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  1. Yeah don't use OneDrive for BF. I can see from the first msg that your documents folder is in onedrive and this will cause the problems
  2. That sounds indeed cool! As the team has an video editor since a short time your wish may come true one day. Until then? Community has created a ton of informational streams, videos and stuff. If you are looking for a certain topic where you would like to have more information about, just let us know, perhaps we can give you a few links
  3. I feel with our small community we should try to focus all trading in our existing market. If someone has ideas to improve that I would be more interested. Anything that you are missing there,@vankata, that brought you to the suggestion here?
  4. And worse, it is not updated and does not contain all cards 🙂 Check smj.cards or the wiki for a full card overview
  5. the green was changed intentionally, purple still works ofc. With the changes to the zapper itself you should be able to play around it with every decktype now.
  6. Never seen a late game scenario where fire is not anywhere between viable and A-tier. Where do you struggle with pure fire after T3? Perhaps I can help
  7. Bonjour mate, when your game crashes it will not put a replay in the replay folder but in the "Diag" folder in documents, together with a crashlog (hopefully) You find you crashdata here (I guess you can relate tho it is german, if not hit me up and I try to find this screenshot in French or English) There you will also find there the files "crashdata.mdmp" and "_log_proxy_latest.log", those two files are what is usually needed to identify the problems. The "movie.pmv" you find in that folder is the replay of the latest crashed game. All this will not help on this issue, as I guess you played a game afterwards, but maybe the information can be helpful next time. Cheers
  8. If my experience would be that people join and say "Hey I'm new to this, can you help?" I would not have opened the thread, cause I'm always willing to help with this topic if people did just do a min 'homework'. What we see these days are often groups that are not even willing to speak about who takes which shrines. And if we speak about people that are not willing to learn a halfway suiting deck or basic spawnrules in 9 - I don't want to waste my time with that. Sad but true, this has taken my motivation for random 10s sadly, tho it was always the most enjoying thing in BaFo to me, cause even good groups could get here into troubles sometimes.
  9. I have reinstalled a few weeks ago, that's why I remember: You have to download two files, the game files (that are packed) and the installer, that is an executable. Don't manually unpack the big - just run the installer. @Vincent_ValentineFrom what I see on the screenshot I would say you have one corrupted/failed download. I would say the installer is missing in your case
  10. June ofc, so today! Corrected that, my bad!
  11. 16th of June 19:00 CEST @nukiePerhaps add the info to the first post
  12. The .pmv files are replays, not a video format. It is basicly just the commands that happened and BaFo/SR can replay that for you. Yeah this Code Smith thing... 🙄
  13. Or "C'mon buddy... you know this is not how it works"
  14. It is a quite weird composition that I can't remember either to have that seen before. Tho I've seen even easier T2 where it was the named combo but a shaman instead of a spellbreaker. I know that usually only 2 things should have changed here, as mentioned by Metagross, but also share the feeling that some of the usual T2 composisions have changed a bit. But can't say for sure
  15. PvE league should perhaps consider to make a similar general rule 😛
  16. Missed the opportunity once, will not happen again! 🙂 As always some great news!
  17. You can discuss details, but the general idea is not bad and would be an improvement
  18. That is what I personally would wish, yes. That was the topic here. TO was "please delete it asap and forever" Still have not much hope, but sharing other ideas as they come to my mind
  19. Random idea (as the problem occurs again because the motm is very easy) How would it be to hide the BG10 Achievement behind the sub10min shoe on 9s? That players have definitely learned the game and are ready to step up to 10s and could get encouraged via an achievement to do so.
  20. Volin

    Reset leaderboards

    I am just writing this as a player, not in any official way. Just saying, because of my official title, but I cannot and will not ever speak for the project. I can well understand the question for a reset on Slave Master, tho that was not what was brought up by the TO. But this is indeed one that should be reset! I am, as known, not even a little bit in the cpve-speedrun topic. But I don't see any of the changes in the current patch affecting any alltime, which is why I asked for maps that are affected (and why). Again, I want to emphasize that I'm not saying there are no other affected Alltimes, but I and the people I talk to don't see them. For the rpve I see no impact for several reasons, the most important being: The current times are as far from a deep grind as they could be. Both times in 4player could be easily beaten if only two things come together: easy map + some competition. Breeding and SOW changes certainly have a huge impact on casual play, but I can't see any impact on speedruns in rpve so far. Breeding is usually not used and from the first tests you can easily work around the SOW-changes, as a double or triple Fire Orb player is useful anyways. I'm not saying that the Rpve ladder should not be reset, I just don't see any reason to. I am open to any constructive discussion and would like to be convinced. Never heard of it either @Kapo, nor would it make sense to me. Not saying it was not said, just saying I never heard of it.
  21. Because these one were a walk in a park compared to the first map that I tried. And as I tried first the one with the most upvotes and it felt terrible to me, it discourages me personally a bit. Spend around 2 hours with 3 different deck types anf was not able to get T3 Share the feeling a seasonal forge could have been more inclusive, but as you say: If it does not bother one enough (case for me) - just leave it out. I did not expect the CMSR to adress me as a player and was proven right. Tho have the feeling a lot players I heard from really like it.
  22. Volin

    Reset leaderboards

    I see no all time affected by the current changes, but I'm not as deep into this as you are. What maps do you think are affected by the current patch?
  23. Are you running Discord in the back? Cause I have the same issue since the time you describe, but can say almost sure that it is Discord shutting down my PC once in a while
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