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Skylords Bounty: Spring Forge - CLOSED

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[ Skylords Bounty: Seasonal Forge ]


A Skylords Bounty is an open-source task for the community to create something needed in one of the departments of Skylords Reborn.
If your entry gets chosen, you can win a great prize, and we will reward everyone who applies with a serious attempt with a participation reward as well. 
A bounty is not a classic contest, and will run until the task is complete. We will give a heads up when the entries are about to be closed (at least two weeks in advance).


The Task: Seasonal Forge

For our first Skylords Bounty, we have selected the task to help us create the next Seasonal Forge.
During our December update, we gave the Forge a snowy look. Now we want to move to spring; so bring out your grass, flowers and good vibes and help us create a Spring Forge! 

This is your chance to get your work into the game!

How to build your Forge

We know how hard it can be to begin such a big task, so we asked @Emmaerzeh to prepare a Tutorial video to help you get started!
You can find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3InQfBSWhJ8

We will also provide you with the legacy version of the forge, which you should use as the starting point of your theme. You can download it here:

You can open the file with the map editor, which is already included in your game. It can be accessed via the file pluginbasededitor.exe in your BattleForge directory.


How to Apply

• Download the Legacy forge file.
• Watch the
• Follow the
restrictions below.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind while building your own spring Forge:

1. Use the
provided version of the legacy forge as your starting point
2. Don't change the general layout, including power wells, walls and the map structure itself, like the position of the 3 spawns. 
3. Don't add any
obstacles, like buildings or additional walls. 

Of course you are encouraged to add assets like scenery, flowers, etc. as long as they don't block units.
We recommend using the grass assets, since the summer Force will probably be using the desert/wasteland assets. 

Satisfied? Send your file on Discord (Minashigo Hiko#1126) or PM through the forum (@Minashigo Hiko)
Include your player name in the .map file, for example: "Hiko_SpringForge.map".  You can send in multiple attempts. 


Bounty Reward

Every serious attempt will get rewarded with a participation award (limited to one per player):
1 Nature Booster

The attempt that will be used in the game, gets the big prize (Bounty):
1 Razorleaf PROMO

Please note: 
You are allowed to send in different attempts, but you can only earn the participation award once. The best submission (from all players) will earn the bounty. 
We reserve the right to do modifications to the winning submission, if needed.


We hope the Skylords Bounty will motivate you to explore the necessary tools and skills for the different bounties and may lower the barrier to help out Skylords Reborn!

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