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  1. Who else got little tears inside after knowing that Battleforge is playable? :'(

  2. The feeling when you get addicted to that one single song and can't stop listening. Then fear at the same time that you'll get bored of it eventually :'(

  3. Yep, and boosters 250 BFP Love your positive thinking! If I happen to get such a booster pack, I would only rage quit buying boosters and start die hard AH trading to get my lost back xD
  4. My first try and I quit opening more packs. From a trader perspective, I'm broke now.
  5. This thread amazes me. Started with a simple question. Entered the meme phase. Got necro Catapulted to nightmare integrations. This thread has almost everything, wondering what is next
  6. Making BFR friends starter kit

    -Nether Warp blue

    -Altar of Chaos

    -Rifle Cultist

    -Portal Nexus

    You are welcome ^_^

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    2. ikke2902


      Starterkit for a reason. We don't want to sell everything at once in a cheap bundle right? :kappaross:

    3. Ultrakool


      Altar of Chaos is Rare though :kappa: logic ooverload

      Not to mention netherwarp :kappaross: 


    4. ikke2902


      Shhhhh, you didn't say that. Nothing to see. Just move along :P

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  7. Despite of this being an international community, we do speak the same language 

    Battleforge Reborn 

  8. I hope the battleforge clan will succeed. Make a strong bonding with the new players by being chatty. The ultimate loot is when BFR is ready and you can easily convince them to hop over to BFR. Currently I'm with my cardgame clan. I've been playing with them for nearly 2 years (over 300 members big). Whenever BFR is ready, I guess you will know what would happen next You might want to try to use line app for communication purposes. It is like whatsapp, but you can look for people by their nickname instead of phone number.
  9. If the reward is significant for winning a pvp match (gold inf BFR), I can see how players with U3 decks keeps resetting their elo to farm new players. Farming new players *shudder*
  10. I've always seen commons as dead cards regarding to trading. Now I need to develop a sence of value for them. This will feel so strange.
  11. I've experienced this when amii expansion was released. I thought fenetic assault would be a high demand card (from a casual rpve player point of view). However, things is not like what I'd expected. The card prices seems to be heavily influenced by it's uses in pvp. I think traders with pvp experience will have a good start.
  12. (...) Mo and Juggernaut walks into a bar (...)

    1. Kaliber84


      getting mugged by the Muggernaut. :kappaross:

    2. Ultrakool


      and they had a beer. C'mon they are long lost relatives after all ;)

  13. If I can't kill it, it would be dead

    1. ikke2902


      Idk, I was just following the flow xD

    2. anonyme0273


      Oh... ok then :) 

      Please, keep it just words, alright? :D 

    3. ikke2902
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  14. Granted, all manga quality will be maintained at the most fragile state. I wish the second season of that anime is out >.>
  15. ikke2902


    When the game is ready, the progress of obtaining it will be clarified. Yet, the game is still underconstruction Welcome back skylord
  16. Running out of words due to excitement *hands down*
  17. So it is real. The best place to hide a dead body is at the second page of google search lol
  18. I have posted this literally on day one of this forum existence, it's just on the second page of this section. Could have saved you much time ._.
  19. One can't say no against Promo Moon Statue of awesomeness Promo The Incredible Mo Don't you dare to say Promo amiii monument
  20. I think it would be good to emmphasize the risk about that method. I'm not sure if it is easy, but it seems like one need lots of patience and time to sell all cards with let's say small 1bfp profit.
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