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Having trouble with expert PvE runs?

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Hi guys! Kserske here, and I've been playing battleforge for a long time.

So the context is I've been seeing a lot of new players around asking to help with expert maps. What i also realise is that from what I've seen in the recent release of the game, there are many new players who have not played battleforge before. (Not from EA days or the first phases during Skylords reborn test phase) I understand too that many video guides online are outdated due to the nerfing of some cards/units.

As such, I have decided to create my personal Battleforge PvE tutorial on my channel AND I will mainly be soloing the expert maps, showing you the tricks in making your run easier.

Why Solo? You might ask. -> Sometimes players can be pretty disruptive to your gameplay, ranging from them not cooperating and failing to complete their objectives which results in losing your game. Or it could be a simple reason of not able to find anyone to play with you if you're living at an inactive timezone (Like me)

If you need help regarding certain maps that I have not yet uploaded, do leave a comment here or in my video. Any suggestions for improving the content of my video will help too! Thank you (:

All my videos will be in English.


The link below is for my channel:



Please support and subscribe if it helped you with clearing your map and obtaining your 8 booster packs (Expert Achievement). Subscribing helps to motivate me to continue making these videos because I know that people like it and would want you guys to benefit from it (:

Although these videos are without commentary, I try to input text on the important points to look out for when you play the map. I've tested trying to do a commentary but the sound quality was terrible. Will figure out a solution for this. (Videos are now with commentary)**

Do let me know too if you would like a different deck or playing style for a particular map. (I will make a video if there is a demand for it)


P.S. I'm not sure if i should post this in Media or the PvE section but as of now, all my videos in my channel are Battleforge PvE related so imma post here (Until i decide to branch out to other games!)

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Well, first thing I checked out was the Dwarven Riddle video and sure enough Amii Monument was used. And Shaman. Two cards that are traded with very high value.

So if your target audience is supposed to be newer players, I think you should maybe limit yourself to a budget for any given deck. And provide alternative strategies with different decks and colors, since I think new players often focus on a certain color that they then try to make work. For example, if a fire player watches a tutorial that is done entirely with a Nature or Stonekin deck, they would be quite disappointed and possibly wonder if they can even do it with their preferred color.

Also, generally, I think newer players should be taught to be less reliant on certain, common cheese strategies and cards. The usual offenders that get abused to bend or downright break the game are Enlightenment, Amii Monument, Nightguard or Mana Wind and Mark of the Keeper on certain maps. At the very least they should be made aware that you don't NEED them to win Expert maps. Because that is a sentiment I see expressed quite often.

Challenges like "Only Twilight-Edition cards" would be very interesting to see as well.

As a side note to you personally, I'd advise you to manage your expectations. Skylords is a very niche game with a small community so if you are hoping to grow a YouTube channel with this type of content, it's probably not viable. And even if that is not your goal, reception shouldn't be your main motivator, some subs, views and support would be more like a nice bonus for something you like to do for yourself.

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Thank you for your note (: Which is also why i'll be thinking of some ways to expand my channel.

Noted on your feedback! I have also surveyed several players that while they are new, attempting an expert map would also mean that they could have acquired a decent amount of cards. This was why I created specific decks that would make the expert map easier. Of course, I would try to make the deck as cheap as possible while ensuring that it would be easy to win the map. I will try to create more strategies revolving around the different deck styles.

On the other hand, I have included that some of the cards used in my game are not necessarily needed to win. Since I'm attempting to solo a multiplayer map on expert, would be very challenging for new players to complete without cards like Amii monument. Nevertheless, I will try to make things simple without such cards if possible.

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Hey. I just started playing a couple of days ago and delved straight into Expert levels. It seems redundant to do them on standard when you can do them on expert straight away. Made it up to Ocean thus far, but skipped Behind Enemy Lines due to not having an upgraded Nightguard and any other strat doesn't seem viable without upgraded units.

For context, I played Battleforge about 10 years ago and have some high level RTS experience, but I'd say this is doable for a new player as well if they're willing to restart a few (many) times while learning.

