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  1. I am still in the procces of constructing a whole Nature guide, and I will discuss some cards espessialy. The example deck is a great idea! I will add them tomorrow if I find the time Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I will talk some about those cards compared to others, perhaps I'll even discuss Stonekin and Twillight cards and the best options for a deck! As soon as possible!
  3. Hello skylords, I'm going to teach you a few usefull cards for a nature-deck for PvE, semi or full. These are just some usefull cards for Nature decks not full decks!!! But in my opinion if you would build a deck with these cards and adding some of your own you'll be okay !STONEKIN AND TWILIGHT COMING SOON! 1st part is about a few basic nature cards, usefull for beginners. 2nd part is about defensive nature, usefull for advanced players 3th part is about full nature decks, usefull for advanced players 4th part is about Stonekin decks, usefull for advanced players (coming soon) 5th part is
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