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  1. Ah I had this issue minus the DC. On encounters with twilight. While I did not get DCed this caused my client to not respond to my boxes that highlight all my units in an area to not work unless I held ctl. Finishing the map made the bug go away. I was not able to DIRECTLY reproduce the bug. But alt tabbing on the same map right after caused me to be unable to buy my next orb on a monument. Will update post if new/different problems arise from it.
  2. Swanea

    Closed Beta Applications

    Dear Dev Peoples, I'm one of the weird ones from across the pond, living in Las Vegas, USA. I pre-ordered BF when it first came out and spent some money during release enjoying the game. I was by no means a hardcore player in either PvE or PvP. I played a lot more PvE than PvP but I never really pushed in the PvP. Most other games I play I enjoy both aspects equally but I think I'd need more training and teaching in PvP to be proficient in it. I sure want to be able to Bully Ultrakool in PvP for all the people he has bullied in beta. I joined soon after the forums went up but only checked in now and then to see progress. I'm pretty available almost every day for a varying amount of hours. Being that I am in Vegas and my job, I work weird hours that can vary but I am often free in the evenings/early mornings (PST). I have free time anywhere from two hours to eight hours. But during that time I need to afk for things so in eight hours it wouldn't be straight eight hours. So the time I am free won't be the same day to day, week to week, but I will have hours free most of the time. So now the big question. Why me? First...as I mentioned before...Someone needs to bully Ultra and maybe other Mods in game! Okay, honestly though... I'm a casual player when it comes to most games. Sure I can play a lot but I play it in a casual way. I won't sit and grind maps 300 times in a row for a .01% upgrade or something. I'd rather try new, fun things to enjoy my game even more. I'm a vocal socializer. I enjoy teaming up with random people. I help others in hopes they will help me (or others). I could sit there and open packs all day, find my account reset the next day, and be just as happy opening more packs to start anew. I've tested plenty of other games. Sure, I treat it like playing a game. But I do not skirt my duty of reporting bugs as I plod merrily along my way. Treating this like work when I'm not getting paid would be a disservice to the game because I'm sure I, like so many others, would not enjoy testing or even playing the game. The server crashing or being offline isn't that big of a deal. I have things or other games to hold me over til someone wakes the gerbil up. If I'm not in game but around, discord or B.net or steam is always on so you can yell at me to come join you in something too. Discord is Swanea #3700. My B.net or steam would be on my user profile here.
  3. Swanea

    Favorite Memory

    Honestly, It's not just one. I just enjoyed opening the packs and trying out the new stuff.
  4. Swanea

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    dotdotdot lol. I dunno what it could be....But I bet it's Swanea... lol
  5. Swanea

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    I'll do whatever I want! So I did.
  6. Swanea

    Free Steam games [Humble Bundle + Steam]

    Gimme dem free loots (or free games)
  7. Swanea

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    When the game hits open beta I'd enjoy some PvP help and some general stuff on Advanced/Expert PvE. I was super casual in the game and really didn't push to much in either.
  8. Swanea

    "Noob" Question

    That's a real good showing of skills and timing. Wowzers
  9. Swanea

    Free Steam games [Humble Bundle + Steam]

    I had someone buy me that and I never played it lol <.<
  10. Ill make sure the server crashes right before you win!
  11. Swanea

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Glad to know that GDPR hopefully won't affect you at all. @Lavos2018 And yeah, I could just spam some harvesters in that forge all day. Promo Harvester or go home!
  12. Just afk in the forge like usual.
  13. Swanea

    Favorite BF replay !!!

    Hahaha, I hate you guys for this. This makes me miss it that much more.

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