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Free Steam games [Humble Bundle + Steam]

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29 minutes ago, BurningWorld said:

780428848_Toobad.JPG.2e6b50c47b74aa34c260b6d7e516c3d1.JPG Too bad there's no search function right?

So you jump into the fray for him by using another thread of another user. Get a load of this guy. 

"You missed =/= another guys action. Lmao.

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On 5/19/2018 at 6:25 PM, Necrospaz said:

As much as your signature kills me inside... your a good man.

I love you <3 you're the first person ever noticing it :D I gave the music taste of the community up already xD 

Ofc I'm aware that's not nirvana but theres a funny story about this picture if you're intersted just google: Nirvana, Hanson T-Shirt ;) 

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Stories: Path of Destinies: W3T4T-RPQJX-Y3W69

The Swindle: ARD9W-WCCNY-4DZ79

Forward to the Sky: BJQXJ-BHYR2-PG96H

Grab those games while they're hot. First come, first serve.

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Hello Children 


Totally Accurate Battlegrounds 

You have to be fast, you'll get this game forever/ permanent if you click on Install now / Play now in between the first 100 hours the game is released. (dunno when it was released, but it's still getable in the second I wrote this post)

Steam account required. (and a computer and internet obviously)




Warframe Items

Scroll down for the Offer you need to enter your E-Mail adress.

I think a Humble bundle account is needed (not sure) and ofc a Steam Account

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@BurningWorld one of your less efficient ways to farm rep :kappa:

so far your most efficient method seems to be status update replies

Edited by steezy
placed a kappa so the normies realise that i am not toxic towards my good forum friend <3

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