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  1. The legendary forum game "count"

    2395 how many more numbers till we run out of things to say(write) :-/
  2. Upgrades distribution tweak

    my main purpose is to prevent the leader from cheating on teammates. umm, I don't remember much from the game now, would you explain a little bit more? and besides that what do you think about what I wrote? is it good? not good? ... again ... my main purpose is to prevent the leader from cheating on teammates. also, I wanted to ask a beta tester to deliver this to a developer because (with respect)I don't think they'd be reading my opinion. :-/
  3. Upgrades distribution tweak

    in my opinion, the important thing is to disable the leader's ability to take the upgrades or to assign them to someone else (e.g. friends) and after that, you can think of other improvements and so on. also, imo it would be enough to randomize the upgrade distribution to give players equal numbers of upgrades and turn the extra upgrades (if any) into gold and again give it to all players, an example to clarify: 3 players enter a 4-player-map and win, now we have 4 upgrades but we all know we can't divide the upgrades between the players equally so: (upgrades)4/3(players)=1.333333333333 and [4/3]=1 //its called floor(4/3) i think then 1*3(players)=3 (which means how many of the upgrades can be given to people) and 4-3=1 (which means that one upgrade will be converted to gold) each person gets 1 upgrade and some gold and when you solo it you simply get 4 upgrades [4/4]=1 1*4=4 i havnt thought about 12-player-maps though when the leader takes the upgrades or assigns them to a friend of his and leaves others empty handed, others get angry and the warm (and maybe friendly) environment a game is supposed to have (to encourage prolonged playing of the game leading to a more active and bigger playerbase) is destroyed and ... (to be continued)