. The total bfp you can get with this system is dependent on several factors, like if you didnt play the day before. So if you didnt play 2 days before the specific day, you can get 550 from daily boost and 450 from quests (1000bfp) in total for 1 hour of playtime. After the first hour the reserve starts which is really depending on how much time you play exactly that day and the breaks inbetween. I would estimate about 350bfp in one day if you play really a lot (which I dont think many will reach in practice), so that would make about 1350bfp in total. You dont need to play the ful
  13. Im not sure that I understand what you are asking, could you explain in more detail please?
  14. Frequent (daily) play is already rewarded with the daily boost. You get 250bfp daily if you play one hour while if you don't play 150bfp of it is stored for the next day (to a max of 550). So playing each day let's you earn 100bfp more than someone who skips a day.
  15. That will make it even worse, players who just want the reward will just turtle themselves in with towers until they reached the time for the quest. Or they just keep running with one swift unit.
  16. Yes, we are planning to add more achievement and change this one.
  17. It seems like you already collected the reward.
  18. The main reason for prefering time based bfp rewards over 'winning' bfp rewards is that in Battleforge some players can win a map on expert in 3 minutes while others need about 30 minutes to 1 hour for the same map. If the bfp reward would be for winning the map, speedrunners are able to earn a lot more than casual players in the same amount of time. It also might lead players to play the shortest maps instead of the maps that they most enjoy (and it would be very hard to balance rewards to prevent this). Also keep in mind that upgrade/gold rewards are already based on winning. As for que
  19. Also try installing the game in a different directory than in one drive. One drive tends to lock files which makes the game unable to write to them and it sometimes crashes because of it.
  20. The following things are being discussed right now in relation to this thread: -a significant discount on the first booster you buy each day -themed boosters -more achievements
  21. We are also thinking about removing/lowering the rank requirement for upgrades.
  22. No. We first need to finish/balance the new reward system and fix some bugs. It is still unknown when the reset will happen.
  23. Yes you start with one bigger quest and after that you get 3 each day (1 for a booster and 2 for bfp) .
  24. The only thing I could see working is if all commons are always being sold in the AH by the server for a set (relative high) price, for example 50bfp. And disenchanting a card would give back 5bfp for example. This way you could always sell 10 surplus commons to get one that you need (or save up for a more expensive other card). But this would almost remove the trading aspect for the commons in the game. Of course it would still be viable to sell popular commons for 49bfp or less (because higher makes no sense), but it would be a regulated market. So I only see the need for a featu
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