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Guide to how melee works in battleforge skylord

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*In progress

***** slot list being reworked. I've been referring to wrong things.

****Kubik posted the actual melee slot numbers in his 2nd post below.


To prevent further loss of game info, I have posted this guide on melee

1st off, split melee creatures into two types. And then split them by size.







Small/ Medium

Large/ XL


For melee to kill even faster, you need to exploit the melee slot system to make use of your superior hp and dps.

All units have melee slots. To fight a unit in melee, your unit or squad will go up and slot themselves into a slot and fight. Depending on the size of the melee unit you send and how many squad members your card has, the number of available slots changes

Each squad member in a squad takes 1 melee slot and allows your enemy extra melee slots to attack you in melee.


Standard melee and Spear melee use separate types of melee slots.

Small/ med size unit melee slots are separate from Large/ XL size unit slots


>As an example to see this in real time, in forge. Spawn 3 north guards, 3 imperials. Use the auction house click and play into forge for free if you don’t have.

Now spawn the twilight crab from the twilight enemy menu and let them fight.


>>Now spawn 2 Deep ones or an Overlord.




Observe how you can now Triple dogpile an enemy. This is because

the game currently counts all melee slots in units of


Standard Small:

Spear Small:

Standard Large :


1 small squad member uses 1 standard melee slot

1 medium standard unit uses 2 standard melee slots

1 small spear type squad member uses 1 spear melee slot

1 medium spear type unit or squad member uses 2 spear melee slots.

1 large standard unit uses 1 large standard melee slot

1 XL standard unit uses 2 large standard melee slots.


**numbers not accurate. See kubik's post below

>> Still wrong. lets try another term fix.

>>> This better?


Standard melee slots: aka how many standard melee units of a size you can dogpile on your enemy

*You attack them


>Your size :   Enemy size, Number of slots.

S:  small squad of 6 (24 slots), Medium ( 6 slots), large (8 slots), XL (12 slots)

M :  small 12,  medium 3,  large  4,  XL  6

       <M size squads:  There's only witch claws. Im not doing one just for witch claws.

L :  small 12,  med  2,   large  4,  XL  6

XL :   small 6, med  1,   large  2,  XL  3


Enemy dogpile you chart,

Standard melee slot list.

*They attack you. You victim. The winner is you.


>Your size. Assumed 1 card :   Enemy size, number of slots.

S:  Squad of 6 example.  (24 small slots),  (12 medium), ( 12 large), ( 6 XL)

      <Squad of 4 example.   (16 small slots), ( 8 medium), ( 8 large), (4 XL)

M: 6 small slots, 3 medium, 2 large, 1 XL

      <M squads:  Squad of 4 example.  (     )   (  )  (  )   (  )

L: 8 small (due to knockback, probably more), 4 medium, 4 large, 2 XL

XL: 12 small slots (due to knockback, probably more), 6 medium , 6 Large, 3 XL



Spears again, use their own special spear separate melee slots and also have more slots. Meaning,

you can more than double the possible melee slots for fighting an entity by using spears also

or just use the spear type unit, who have more melee slots anyways. Unfortunately, this melee type is much rarer.



Spear melee slots: aka how many Spear melee units of a size you can dogpile on your enemy

*You attack them

*not finished

**numbers not accurate anyways. See kubik's post below


XXX Not done yet






Enemy dogpile you chart,

Spear melee slot list.

*They attack you. You victim. The winner is you.


>Your size. Assumed 1 card :  Enemy size and number of slots

S: Squad of 6 example. (30 small slots), (10 medium), (Large +),( XL +)

   <Squad of 4 example. (  ), (   ), (   ), (  )

M: 6 small slots, 3 medium, 2 large, 1 XL

    <M Squad of 4 example.  (     )   (  )  (  )   (  )

L:    *** No spear type here I know of.

XL:   *** No spear type here I know of.



So to review


Standard normal: uses standard slots. dmg capped

Spears: Uses spear slots. Better than standard type. much Rarer.

Can double possible melee spots by using both melee types.

S/M and L/ XL sizes have their own separate unique melee slots in addition to Standard and Spear slot system.

You can thus triple melee a unit with S/M Standard slots+ Spears slots, then L/XL standard slots.


