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Found 16 results

  1. What is Advanced Filtering? Your card collection has clickable filters like rarity, orb colour, and more. But there is also an extremely powerful search bar that accepts special commands to filter your cards. Below you will find a list of all those commands with some explanations. (Please note, due to the necessary formatting, this article will look weird on mobile devices.) Basic Filters Command Example promo: + 1 or 0 `promo:1` (Instead of 1/0 you can also
  2. Since my last pure fire campain replay collection is complety outdated I took the new patch (wich I really love) as an ocasion to do it again! This will be an always repeating quest with every big update that destroys replays 🙂 Some runs have actually improved a lot, some were just terrible but i didnt want to repeat them... Don't take it to serious, these are still casual runs! 😇 1-Player-Maps: 2-Player-Maps: 4-Player-Maps:
  3. Hello fellow skylords! I often see people hating on pure decks for the expert maps, with this post I wanna share my love for fire Soon I will upload at least one replay for every expert map with pure fire, some solo and some duo versions. This replays contain casual gameplay, no optimized runs so there will be some fails, please dont hate me Special thanks to Keksmonsta and Kendrikson who will be my mates in most of the duo runs. Have fun with the replays, Anske Edit: 1 and 2 player maps are completed! 1-Player-Maps: 2-Player-Maps: 4
  4. I thought I would collect all my replays (so far) in one forum post to have everything collected and visible in one place. Encounters with Twilight - https://youtu.be/wGkuvar4rcE Siege of Hope (Rank 1) - https://youtu.be/I3zuwFnYI8U Defending Hope - https://youtu.be/p3xdZXi38oM The Soultree (Pure Nature) - https://youtu.be/7SfPK1x5kTE Behind Enemy Lines - [TO DO] The Treasure Fleet - https://youtu.be/qQaF2yjwJV8 Mo - https://youtu.be/Jf-yePbapjI Ocean - [TO DO] Oracle (Pure Fire) - https://youtu.be/uV1PSVBMknQ Crusade - https://youtu.be/r-zU8iGXRFI Sunbridge -
  5. ------------------Disclaimer------------------ I wrote this guide without access to the game and do not intend to update it anytime soon. I apologize for all inaccuracies due to my limited memory. The vast majority of things should be actually correct, but I might've missed a few smaller things that i probably wouldn't now. Also note that the metagame in some areas has evolved since the game has been accessable again. This mostly manifests in the fact that Lost Spirit Ships became a lot more situational and Batariel is often the way to go instead, even against Lost Souls maps. This happene
  6. Also available in pdf! Choose the format that suits you best. Disclaimer: The work does not cover all possibilities and is not the highest quality. I am a recognisable Frost player, but certainly not the best one. I do not expect to make any major updates. I am not responsible for any malicious software contained within enclosed files and do not promise that all provided links are safe. Use at your own risk. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iScntKo6SOFooLC2OO-Qtu3MGf_TcnYu/view?usp=sharing Pure Frost PvE Guide – How to hit hard as hail @Dallarian – author
  7. Hello fellow skylords and skyladies, Im made a short video about dwarven riddle. This map is really easy to play and a good way to farm some gold for the card upgrades. Here is the deck i recommend:
  8. How to Build a (PvP) Deck A Battleforge Guide by Eirias Last update: 6/3/16 This guide is primarily for players new to Player vs Player (PvP) matches. Perhaps an experienced player could gain some information playing an unfamiliar faction, although I would assume he knows the basics already. I will attempt to explain the reasons behind why certain cards are included and why certain cards are not included. In addition, I will provide examples from my own deck illustrating my rise from noobdom to pro (perhaps that was an exaggeration. I was roughly in the top 30
  9. Since i did see quiet a lot of new players and the question "What should i play??". I did a little chart for the 4 Core Faktions. Shoutout to: Ultrakool, Limuts, Shred and kikispas for helping
  10. Elemantary PvP Knowledge This Guide is mainly for beginners and less experienced players of PvP. I want to share basic knowledge more experienced players have over starters, so that they can try to have fun playing PvP even if they get stomped. Then they can look at this, helping them to analyze their games. So obviously, this is not a guide beginners just read and suddenly be strong, it just should give them ways to think how to get better. There are a lot of guides out there already, written down or recorded as videos. This guide here will be my personal opinion
  11. (Note: Not enough information is known yet to go more in-depth. More will be known in the future and I will update the post accordingly.) Hello everyone! Looking for the forums, I see that there is no real advice on how to effectively use your resources and time when trying to acquire cards and money in this game. This is one of the most basic and important aspects of a game like BF, and thus I'll take some time to explain how it's done. Table of contents IntroductionTradingMaking a profit by tradingUsing Auction HouseScouting/Hawking/Low-biddingSpeculatingFlippingOther ways to make a profit a
  12. Circadia has created a fantastic guide back in 2009 encompassing basically everything that is to know about BattleForge and how to get better at the game. It was built around the concept of PvP, but all kinds of mechanics and strategies are explained within, in great detail. To prove that, here is a quote: I mean, c'mon! How cool is that? The actual guide is 44 pages long, and was only available in pdf format. Unfortunately, converting it to doc throws the formatting/tables and embedding 44 images isn't a healthy option either. You can download the original pdf file by clicking HERE. Here is
  13. So here I'd like to work out any math problems people may have about Battleforge! Send me your questions and I'll try to answer them. For starters, here is a mathematical model of your power pool and an explanation of why t4 is a terrible idea in PvP 1v1. time t is measured in 2 second increments (because that's how the game adds power)v(t) is the power in the void pool as a function of time t.p(t) is the power in the power pool as a function of time t.w is the number of power wells a player hasp0 is the power at the start (i.e. p(t0)=p0)Your void pool returns 1/50 of its power to the power
  14. Hello skylords, I'm going to teach you a few usefull cards for a nature-deck for PvE, semi or full. These are just some usefull cards for Nature decks not full decks!!! But in my opinion if you would build a deck with these cards and adding some of your own you'll be okay !STONEKIN AND TWILIGHT COMING SOON! 1st part is about a few basic nature cards, usefull for beginners. 2nd part is about defensive nature, usefull for advanced players 3th part is about full nature decks, usefull for advanced players 4th part is about Stonekin decks, usefull for advanced players (coming soon) 5th part is
  15. Below is the recreation of my old guide on cards, drafted and finalised during the official beta phase. I filled in the blanks, rephrased and extended each paragraph. It contains plenty of basic, useful and important information for both beginners and more experiences players. factionsThe four main factions belong to the following elements:FIRE is all about offense, with its aggressive and damaging spells. Their units tend to have more damage and less health in general. FROST is the direct opposite to Fire with its defensive structures and high health, relatively low damage units. Their spells
  16. Credit goes to Michal "aRusher" Urbanek for creating this guide at gamepressure.com. After going over it a couple of times, I decided to fix mistakes and extend some paragraphs to provide even more information by including snippets from his Battleforge dictionary and tips section. I believe the below compilation should have a place on the BFR forums as a compendium of how mechanics and the main interface works. Also, to provide an easy to read but useful guide to newcomers, and as a general refresher course for when the game finally re-launches. Battle interfaceThe framed parts are described
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