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  1. I logged on after a while of being away from the game and lo and behold my account is like super low level and I have none of the cards I spent months trying to collect. I only have the starter packs and what not. Is there a way to know if you are banned or something because my little brother used to play with me when he lived near me and shared BFPs because he didn't really care much for the game? If there is a thing for that then I am sorry but I was just playing with him and we used to trade each other things. I would give him cards he wanted for bfp's and he was cool with it... Not to ment
  2. I have changed the resolution in the launcher to better fit the resolution of my TV, However the resolution was not supported by my television and I see nothing. I hear the game and it's still running, however It's almost impossible for me to change the settings without continuous trial and error of clicking blindly in hopes of getting anything done. I looked up online to see if there was any way to manually change the settings through the documents downloaded, But I've had no luck. I have tried to change the settings of the launcher and other applications through my computer settings however
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