>>>False spears. False standard unit.<<<


Now, here’s the rub. What is a spear type unit, what isn’t?

You can not just eyeball the unit model.


Nomads are not spear type despite them holding a spear. Wreckers are spear type.

Spearmen are spear type. Amazons.... are not.

Eliminators are spear type. Knight of chaos is not.

Imperials are a VERY good spear type. Light blades . . . . are not.


Basically, this guide is not finished yet because it would require me

listing every melee unit in the game and classify it.

Btw, off topic. Meme worthy Slavers.... are not spear type. Amazing how shitty slavers are.


All XL and Large size units are standard melee type to my knowledge.

All spear melee types must be S or M sized. After t3, there are none I know of.


List of all spear types I know of. As of Jan 2022. Dec patch 2021

*EA meticulously gave every color orb in t1-t3 combination a standard type and spear type unit except

t3 fire, where they get a 2 fire orb Giant slayer.





F  Imperials

F  Ice Guardians  (Wow really? Weird discovery)

G  Spearmen

R  Wreckers

P  Executor




F  phalanx

F  Lyrish Knight

FF  Mountain rowdy

P  Eliminators

PF  Lost Wanderer

R  Scythe fiends

RR  enforcers

RP Bandit spearmen

RG  Twi Brute

G  ghost spears

G  mauler

GF  Earthkeeper  (Yes. At least they're better than Slavers.)

RG  **Infected tower's Twilight Pest unit (Unique case)




F  Silverwind lancers

RR  Giant slayer

G  Drones

P  shadow insect

RP  bandit lancer

RG ** Fleshbender's Twi pests (Impractical case) (Actually produces the strongest spear type in game

if you fleshbend correct unit, but you would need promise of life or second chance revive

for permanent version of unit and fleshbender is just so troll.)


To test small size slots, i used Wintertide blue and thugs a lot.

Thugs have unity passive and are small size, Wintertide blue gives 40%

dmg resist.


*life currently in way, will get back to this later

Edited by chickennoodler
still trying . . . missed fleshbenders lol
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combatvalues.xml contains the slot information at the end, and new values will be:


melee_attacker_free_slots.small_s = 6;
melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_s = 9;
melee_attacker_free_slots.big_s = 4;

melee_attacker_free_slots.small_m = 9;
melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_m = 15;
melee_attacker_free_slots.big_m = 4;

melee_attacker_free_slots.small_l = 12;
melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_l = 18;
melee_attacker_free_slots.big_l = 6;

melee_attacker_free_slots.small_xl = 18;
melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_xl = 21;
melee_attacker_free_slots.big_xl = 8;


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1 hour ago, Kubik said:

Your numbers are not correct. And there is planned change.

@WindHunter Can I share whole `combatvalues.xml`? And can I share what the change will be, or are the details still a secret?


Some of these, I was trying to eyeball it or guess using stuff like 10 thugs squads with unity passive and wintertide

in forge getting smacked by 10 sunreavers. Normally this small squad would be Verrry dead instantly.




It would be nice to have the actual concrete data. I'm pretty sure I've missed something.


* Oh ty very much.


Edited by chickennoodler
Post Timing akward
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For easier comparison [old value] -> [new value]



melee_attacker_free_slots.small_s = [4] -> [6];
melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_s = [6] -> [9];
melee_attacker_free_slots.big_s = [2] -> [4];

melee_attacker_free_slots.small_m = [6] -> [9];
melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_m = [10] -> [15];
melee_attacker_free_slots.big_m = [2] -> [4];

melee_attacker_free_slots.small_l = [8] -> [12];
melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_l = [12] -> [18];
melee_attacker_free_slots.big_l = [4] -> [6];

melee_attacker_free_slots.small_xl = [12] -> [18];
melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_xl = [14] -> [21];
melee_attacker_free_slots.big_xl = [6] -> [8];


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Normal = S & M-units.

Reach = Units with extended range. Ghostspears is a good example.

Huge = L and XL-units.
S-units count as 1 normal (or reach) attacker.
M-units count as 2 normal (or reach) attackers.
L-units count as 1 Huge attacker.
XL-units count as 2 Huge attackers.

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