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  1. some of points are kinda vague. could use some more explanation. for example on the point that says build a tower in each camp, in what time frame? can we do it just before killing the infester or should it be before the camps get their reenforcements? besides, shouldnt pure fire players be allowed to use batariel? or pure natures use enlightenment? and not allowing swift units also forces pure nature players to not use Colossus but at that point, not using swift units is kinda irrelevant because the condition is just meant to make rushing to the first camp and the north camp harder
  2. this feels like someone has a vendetta against the decomposer+BH decomposer has uses in just a few maps as is mostly the case with many other cards like embalmers shrine+shadow phoenixes or mark of the keeper or manawing or nightguard (and quite a few more) theyre all kinda broken and op if you look at them from a certain angle. in my oponion these are just (smart)solutions to certain problems or sometimes workarounds for example in nighmare shard, the first camp only has melee units around it and they are numerous and strong and really hard to defeat (maybe impossible?) s
  3. name: [proxy_call.lub:156] Error occured during ProxyCall: No Connection description: i logged in and this happend after loading into the forge. additional information: i logged in and before the forge loaded, switched to a browser and after a few minutes switched back into the game and got this error. i havent been able to reproduce it though _log_proxy_latest.log
  4. "Oh, and consider upgrading to 64 bit Windows / OS as our backend requires it."


    my pc has 2GB of ram what am I supposed to do??

    1. BurningWorld



      Click the link and all your questions will be answered *_*
      Jk but seriously, you can look in ebay for cheap RAM, in my country you can get  4 * 2gb ddr3 ram for maybe 10-20 Euro, if you're a lil bit lucky ;) I mean if you like gaming you would need more than 2 gb anyways, at least for the most stuff nowadays. :) 

  5. Waiting For A Light That Never Comes ...

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    2. BurningWorld


      U sure he's talking about the Skylords beta?

    3. WaterMelonLord


      You asked for it 


    4. Alishmass


      @ThomasMann thanks for the video.

      @Ultrakool I know the release date

      It just reminds me of waiting for A Light That Never Comes since the release date is constantly changing although the light IS coming (it's like a release date for another release date ) and I don't have any problems with that honestly

      no offence to the devs, I really respect and appreciate what the devs are doing.THEY ARE AMAZING.

  6. Those green bars in DevPlatform are just so satisfying 

  7. 2395 how many more numbers till we run out of things to say(write) :-/
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