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Grove Spirit - Upcoming Changes

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As part of our upcoming Nature balance changes, Grove Spirit will be receiving the following proposed changes. Please note that all changes proposed here are provisional and as such as subject to change:

Iteration 1
1. Semi-Swift (6.4 m/s)
2. Life points: 1100 --> 1900
3. New auto-cast "Woodland Blessing" - "Every 2.5 seconds, unit is able to cast a protective spell upon friendly units that lasts for 10 seconds and restores 60 life points per second, up to 600 in total. Target will additionally be immune to all major debuffs for 10 seconds. Only one instance of the spell may be applied to a unit at a time."
4. Healing Song Rework: "Activate to create a magical zone of 25m radius where friendly units will be continually protected. Grove Spirit continually applies Woodland Blessing to every ally unit in range. Lasts for 20 seconds. Reusable every 30 seconds."

Iteration 1 Goals
Equalize speed with units to be supported... increase life points to improve survivability... give new auto-cast to function as a better Crystal Fiend... change ability from pure heal to function as an anti-cc aura...

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Nature has more than enough healing at its disposal. If anything, the heal is there for flavor and really not that important.

What is the main draw here is that units will be safe from debuffs, including CC. Notice it's worded the same way as Disenchant G. Which includes freeze and paralyze, giving Nature an extremely powerful tool to preemptively make their army immune against Willzappers and other CC threats. However, it has to be applied beforehand as it does not actively cleanse. Only prevent the application of debuffs/CC.

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I see, in which case a cleanse effect and the heal being dropped entirely would be more useful.  The paralyze towers aren't that big of a deal unless you solo with few units and no anti structure spells, but those as well as Spellbreaker disenchant would be something useful to counter.  Off the top of my head, I see no other relevant utility for the ability though.

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"No anti structure spells" is exactly the situation that pure Nature is in. And even after the update it won't have them. However, it will have other, thematic ways of dealing with high priority buildings. Namely Mind Control, which lets you take over a strong enemy unit, have it be immune to debuffs, and then send it after the target. And Grove Spirit, which lets you protect your army before it gets caught up in CC.

I think an additional cleanse effect would make too strong and remove an interesting aspect of the ability. Namely having to time it right instead of mindlessly spamming it whenever. Also, the idea is that the factions are still unique and don't just get the same tools to deal with everything. So while similar, there is a unique spin to it.

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