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  1. Thanks Metagross! The order is Spells (used often), Units (used sometimes) and Buildings used 1-2 times. I would not buy/trade/get the cards from cheap to expensive but priorize them a bit from their importance Please have in mind, that the deck as posted is heavy spell based and relies on the shrine of war. For the beginning add at least 1x T2 unit (perhaps Fire Stalkers, they are cheap and good), 1x T3 (perhaps Magma Hurlers) and 3-4x T4 Units as long as they have no charges. Here the Giant Wyrm could be a very good budget solution. For battleground, for the beginning, fill with
  2. At least once in the disscussion style it is not. By God, I'm really not always with the devs of one opinion, since my appointment to the "PvE Taskforce" I must even state that I have a different opinion in many topics, especially in the matter of inventory. But the rudely formulated question "What the hell were you thinking?" is simply an impertinence, given the mass of explanations for this decision. I "know" only 2 members of the PVP team, but to accuse them of thoughtlessness, ignorance or stupidity is just ridiculous. But I do like that the solution isn't chosen to be "obvious
  3. I almost don't need to ask, but you haven't read whats written between OP and yours, or even followed the links, or?
  4. Situational, sometimes. Gives you only 1-3 healing ticks but if nothing else is in range I feel indeed tempted to do so 🙂 Perhaps not optimal, but viable for sure ^^
  5. UPDATED to match 1y-patch from 18.12.21 Hey all, since we have many requests here, but few decks are shown pro-actively, I would like to show some of my RPVE decks (deck kits) over the next few weeks. Each of the decks will be limited by a "theme", they will prolly not all be end-to-end meta approaches - especially since they are relatively simple to get to the point in the BG: Bata = Meta And the rest will run behind. But since I'm a little bored with the Batariel right now - let's take a look at what other fine decks for rpve are out there. This first will touch the meta har
  6. Hey Zackthundead, this is not as easy answered as your other request. First of all I assume you are asking about rpve/bg again? At least my answer is regarding to this 🙂 On the one hand would recommend "beginners" always to bring 1 green orb to rpve maps, as this one green orb enables you alot of sustain and makes the matches much more "forgiving" then w/o direct mass heals. On the other hand we not see much decks without the perma present green orb, not even from the veterans, which is sad because you can have alot of sustain even without the green splash. But if you wan
  7. My personal additions to what @SunWu already brought up. If we are speaking of rpve9 I would add eruption to red t1, for green I would usally cut the dryad. T1 stage is usally fast and you want to keep it as lean and simple as possible. For t2 Vileblood are nice on some maps but "useless" for some others, Gladiatrix or Skyfire Drake or Firestalkers are more flexible I think. I don't go with the suggestion to take nature t1 spells at t2 when starting with fire - yeah you can do that, but this is far from the optimal. As you will encounter often/sometimes a close camp to t4 every
  8. Someones Ashbones that ran today in an early Infester would strongly agree here 🙂
  9. Hehe. Yeah the priority - and the way to kill - the Windhunters was obvious to me. But I was so mind blocked, that I always took my t2, which buffs the Tortugun to get its strong range attack. A Killer to my Skyfires. Your creativity impressed me once again 😉
  10. Yeah really poorly executet 😄 May I ask how long it took you to came up with that? 🙂 This really helped me, delaying the orb/wells like that was the key, at minute 4:00 everthing became clear! My best attempt was a bloddy mess about 13 minutes, I hoped there would be better ways. Most of this should be adoptable to other Stonekin maps. Thank you once again kind master 🙂 Btw I appreciate so much that you not only tried yourself but you gave an example with your replay!
  11. Hey, some may already have seen my question on the discord or elsewhere, the title explains it quite good. I am not looking for theoretical input, I am searching for an expert with practical experience in doing BG10 (in this case solo) against Stonekin enemys with pure Fire, just because 🙂 We are speaking about fighting Camps like this with t2: (if you want to see live, it's the current motm BG10 1pl on the Test Server) The missing spawner does not really challenge me. If there would be one, we could do this with 4 Eruptions. I took it out once, but it was a bloddy, n
  12. Stonekin has a top tier Tank, prolly one of the best in game, ranged, supporter and siege units. Stonekin has in spells and buildings stong heals, CC and heavy support. At least all 4 pure factions have a harder day. The only faction that I would perhaps consider stronger is Twilight, but more because of the mix of green and red cards, less in terms of the faction cards. (before anyone cries, yeah Bandits may be stronger too, but only in very fast and wise hands, this counts not for the average player I'd assume) Long story short: What should the other factions say? And what should the
  13. How could I oversee that... yeah listen to the wise man and get Oink. Always.
  14. 1) Please have in mind that this is a community project, managed by volunteers in their FREE TIME. 2) Please think alone about the form in which you are looking for help here. Would you give yourself priority 1, I don't think so.
  15. I would put it this way (that's really not meant rudely!): As long as you're asking this question, you better take it. There are, as in every card game, infinite ways to Rome - however, I would first follow the beaten path, as long as your knowledge may not yet be deep enough to build your own compositions. Mark of the Keeper helps you enormously to keep your T1 in the beginning, if you know your cards (and many other things, like BG-spawn-mechanics) very well, you can of course master this situation without MotK. For BG10 I would highly recommend both. For BG9 I - personall
  16. NEVER go w/o if your Orbs give you the option. Liked your first Deck more btw. I would also recommend not to build "the one" deck, but to create variants for different purposes
  17. In your case I'd cut the ashbone. Your t2 is superior and your t3 shadow spells can do any job, if you need a ground presence at t3, your Cultist or Forsaken/Nox will do fine. You really should try out Motivate, its a great spell and even scales a bit into t4. First you use it in t1 to get power into your Nox/Forsaken, in the mid game you can Motivate a Crawler of your Infect and if you are on a good track you can do what wanky supposed and even use it on your LSS in the late match. This is the case for either 9 or 10 but as the step up from 9 to 10 is a huge one, I wouldn't mix things h
  18. Soulsplicer > Meatshield for standard purpose in BG9 For BG10 shadow start is - at least in random groups - not recommended. If you want to do it, Soul Splicer (G) is set and so is Motivate (which I would recommend for BG9 too). Rest of the deck is very common for LSS imho and rock-solid. PS: I personally prefer Forsaken as T1 unit for allrounder BG-decks, as they are a bit more versatile (thinking of Lost Souls Dancers and suicide-actions), but that is a personal attitude. Nox ofc have their strengths too!
  19. I said the opposite, ofc these Quests are good for everyone who likes them, and sometimes I feel nudged enough to play a campaing map once in a while. Nice that you begin a kinder discussion style and emphazise your personal opinion! But this "Rank XY should be able to beat content XY" is what prolly triggers me, a wrong assumption in really almost every game that comes to my mind. And in BF, neither in the original game nor the beta Rank ever showed what skill the player behind had.
  20. I don't know who the thread opener is ingame and what is your - obvious - personal beef you have with him. And it also has nothing to do with the matter in my opinion. The main point of the thread was and is in my opinion: "Don't force us here too much, because it's no fun" - and I still hold this opinion. Your argument that the TO has probably farmed his high rank in BH is unfortunately off-topic, as it doesn't really get to the heart of the problem. At some point, every casual would come to the point where he has to play maps that he can't manage on his own or that he doesn't feel li
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