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Regarding Alpha for New Members/Old Members

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                                   ---------------------------------------------------------- FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW READ THIS ----------------------------------------------------------

I have seen the vast majority of people coming here asking: "How do I play in the alpha?", "When will the game be released?" Well here's the answer to your questions...

As of now, the game is in Technical Alpha and only a few selected players with PURPLE names are the Alpha Testers. If you do not have a PURPLE name, you have not been selected...

In time, the developers will accept more players to test out the server, but as of now you must remain 3 things: Active, Helpful, and make plenty of suggestions/content. If none of the quotas are met, you have a very low chance of being selected into the Alpha, or future Closed Betas. Another thing to keep in mind is: NO BEGGING FOR ALPHA ACCESS! I have seen countless new members and even old members beg for Alpha access or Alpha Keys etc. This will not get you into the Alpha, as a matter of fact it might not get you anywhere into playing the game until release. The best thing to do, is to remain patient about the game's current state and the developer's current states.

As far as a release date, as posted by InsaneHawk himself, there is no official release date!

The release date will come eventually, the team as of now is currently trying to develop a stable server and trying to add all of the core features into the game, to make it playable. As I have said before, waiting plays a huge part in your role into coming back into BattleForge. In order to perhaps speed up production if you have any ability with Servers, coding, etc, you can always submit an Application at the bottom of the forums to tell them what you can do to support the team.

As regarding for other questions you may have, please post them down below, I and other experienced members will try to answer them as quickly and accurately as possible!


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I think my name isn't spelled "bobfrog". :P

oh sorry. i actually meant yours and bobfrogs threads. you made simillar threads but in different topics i forgto to quote his thread and mention you name :|

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2 hours ago, Snibbo said:

Is the game login password the same as your forum password?


Yes. And the login is the email address that you used for your forum account. 

Not sure why you chose this old thread to ask this question? ?

If you are having trouble to login, please post at the technical support section. 

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