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Found 3 results

  1. salenstern

    A small warning.

    Just a tiny suggestion, nothing too major. Back in the old days of battleforge, there were tons of scammers. I, myself, was scammed. It didn't feel really good. The trick that got me was "My trade system doesn't work. Send me your grimvine over the mail and I'll send you a forest elder!" I just started the game. I waited for a day before I realized what had happened. Scammers usually have multiple accounts, never doing the dirty work on their main acc. So banning those spare accounts won't really stop them. My suggestion is to ad a little warning. If your sending mail and it has cards on it (or bf but I don't remember if you could send bf), a little message will show up saying something like "Warning, you have some/a card(s) attached. Only send cards to people you trust. If you don't know the player, use the trade system. Are you sure you want to proceed?" With this, the newer players will be less susceptible to scams and will further demoralize scammers. Of course, if you're sending mail and you know what you're doing, this may be annoying. In this case, there could be a button that disables this message from appearing. That's pretty much it. Tell me your thoughts. (If I stole this from someone, I'll take it down. Sorry.)
  2. Phoenix313

    Black market

    The game shouldnt get pay 2 win and everyone shall have the same chances, so you cant buy bfp. Thats fine. But my question is, what are your plans about black market? What I mean are people that play battleforge (maybe with multiple accounts) to get / earn bfp and sell them or people that played this game and stoped playing it and sell the bfp they got aswell. For example on ebay. This would lead into a way to be able to buy bfp with real money so that those could gain a significant advantages. How do you think about this fact, that happens on almost any game with ingame currency and happend for battleforge as specific example in the past, too?
  3. (Note: Not enough information is known yet to go more in-depth. More will be known in the future and I will update the post accordingly.) Hello everyone! Looking for the forums, I see that there is no real advice on how to effectively use your resources and time when trying to acquire cards and money in this game. This is one of the most basic and important aspects of a game like BF, and thus I'll take some time to explain how it's done. Table of contents IntroductionTradingMaking a profit by tradingUsing Auction HouseScouting/Hawking/Low-biddingSpeculatingFlippingOther ways to make a profit and what NOT to dorPvE GrindingBeggingSpammingConclusion1. Introduction Do you like making money? Do you enjoy making great deals? Need help gathering those bfps for that sweet new promo? Well look no further, as I walk you through some important aspects of trading and interacting with virtual economics. When trading in games, or even in general, the purpose is hopefully to have both parties leave the trade happy with what they got. This is what trading is all about, giving away something you don't need to receive something you need. There are several ways to accomplish this, and I will try to cover most of them in this guide. Let us begin, shall we? 2.Trading Regular exchanging of wares is the bread and butter of any seasoned trader. It's the most common and basic form of trading which involves two parties exchanging something they value to receive something they don't value; be it money, wares or services. It has existed for as long as we could communicate and has proven to be very effective. The good thing about it is that it's simple, fast and is (hopefully) consensual most of the time. This doesn't mean that the method is flawless though. Trading can sometimes result in one of the parties being tricked into making a trade that's profitable for the other party without their knowledge. This, of course, leads to some pretty harsh feel-bads when the poor guy finds out that trading his promo Swamp Drake for the sweet-looking Lost Grigori was a really bad idea. That feeling is something we should all work together to prevent. The key to preventing that is making sure to be able to differentiate a rip-off from a good deal. No matter how you look at it, trading a promo Swamp Drake for a Lost Grigori is a rip-off. Even if the person says that he REALLY wants that Lost Grigori. This is because 2 weeks later, when he decides that he doesn't want to play shadow-frost in PvE anymore, he'll really miss that Swamp Drake. One could argue that he would've learned a lesson and won't do it again, but why should that be necessary? If the person with the Grigori would've refused the trade and asked for him to something of equal value, everyone would be more happy in the end. Now that we have that out of the way, we can move on to the actual process of making good deals. A good deal is achieved when both parties walk away from the trade happy and stay that way. Now you may ask "But PorousBoat, how can I make a profit off of trading while still not ripping people off?". This is a very good question, to which I happen to have an answer. 