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  1. My main point is that you should at least give a rough lower bound for the number of hours you're expecting of commitment per week, because the OP just says "a few hours per week". What's "a few" here if not 3-5? 10? 15? At that point you're expecting about the same commitment as a part-time job. The project seems to be mostly asynchronous anyway so expecting a general minimum time commitment doesn't seem that helpful. Having 3 hours per week to dedicate to tasks isn't that bad as long as you're communicating outside of that so you know what you're going to work on, which I think most people would be totally fine with.
  2. You should probably define "a few hours" in the OP then: I think most people would define "a few" to be closer to a number like 3 rather than 10+. Overall it seems like you're treating these openings more like unpaid internships than actual volunteer positions. At least have the courtesy to give a well defined minimum bound for the commitment you're expecting.
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