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Shrine of Martyrs

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I am very, very very sad because of the changes.

i liked the playstyle with the shild from "shrine of martyrs" much more than getting back voidpower.

also the need of a freeze makes more need of cards that are usually in the deck. i like shilding more than freezing. :(

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Hey! Former Shrine of martyrs lover here!

I was also disappointed when I saw the changes but there isnt much use for the old effect since dmg reduction effects doesnt stack with each other.. (Flat values with % ofc do) But i am using the new shrine of martyrs and its not that bad, espc. in pure frost rpve decks. I kinda like the constant freezing with some void power coming back its fun, so give it a try you might enjoy this new style for pure frost! :)

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sry, i am not happy again because of shrine of memory. 😞


i have a feeling that all colours should be the same more and more... 😞

of course it doesn´t feel well when someone activates shrine of memory faster than you... but there was alwas the chance to acivate for you after the time, when your mate activates it.


feels sad that the colours and shrines gets nearly the same more and more. diffrent ways of play get lost more and more. thats harder and harder if you play solo-maps.

i hope the diffrent ways of playing colours would not be decimated.


no offense, this is my thinking. i am happy with the secession of the most players. i trust 🙂


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The Skylords Reborn team decided very early on that all factions should have access to two core mechanics: sustain and void manipulation. At the same time, we determined to add these mechanics to all factions in a way that is thematically appropriate to each one. I think, by and large, that we have succeeded on this account. In terms of sustain; Fire's Bloodthirst requires units to deal damage; Shadow's Blood Healing requires sacrifice; Frost's Coat of Protection, Winter Witch, and Dreadnought use Ice Shields; and Nature's sustain is primarily non-conditional. This is appropriate to each faction and allows each faction to be viable without feeling like we are thereby destroying the properties that makes that faction unique.

In terms of void return, it is important to understand that an archetype that does not have access to void manipulation will be permanently held back in RPvE and most campaign maps. The compensation required to overcome this handicap in terms of card strength would be so excessively large it would inevitably unbalance the game. So, just as we did with sustain options, we too decided to give each faction a thematically appropriate source of void manipulation. Shrine of War requires fighting, Furnace of Flesh requires corpses, Shrine of Martyrs requires freeze, and Shrine of Memory is non-conditional. Again, this fits each faction. I would even argue that Shrine of Memory is more thematically fitting for Nature after the changes than before them. Before it was very weak and only affected the player. Nature support spells, buildings, and effects always benefit allies, and Shrine of Memory was the one exception to this rule. Nature is also the rule-breaking faction and now Shrine of Memory can break the normal rules of void return. This continues in the line of other Nature mechanics like Enlightenment, Mumbo Jumbo, and mind control (which is a Nature, not a Shadow mechanic).  

I understand the worry about the potential homogenization of factions, but I think this worry is overblown. Over the last year and a half, our changes have been carefully designed in such a way as to give each faction a unique niche into which it can fit. Pure Frost has its Ice Shield and freeze mechanics; Nature has unit-centric armies (most decks are spell-centric) as well as the Root Network; Bandits has several unique archetypes with Banzai Lord, Bloodhorn, and Tortugun; etcetera. We are right now trying to do similar things for factions such as Stonekin, Twilight, and Lost Souls. These changes will hopefully continue our work and make each faction possess fully unique ways of playing. To me, much of the reason there are worries right now are because many, even most, of the cards in the game remain unviable and many archetypes are underdeveloped or weak. As we continue to change this, I think the worry about faction homogenization will abate. 

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