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Offering help for rpve lvl 10

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Ok, so rpve lvl 10 is basically the only thing in syklords reborn that i play. And i when i play with players who know what they are doing i enjoy myself the most. But there are only a few, maybe 10. 

So if any of you is interested in playing rpve lvl 10, write me an ingame messsage. We then start a game together and i may say a word or 2, so that you can get into lvl 10. This would be helpful to people who have problems to get to lvl 2, but also genreally for people who have played it a few times, but would like to win it more often.


The more players i have to play with the better. If you sometimes take a word of advice, even better (-:

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I was used to play lvl 10. Even then it was hard to gather 4 people for that difficulty. But nowadays I did not try again. When are your usual uptimes? Maybe we can get 4 players together.

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