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  1. Dear Skylords, Skyladies, and other skyfolk, As you may know I've been here a long, long time. 12 years ago on the official forums, and pretty much ever since this project started. Over those years a lot has changed, for better and for worse. Both myself and some of the veterans around here have seen the game and its dev team rise and fall more often than we'd all like to admit, but we prevailed and we held on to Nyn and the wonders of this unique RTS/TCG hybrid. BattleForge has always been a great passion of mine, as a player and as a developer. But times change, and life changes, and as Skylords Reborn grew to the size and state that it is now, my own time had to be more and more divided. Graduation, running a full-time job, major changes in my personal life and thought processes, and the ongoing pandemic have greatly jumbled up my day-to-day life, my mind, and my available time and energy. This has had quite an impact on how well I can contribute to this project right now, and so I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't feel appropriate to be a part of the SR team for as little work as I'm able to get myself to contribute. It's with a heavy heart I'm saying I am, on my own accord, stepping down from the SR team for the time being, but I feel that it's necessary. This is purely personal and has nothing to do with the current team, community, or the game itself; after all, we've accomplished so much, all of us! Thanks to all of you we've actually succeeded in what many thought to be utterly impossible; to revive an entire game purely out of passion, figuring out its inner workings, and altering it to make it a 100% free, enjoyable, non-profit game to keep enjoying despite the studio having long been disbanded. I've had the pleasure of working with an already fantastic community and team on a passion project others would dream of, and over time the team's grown so much. It's been fantastic working on Skylords for so long and the game and project still are very dear to me. Throughout the years I've learnt tremendously much and have helped to keep things afloat in both bright and darker times for the project; it's been a rollercoaster for all of us. But we got there! We got to a fantastic release and have a whole revitalised and excited team ready to support all of you for a long time to come! This project is now in better hands than I could ever have anticipated, and I am happy and confident to leave Skylords Reborn to some of the most capable people I've had the pleasure of meeting. I'll be stepping down after having been a long-time admin, CM, moderator and designer, and though I will keep providing some advice and help in the background, I will stop being a dev and remain a player. Perhaps I'll return if my personal life allows for it in the future, but as of right now I simply don't think I can contribute enough. It's been an absolute honour being a part of BattleForge's development throughout well over a decade, and I want to thank everybody for their continued work, support and belief in the amazing things we've ended up accomplishing. That includes you, no matter how long you're here or if you even know me. We did it! I'm still so proud of all of us, and I am happy to know the project's in great hands. Keep up the amazing work and let the hype train rage ever onward. Thanks for everything, until next time, and may the Forge be ever with you! ~MrXLink
  2. Heya Skyfolk! There have been increasing concerns lately about people selling and buying in-game content for real-life currency. We'd like to clarify that we do not and will never sell any BattleForge content for real-life money. This is due to the project being non-profit and a revival passion project in which we do not own any of the rights required to sell anything that's part of the game. Also, we like giving you a free experience of this amazing game without you ever having to worry about it being pay-to-win! ANY kind of activity in the games, the forums, or our official discord server that involves trading in-game content for non-in-game content, be it real-life currency, accounts, games, literally anything that's not a part of the game, is strictly forbidden and not condoned by the Skylords Reborn Team. We do not and will never tolerate any kind of transactions that go beyond the game, such as account sales or trading BFP for real-life money, even if it was meant as a joke. These kinds of malpractices put the entire game at risk for everyone involved; they could and will shut down the project entirely, never making Skylords Reborn available to the people again. We don't want that to happen, and hopefully neither do any of you. We're very proud and happy to provide the BF experience to you and we intend to keep doing so! For the safety of the community as well as the entire project's future, please consider the following: If you see anyone attempting to sell or buy in-game content for out-of-game content on any platform report this to SR staff as soon as you can! We will do what we can to crack down on these cases as soon as possible. You can report someone by right clicking their name in the game and then clicking the report button, using the report function on the forums, or sending a DM to the SR Staff Mail bot on our Discord server. We will never sell you in-game content for real money. If someone does, report it. Attempting to sell in-game content like this is considered a threat to the entire project and its community, and will result in a permanent ban. This ban is NOT negotiable; you will never be able to access the game again. Period. We take these kinds of issues very seriously and we will always do what we can to keep Skylords Reborn a safe and enjoyable place for you all, and that means we try to keep it free from black market practices. By reporting, you can help keep Nyn safe and keep the game alive for all of us! Thanks for keeping the game safe and enjoyable with us! Stay cool, stay safe, and enjoy the forge!
  3. If you want to host a German forum about Skylords Reborn that's absolutely fine, we can't and won't forbid you to do that. However, the official forums will stay English only for the reasons I mentioned earlier. You can also check Discord, I'm pretty sure there's a German chat server out there somewhere.
  4. We understand the German community is very prevalent in BattleForge, but we do want to maintain a global community and make sure everyone's able to understand the discussions going on. Especially since we're a relatively small community, we want to avoid splitting things up through a language barrier. That's why we ask from you and everyone else to be considerate about people who do not speak your native language and use English instead. If you can't write English properly, even a google translate would help a lot. Of course you're free to talk in German in private/group chats or setting up something outside of the official community, but we would prefer to keep our official channels as universal (and so English) as possible.
  5. We did indeed increase baseline charges and reduce card upgrade changes to make the game feel less grindy and slow in the start, and to lessen the pressure the game originally put on you to purchase cards. That being said, yes, the cardbase is grossly outdated and we will look into finding either an alternative tool or a better way to adjust the current cardbase accordingly.
  6. remove the ban please, I want to play