Now for feedback... for any scenario there's usually a speedrun strat (that uses very strong and expensive cards) and probably a few different reliable decks that are slower but relatively cheap. It would be ideal to cover one of the more budget decks and strats if your target audience is newer players.

Take Mo for example. Getting up to and beating the Banzai lord is pretty easy, but beyond there it's quite difficult. Haven't managed to clear through enough to get T4 with just the standard T3 units (magma thrower, swamp drakes, knights, etc.) so I looked for better options. The easy way of doing it is with an Amii monument and just spamming T4 units that way, but there are also a few cheapish T3 units you can get from the AH that you can spam which are strong enough to clear the next part of the game. I went with Lost Horrors. Providing alternatives there can let people play with multiple colors, although it's kinda hard without Shadow to get more card stacks.

For soloing multiperson maps I think you should just do whatever. People shouldn't expect to solo them with a starter deck.

I've only watched Encounter with Twilight to avoid spoilers... it would be nice if you showed an image or overlay with the deck while the intro is playing to 1. save time and 2. get an idea of what to go for. Pointing out key cards and the general strategy in text (if you're not doing a voice over) is also advisable. You can have both side by side since people can pause. I for one saw you play a card that I don't even know the name of that I had never seen before, right near the start. Apparently they're werebeasts? The annotations are the top are nice.

Other than that I think it's just a matter of creating more content and iteratively improving on it if you want to. Good job.

Hope this helps.


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Ahh Thank you for the feedback! I will include an overlay of the deck (: 


Yes I know soloing a multiplayer maps limits many of my options. (But will attempt to do so if i see that it is possible) Thus, I will always go for the budget decks for single player maps to help new players (:

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18 hours ago, Weak1ings said:

One thing to note is that You can do Behind enemy lines with U0 nightguards if you just send in two nightguards, one will be paralyzed but the other swaps, then send her off somewhere else. (This actually is how I did it the first time)

Oh cool that's good to know. I just finished it today after getting enough gold for U2. The upgrade also helped with Oracle... grabbing the horn bandits with basically melee range was a bit inconsistent heh. That makes it every expert solo map.

Other than Night Guards the only cards I upgraded were Forsaken and Windweavers (for a more consistent start) and Giant Wyrm (for a faster close). Still, all solo maps can be done on expert without any upgrades and spending less than one daily boost worth of BFP on new cards. The harder maps take about 45 minutes at a medium pace and the easier ones 20-30 min.

For the gold need I only had to redo one expert map once, which was Soultree because it is imo the easiest to do fast and consistently (about 20-25min) to get 1000 extra gold, but you could play a few games of PvP and have all you need. Quests give you the rest.

So if you already know how to beat the maps and have the time, you can clear all the solo expert levels in one day. The only limiting factor is knowledge and skill, which is what these guides ought to show.

I've included a couple of replays with the strats I used for Behind Enemy Lines and Oracle. The execution isn't perfect as it's only my first successful attempt and they're suboptimal timewise and buildwise, since I've been going for success rather than speed... This should be good to show that they're possible with a starter deck without being an incredible player. If you want to showcase the strats feel free.

20210209_122412_11104_PvE_01p_BehindEnemyLines.pmv 20210209_134705_12103_PvE_01p_Temple.pmv

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I've watched several and find them easy to follow. I ran your spikeroot strategy in Crusade (with some variation) and quite enjoyed it. One improvement I would suggest is to include your deck list in the video. When I was watching the Crusade one and decided I would imitate it I had to go back through and make a note of every card. A picture of the decklist at the end would make this easier for someone looking to copy you.

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I have a couple of videos sent by some of you as well! I really enjoyed the different strategy for each map (: Once I am done with showcasing some of my strategies, I will definitely put more videos to include the different variation (and of course it'll be more fun) one can complete the map on expert. I am always up for a new challenge haha though i wouldnt want a game to go over 45mins - an hour.


And yes! For the later videos, I have included the decks in my video before I begin my run. The older videos without the deck list you would have to refer to the description box. As you might notice i don't speak as much because i want to emphasis important points and i figured it'll be dumb to reiterate something that you guys can see for yourselves.

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