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QoL Change: Community Maps Naming (Conventions), Categories and Rating-System

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Hi there,

I didnt have any times yet exploring Community Maps much, but the current Challenge lead finally me to that section of the game. And frankly, the List is a total mess. I just wanted to download and start Kings Ridge, but it took me forever to find it. From what I hear there are some maps that are really good, but I dont want to either test or ask around much, most people just want to "jump into a good game". So long story short, there is a huge accessability wall turning you away when you stare at that list.

My suggestions to solve this would be:

a) Enforce Naming Conventions for the map, in part they already exist (e.g. RPVE at the beginning)

b) Sorting the List alphabetically, right now any already existing naming convention is no help at all since all starting with "RPVE" are still all over the place.

c) Even better, make colums with categories (type of map, number of players, etc.)

d) Add some kind of rating information - I know taste is subjective, but a Rating how finished the map is would be very appreciated. Just 5 Starts or something. Not how much you like it, but if its bugged or half-finished or in a polished state, like (0 - unplayable, 1 - still completly unfinished, 2 - half-done with bugs, 3 working with minor bugs, 4 working fine, 5 realy finished and polished).

If, due to technical limitations, none of this is possible even a Forum Thread or Wiki-Post containing this information would help ALOT. People wouldnt have to dive through the Jungle and end up frustrated.

Even just a small forum post with 5 or 10 maps that get a "Brannoc approved" badge would help alot.

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That both (ideas for community map sorting and adding some to the actual map) sounds like a great QoL change! 

Even tho I already played a few community maps already, I went through the same - as you described searching forever for the map Kings Ridge :D

Would really like to see community-maps being sorted like your point c) suggestion. 

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I think the idea that you can rate communitymaps after completion is very good. What you could possibly additionally include is an "average playing time" Especially with the COmmunity maps, has some in the process that partly take 1h + even for speedruns.  Again, others are played through in 5 minutes, even if you take it comfortably. So you would have a nice overview 

Or is even a general sorting possible?

-PVE short (0-10min)
-PVE medium (10-30min)
-PVE long (30+ min)
-Special mods 

(from my point of view, special mods would be e.g. the community schmide, the Tiktakto etc.)


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