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    2. IronManOne
    3. sylvix95


      cause he ain't mod no more, try with @Kiwi but if you got a ban, maybe you deserved it

    4. MrXLink


      I am still a moderator, though mainly focusing on design. Contacting me directly often results in delays though.

      If you want to discuss unbanning your account, create a topic here
      Or contact SR Staff Email on Discord.

  7. The "Create Group" command (default CTRL+<1-0>) also adds new units to a selected group without having to select anything in the existing group. @xs0ulLess Aside from the click and click+drag options, all these keybindings can be edited under the Hotkeys section in the in-game options menu.
  8. Have you tried logging in with your email address instead? /moved to tech support
  9. Thanks it's been a long time coming We can't do Steam due to not technically owning the property of BattleForge. This would cause a lot of conflict and could result in the project shutting down. I don't think Steam would allow it either way, so sadly that's a no-go I'm afraid. Best we can have is word of mouth and a solid installer, which we have massively improved on!
  10. Any unidentified .exe can be flagged by antivirus programs because it's not listed or known to them, and that can awaken some feelings of doubt of course. We're doing everything we can to be as certified and trusted as possible though, but some programs do seem to flag the installer which is something that's really hard to work around Also, regarding data, if it is reassuring to you, we are legally obliged by GDPR to delete any personal information you have provided to us if you request it to be so if you wish to delete your account, so please don't fear. We are not stealing any information nor is our software harmful to your computer, anything related to your computer or account is used strictly for improving the game and maintaining order on the server (bans and strictly game-related stuff). We will never do anything beyond that, and it's all secure
  11. Can't wait to see you online.

    1. MrXLink


      If you're lucky, then perhaps you will ;)

