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  1. Ok so it is just hilarous... It isn't important, but it could probably be repair someway... Look at this : https://imgur.com/a/ylQIKww It could be worst... BUt it did it : some immortal ennemies units : Probably when they are too much far away from one other. So here the receipt : You need Lost Spirit Ship then you spawn some Twillight Slayers until they are far away enought one of another and then they probably become invincible. It isn't urgent to deal with this cause it isn't repeatable probably out of the forge, but it could be a good thing to do... If not it could be a good idea to check if it doesn't active or trigger this bug on maps... I should be surprised of yes, but we never know. Finaly, I think than it is easy to reproduce, but it is tricky and couldn't be with any units. NAME: Immortality SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: In forge and appently in all sort of pve REPRODUCIBILITY: Anytime, but they have specific conditions. DESCRIPTION: There are some units too far away to be killed by some Aoe some times. So, because of that, the dommages are 0. Only on same units when they are too far away from each others Information from : Mephistos and MrxLink ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I only produced it on the forge, but the bug could happens everywhere apperently. Works with any units in the game as they are squads. This info is from Treim
  2. DDrazard

    (Widget not found error) Constant Crash at log-in

    I still have it tho. I will test more but from now... I still have it. Ok. I resolved it. All what I had to do is add a special permission to my anti-virus program. Apparently, I didn't made it.
  3. DDrazard

    2 Grammar.

    Yep... I am a french first language and I found a grammar error of english... So funny. (Image) https://imgur.com/a/Y4X7ger Server : ANY! NAME: Grammatical error. SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: On the card Forest's Vim REPRODUCIBILITY: Any time you look the card XD. DESCRIPTION: Simply the card description which has an error : The green affinity only has this written : ''(...) among the indivdual members.'' ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It might be a good idea to correct this before the release official of the game...
  4. DDrazard

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    Pretty nice concept! I am pretty excited to the next steps! Have a great one everyone. I am pretty on other games of these times, but I follow every steps you do! It is insanely cool works you do! It is awesome!
  5. DDrazard

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    I think it is a great idea. But I am really curious about the boosters. I mean what will happens with them. Anyway, the idea of the reserve is alot something than I could enjoy. So thanks to think about it. It is a pleasure to be with the project. Have a great one everyone. Oh I Nearly forgot. Yeah, there is something than I thought about the boosters. But I will say it later.
  6. I checked with Alucard which was pretty gentle to help me with that. We tried for like 15 sec spamming the locking and changing the place of the other which didn't locking. So we didn't saw every bug or anything except for me some lag on the connexion, but no crash or anything which make the game unplayable.
  7. DDrazard

    2 Grammar.

    I think it isn't indivdual but individual. Oh... It is orthographic error XD. My bad Some into the discord said me grammar, so I guessed it was grammar XD.

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