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  1. cocodracu

    need help please

    error battleforge dejo de fumcionar y se me sale windows buscara el poblema del error y entro otra vez y lo mismo
  2. cocodracu

    need help please

    hello i have problems whith game i enter but when i go to play pve pvp or battle in map the game stop and ahe give me error i dont understand why y play 2 days but now i dont now what happen
  3. cocodracu

    bfp or cards please

    how i can get cards or bfp points i whant buy boosters or cards please help me im a old player but now im start in skylords reborn and i whant play
  4. cocodracu

    need help please

    i dowload the game and run but wen i whant play i have a error tnf (directxfakback) i somoane ccan help me please i really whant play that game..... i dont now what to do..
  5. cocodracu

    Battleforge Crashes Computer

    ncesito ayuda esta descargado todo bien pero cuendo lo intento abrir me da el fallo del directxfallback

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