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Ok so... Dutchy just enlightened me that i know shit about root network. In fact i have never seen anyone who would build anything to root network except root nexus and sylvan gate. Always just towers.

Since requirement is "out of combat units" in my opinion description is crap also there is no indicator of how many supporters are connected.

I would suggest:
1. Change descriptions of "Linked fire" to more intuitive to for example (razorleaf):


Unit can connect to friendly root network within 25m radius, enabling more powerful attacks. When in combat, the unit can benefit from up to 6 supporters itself, it will then be able to continuously release more and more razor-sharp leaves at once with each volley. Counts as 1 supporter. 

Supporters must be out of combat.

2. Add amount of supporters indicator on unit picture. Number on "linked fire" icon would be best in my opinion. Example:


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1. We changed the Linked Fire description last patch to be substantially more accurate. We are quite happy with this description as it fits with the existing in-game language while also including all necessary details

"Unit can connect to the friendly root network within a 25m radius, enabling more powerful attacks. As long as the unit is out of combat, it counts as 3 supporters for the root network. When in combat, the unit can benefit from up to 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 supporters itself; it will then be able to continuously shoot each wave of thorns ever faster."

2. This is not possible. 

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The image above seems to suggest that if 2 entities benefit from the network, and there are 3 support "points" available, it will always be divided 2/1 and never 3/0?

What happens if there are 8 supporters, and one entity is enjoying 5 of those. Then, one of the supporting entites also enters combat. Does it get the remaining 2 or does the network divide the points 4/3?

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every time and of the entities in the network changes "in combat" (quotes to not confuse with "combat" state, or "fighting" state, neither are official names 😛 ) state whole network support is recalculated, so to your example 🤔 not sure I get it correctly so few:

8 entities supporting 1 entity with cap of 5, and one of the 8 entities enter combat, means there are 2 entities that can get support and 7 that provide support. so it will be spitted 4 / 3

another way I can read your example is:

there is 8 entities total and 1 is "in combat" receiving 5 support (meaning 2 supports are unused in the network), when another entity enters combat there will be 2 "in combat" and 6 providing support so each of them will get 3 support (unless the second entity does not have cap lower than that, but I think currently only Sun Reaver have cap lower than 3, but he does not provide any support)

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