  12. I to this day am insanely grateful for the support and progress we've made throughout these 5 years. It's been a wild ride and a half, and I've seen it all; from glorious hype to grossly overstated goals, from an amazing supportive community to hate and abandonment, from major progression blocks and team issues to the fantastic appreciation, progress and teamwork that we're going through today. It's so cool to finally be able to say we are releasing after such a long time, and thank you all so much for sticking with us throughout it all with your messages of support, passion and dedication. I've been here from the get-go and although perhaps less intensively as I used to, I'll be very glad to stay a part of the team and continue to develop with the team for future content to come as a designer and moderator, and I'm very excited to see what we'll come up with to make the game that much more exciting and long-lasting. Perhaps you'll also start seeing me in-game more often once we go gold Keep it up team, keep it up community, and thank you so much every single one of you. It's been a long time coming, and the moment is finally upon us. Nyn is ready to be conquered and protected, it's yours to explore without a looming reset, December 18th! Go get 'em, Skyfolk!
  13. UPDATE Thank you all for your feedback and support so far, guardians of Nyn! We're pushing out an update coming soon that tackles some of the concerns that have been voiced regarding the changes in earning and spending BFP. Although on the long run everyone is able to earn more BFP and rewards than ever before, we get that 60 mins of playtime to complete the daily boost is a lot, especially for those who play daily and just want to get a couple of games in; those players seem to have been hit the hardest by the recent changes so we're going to adjust the system slightly to make BFP progression more bearable. We are not aiming to return to a 30m daily timeframe as it would contrast too strongly with the reserve system and would put rewards out of tune with what we feel is a balanced way of earning game content, yet we don't want to string you around for an hour of in-game time either, so we're reducing the daily playtime to 45m, which should be about 2-3 PvE matches on average. The BFP payout will stay the same at 250BFP, and this also means that the reserve system will have slightly different (but barely notable) payouts after your dailies have been completed. This is quite a significant change and should help make the game more generous to those who have a short, daily timeframe. For those who don't; carry-over BFP and quests still remain in place, so you can catch up! Secondly, we're making a very drastic and massive change to the new booster types. We've heard your feedback and evaluated the data on booster purchases and for what they award in cards, splash and pure boosters sure take a bit to grind for, which could result in disheartening moments if the booster you played for 3 days for to unlock turns out to not be what you expected or hoped for. Additionally, the auction hall has generally been a very unstable and easily controlled environment, and we want to make it more accessible for everyone to not only use the market but also to have a more comfortable option to get the card you want elsewhere. We're therefore significantly lowering the prices of dual-colour and pure boosters to 475BFP and 500BFP respectively, down from 700/1000. There will still be a small difference between each booster type, as you grab cards from notably smaller pools, but all booster types should be a lot closer within reach of most players. We are aware that both these changes will have massive consequences to SR's economy and we will closely monitor what happens to booster purchases and the Auction Hall in the meantime. We do think, though, that these changes will greatly improve the game's progression and overall experience and may bring the AH to a healthier state. The economy should be looking very different but will still be able to regulate itself, and we're excited to see where this will take us when it comes to earning content and having a good time spending BFP. With these changes in play on the longer run, if you were to complete 1 quest and earn your daily boost each day, you would be able to earn a booster; even more BFP to spend on a better booster or the AH if you continue on. This should feel a lot better to play with. Finally, we will be adding legendary cards to all different boosters, thematically assigned to which booster suits them best from a lore perspective, so that legendary cards become more accessible. Moon, the Skylord of Shadow, may be found in Shadow-related boosters, for example. Amii Monument is an exception to this, more on that in a future update. On top of that, for those Fire/Frost and Shadow/Nature players who feel left out; rejoice! You will be able to purchase your very own booster types too at 475BFP. Want to know what each booster can give you so you can figure out your odds or what to aim for next? We'll implement a button that will show you what each booster may contain! TL;DR Reduced the time to earn your daily boost from 60m to 45m Reduced the cost of 2-colour (splash) boosters from 700 to 475 BFP Reduced the cost of single colour (pure) boosters from 1000 to 500 BFP The regular, all-card booster price remains unchanged. Added legendary cards to all faction boosters, thematically and as evenly distributed as possible. Amii Monument is exempt for now. Added fire/frost and nature/shadow boosters Added a booster lookup feature, allowing you to see what cards can be found in each booster These changes will be live soon on the live game server, so keep an eye on our Discord announcements! We're excited to see what effects these changes will bring to the table and how it may improve the game for you all. These changes seem small but have quite huge consequences, so it may take a bit to settle down. As always, your feedback is ever valuable and will be much appreciated! Thank you all for your continued support, we're heading ever closer to that sweet 1.0! Stay frosty out there! Or feisty. Or down-to-earth... shady? Whatever it is, just be yourself and have fun in the forge!
