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  1. iRoDiieK

    The game doesn't open

    I click on Play in the Launcher and the message appears: "TNF: ErrorInitializingDirectXFallBack" What does that mean? How can I fix it?
  2. iRoDiieK

    Enable all cards for testing in the forge

    In my opinion this would take the game's grace, because what holds you in it is you strive to get cards you do not have and have that emotion of experiencing it, beyond what you would no longer need booster and not have the emotion of open a booster with this.
  3. iRoDiieK

    New Boosters

    One thing I would very much like to be added to the game in the future would be the varied boosters, because it would be better to get cards from a certain edition, rather than a single booster containing all the editions. And not only the boosters but also the elements that gave some bonus in the game would be nice to return. * Elements:
  4. iRoDiieK

    Can't create new decks or edit existing ones.

    Same issue for me /rt It's very annoying, i want to play with the new cards I won and I can not

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