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Skylords Reborn: Open Staff Positions


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4 hours ago, Majora said:

Pretty much this. Its not that we are on some high horse deeming 3 hours a week not worthy of our team. Its just like Kapo said, to accomplish anything meanginfull in our teamstructure, and as a developper specificly, would require more than 3 hours to be able to have time for actual development work on top of meetings and coordinating with the other teammembers.

My main point is that you should at least give a rough lower bound for the number of hours you're expecting of commitment per week, because the OP just says "a few hours per week". What's "a few" here if not 3-5? 10? 15? At that point you're expecting about the same commitment as a part-time job.

The project seems to be mostly asynchronous anyway so expecting a general minimum time commitment doesn't seem that helpful. Having 3 hours per week to dedicate to tasks isn't that bad as long as you're communicating outside of that so you know what you're going to work on, which I think most people would be totally fine with.

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