  14. Greetings once again, Skylords, Skyladies and other Skyfolk! First off, thank you all so much for showing up to the major announcement stream hosted today! We couldn't be more grateful for all your support over the years. For those of you who haven't been able to see it, here's a brief recap and a very important announcement: You can re-watch the stream to catch up over here! We have released a huge update to live servers! This includes the following: 12-player maps are now a thing! We finally got them to work. 2vs2 Ranked is now also a thing! Lots of QoL changes to the Auction House, like refresh rates, setting up multiple auctions at once, and 48h auctions. The ability to play cards from the marketplace in the forge without actually owning them New faction boosters that will help increase your odds for cards of a faction that you like! All 2-color and pure factions now have their own separate boosters costing respectively 475 and 500 BFP. New BFP system that replaces the 30m free booster quest. This system will allow you to earn BFP over time rather than hitting a wall after 30m of play, and will allow those with jobs or less time on their hands to catch up on others in order to give them a chance at auctioning and partaking in the economy. For more details on the BFP system and how it works, check out its most recent thread here. BFP and quests that are missed can be stored up to 3 days (6 quests max, 550 BFP stored max, 100 per day.) Numerous fixes and improvements Please check out this thread for all the details and full patch notes! We're going to get a brand new updater in the near future, which gives easy access to things such as server selection, the map editor, social links, and much more! Check it out on-stream! PvP players rejoice! We're planning to introduce several pre-built decks to PvP that will be level 120, fully upgraded and charged to get the full PvP experience of being on the same level as your opponents. In the meantime, you can use your rewards earned through PvP to collect and build other decks or refine your current one. These decks cannot be used in PvE. And last, but certainly not least, we are proud to announce the following: We have finally progressed far enough to announce a release time! Skylords Reborn 1.0 will be released in Q4 2020! Along with one and only reset. That's October, November or December, depending on how well we progress and how many bugs and difficulties we still encounter. We are confident we can actually get this done in time, after many years of holding back on release dates. Recently, our developers @fiki574, @Aviat0r, but most notably @Ladadoos and @Zyna, have done massive work towards the project, as you can see, and thanks to them we have come very far throughout the past few months despite losing a great help to the project, Kubik. We've made a lot of progress too on design decisions thanks to @MephistoRoss and @Ultrakool and of course we wouldn't be anywhere without your support, be it through helping us by reporting bugs, by supporting us on Patreon, or just for sticking along this long! Please enjoy the fresh new patch that we released on live servers today, and keep up the positivity! We're ever closer to that sweet gold status and to that final reset, and we're insanely grateful to have come this far. We'll keep you updated on all of our developments through the forums, discord, and also our new Trello! Here you can follow the latest developments, future plans, and our roadmap to 1.0! https://trello.com/b/vvpUdT3b/skylords-reborn-roadmap-to-release-2020-q4 That covers it all for now! For some more information you can refer to the Q&A that we did on-stream! Stay frosty, stay healthy, stay undead, and stay burning, guardians of Nyn! See you in the forge!
  15. Yes, this is intended behaviour. When looking at the way we're rewarding people, we need to take the following consequences into account: Having no cap will have players with more time on their hands absolutely dominate the economy, game and progression. We want to avoid this. Having a hard cap and linear gain will be completely fair, but will make people stop once they hit their limit Having a soft cap will make the BFP gain less over time and may demotivate players anyway once their BFP rate for the day isn't worth it anymore On top of that, we want to close the gap between constantly playing players by giving players who have work or can't play as much a bit of leeway to catch up to others. This is what causes the whole "refilling nets more BFP" scenario and is completely intentional. The reserve system is specifically designed to be an alteration to a softcap that accounts for lost time. This means that yes, based on playtime, those taking breaks get more BFP for their in-game time. However, in real time, those playing continuously will be able to gain more. It's important that, in order to earn the same amount of BFP (based on 1.5h sessions, 3h breaks, 280BFP) someone who would take breaks would have to take hours longer in real time than continuous players. This difference in time racks up fast, and sure, you can just do other things in the meantime, but to forcibly optimise this is quite tedious and a lot of grinding/minmaxing for frankly not a huge difference in BFP earned. If you were to "abuse" this system, you would have to willingly quit and wait every single time you play a game, which we assume few people will do. There are much more benefits to having players catch up and feeling more rewarded in that regard than there are drawbacks to the system not being perfectly linear and fair. We'd rather have some people optimise the hell out of this if they enjoy that than to give out too much market control too quickly, widen the gap or have zero reason to continue as opposed to "less". Compensation always comes at a cost; it's about whether the benefits outweigh it, and I consider that they do. So yes, this is intended, nonlinear and should be reasonably balanced to feel not as limiting to regular players and more empowering to those whom the system's intended for. -- @Karl Lavafeld I will be looking into making gold "rushing" less monotonous and more viable on different maps.
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