2.1 Making a profit by trading If you've ever spent any considerable amount of time, or even any time at all in a game where trading is present, you will have seen people as well as bots (that's another disussion) spamming "WTT/S/B ITEM X FOR PRICE/ITEM X". These messages are often quite annoying, but they're there for a single reason; it's effective. These people often utilize the method of buying things in bulk and selling them of individually for a higer individual price. This method is perfectly viable and can make you a very good profit. The only problem with it is that it requires an immense amount of time. For instance, say that you find a person selling their collection of 150 commons and uncommons for 175 bfp as a bulk price. If you then sell each of those cards for 3 bfp individually, you will make a 400 - 175 = 225 bfp profit. This was a good deal as both parties were happy and both made a profit in some way. Selling those cards can be easier said than done though, as the demand is probably pretty low. That's why you see those people and bots spamming 8 hours a day. 3. Using the AH The other main way of making money and acquiring cards is by use of the in-game Auction House (AH for short). The AH lets a player put up a listing for a certain card for a certain price that they decide themselves. Other people can then either bid on the card, where the highest bid wins, or buyout the card, where a price is set prematurely. This price is regulated by the current value of the card based on supply and demand. You probably already know that though, so I won't explain it. Now that you understand the puprose of the AH, we can get into how we make a profit out of it. 3.1 Hawking/Scouting/Low-bidding The simplest way to make money off of the AH is to simply browse it through and bid on cards that are very cheap relative to what they're actually worth. Say that a card is worth 100 bfp, but someone put it up at an auction for 10 bfp. If no one else bids, you just made a 100 - 10 = 90 bfp profit. This method isn't what makes you the big bucks though, as it is very unreliable and takes a lot of time and effort. I only recommend doing this if you see an offer that's too good to pass up. 3.2 Speculating Another way to make a profit through the AH is to speculate. This method is a lot more unreliable than the others, but can make you amazing profits when pulled off correctly and takes little to no time to set up. It functions similar to flipping, which I'll get into later. Speculating involves buying a card that you speculate will rise in price for some reason in the foreseeable future. This may be due to increasing demand because of meta change or decreasing supply (a promo or such). Buying a larger amount of that card can possibly make you a massive profit, presuming you were correct. If you weren't, you're stuck with 50 copies of Global Warming that no one wants. This makes the method very much of a risk-reward thing, where you put yourself at a great risk for the chance of making a large profit. I only recommend this method if you really know what you're doing. 3.3 Flipping This right here is the most effective way of earning money when you know what you're doing, but takes a lot of practice to learn to do effectively. Flipping is a pretty advanced method involving abusing low supply by buying out large amounts of a card to resell them all at a slightly higher price, thus raising the value of the card artificially. For instance, say there are 50 Scavengers on the AH priced at 50 bfp with that being the lowest price. If you buy all of those and resell them for 51 bfp, you will have profited 51 x 51 - 50 x 50 = 50 bfp. This may not seem like a lot, but when done right with large amounts of cards you can net massive profits, with little to no effort. If you want to be really fancy, you can make sure the item you're flipping is on the rise in price, thus making your profit even larger by combining flipping and speculating. Note: All of these methods have no guarantee of netting you a profit. They require you to take some pretty great risks, and you WILL fail. Especially in the beginning. Don't let this scare you though! 4 Other ways to make a profit and what NOT to do "But PorousBoat, are those the only ways to make a profit?" I hear you cry! No! Those are not the only ways to earn money in BF. This guide was made to walk you through the best and most effective methods of turning a profit. That does not mean that there are not other ways to go about making a psrofit in BF. Let me tell you a little about some of the alternatives, along with things you should NOT do. 4.1 rPvE Grinding As silly as it may seem, unless there are major changes (which there very well may be), rPvE grinding was a somewhat viable way of making money through selling gold and tokens. This was extremely time consuming and ineffective though. Almost to the point where you were better off playing PvP for the gold. I highly recommend you to stay away from this method unless you have to do it for some reason. 4.2 Begging This should go without saying, but there will be people who think this is a good idea every now and then. Please stay away from these people and don't do it yourself. 4.3 Spamming This is also something that is very common, which is unfortunate because of how ineffective and annoying it is. People sending random trade requests/messages/offers should not be interacted with, and probably ignored as well. Don't do this, folks. 5. Conclusion In conclusion, the best ways to make a profit in BF is to utilize the methods I've gone into above. I appreciate any and all feedback you may have, as well as suggestions for points that I may have missed. I look forward to updating this thread with further content when more information is released. I thank you for taking the time to read this guide, and I hope to see some of these methods employed when the game is available! For further reading regarding these topics, please refer to the links below: Speculating: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/basics/12/art-of-speculation.asp Trading: https://www.reddit.com/r/Flipping/comments/1m5jsd/i_buy_and_sell_online_for_a_living_and_am_here_to/ Flipping: http://www.moneycrashers.com/thrift-store-flipping-items-resell/

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