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  1. Hey all, it's been a while since my last Deck so time for another one! Today we continue with a Stonekin variant that actually doesn't leave enough Stonekin to call itself that. However, since the army consists only of Stonekin units, I have always mentally added it here. I can't even say exactly why Gemeyes catch my eye so much and why I like this deck so much - I think it's just "sympathy" that I can't explain further. Theme/Scope: Gemeyes! Getting out as much as possible, getting them as strong as possible Playstyle: Micro <-> Macro Budget: medium expensive Ad
  2. A 4player Lost Souls 10 can only be beaten by a team that works together as team. The mentioned Video is a great advice as the map was even harder then the current map. This is the Vid: I completely support this, with the exception of the Firesworn. The only additional cards that I personally would consider for this map are perhaps Sunstriders on some positions and/or suppression to lower dmg a bit. Sunderer may perhap be a solution on several positions, but I doubt from the first tests. Something like this would work Many cards can ofc be swapped there
  3. I can understand both sides very well here at Ascension Map 2. On the one hand, of course, it feels completely wrong that a taunt stops Viridya endlessly, and on the other hand, the map already fails sooooo often that I'm skeptical to change this. For a long time I have often gladly supported Ascension groups, also out of the thought that new players do not have the feeling to play a dead game. On the other hand, I find myself doing this less and less, because I notice in the lobbies that I annoy people with the desire to coordinate us on Map2 - but am annoyed myself that it just consta
  4. You want to add perhaps some reasons for your rejection?
  5. I go with your opening post @Draconnor. but it is not "baerly" better - it is simply far worse then Regrowth. Lifestream binds energy, comes with limitations (must be buildt, must be in range), has a longer cooldown, only reduces but does not heal dmg and has even (a quite small) limit to that. Finally it needs 2 Green which is very popular among casual players but rarely played by more expert players. Thats why we see Regrowth in more then 9 of 10 decks and Lifestream in less then 1 deck out of 10.
  6. I really never had problems with the unit limit, rather reaching it (time, charges, energy). What builds do you think can't be played because of the unit limit?
  7. Get well mate! All good, the main reason to ask was just to plan a bit ahead, as I missed the last stream already. Thank you for letting us know the new date and time.
  8. Hey Hiko, don't want to stress you, but I would like to plan Saturday a bit, as I have to do a hospital visit. Don't want to miss the live stream again. Will it be 19:00 CEST again?
  9. These are facts, not to recognize this would be absurd. Only in the analysis of why the numbers of players are moderate, we do not agree. Lets take your former premade for example: I haven't seen Mo and Ben for a while. Occasionally I still see you and Ky. Now, hand on heart, it's not because of the reward system that Mo and Ben are taking a break right now (or even quit 😞 ), is it? Because it's not all that simple Really I can't see that. With the achievemt system you can build up really nice decks very fast. 4 months of playing are (only daily) rewards of ~60k! Bf
  10. nah, period! (nice style btw) A beginning Vet will progress so fast. I remember that we did some BG9s the first day and BG10 was done 3 days after reset. And the Dec solo map was crazy hard iirc (t3 Orb in tower range, Stonekin). 3 Days to beat one of the hardest BaFo content around - insane slow indeed ... /s Ofc will a new player that is new to the game start slower, make mistakes and will progress slower, but isn't that natural and how things should be? You can start high lvl pvp right away from the start and build almost any strong pve deck within a week(!) or less. The best
  11. Single decks are build pretty decent, there are a lot of achievements (mentioned above) to have a good start, and finally there are nice 120 decks for pvp aviable, that you can take as a base to customize them. Who seeks a way will find it. And getting pretty everything (!) in 6-12months seems reasonable to me
  12. Reset in december and many have every card , all meta cards 4 time - where could the rewards be bad? I am no big trader or such, just played random stuff How can one be so impatient...
  13. The second questions were answered 🙂 I'm still unsure about those Bonus/Special but I hope on my mates here
  14. Second team meeting, more questions 😄 - Can you narrow down "offensive spells". Heals ok? What is with Infect/Revenge(no direct dmg) ? Where is the line here? - what taking about Orbs/Wells on the other side And we are still a bit confused about the Bonus and Special Rewards 🙂
  15. @Minashigo Hiko one clarification please: What happens if one team only manages the job for the color, they did it for nuts? 🙂 Btw. do you mean three or more teams in a color are needed, or three teams over all colors?
  16. Even though I feel more comfortable on maps where I can stop Moon from yakking (aka BG), I'll be there for the fun again. My plan so far: Participation in 3 different colors with 3 fundamentally different teams. The shadow team is already set. One of these teams I would like to form with someone with whom I have long nothing, or never done anything - which I am looking for here. There are still many familiar faces, with whom one has never done anything together, maybe one of you would like to? But I would like to emphasize, I am also very happy to work with a newcomer.
  17. If a unit has 150 HP and you do an eruption on it, the unit can have more than 150 damage dealt to it, the rest of the "overhanging" damage then goes to nowhere. When damage is dealt in a radius, it is always distributed from the inside out. If you repeat the test and apply the eruption only slightly offset, you will always get different results. The fact that units get 100% damage of a skill/spell even though they have less HP and that the rest is then just over it, is by the way a comprehensible and from other games quite known damage calculation for me, depending on the spells/ski
  18. Hey all, as the last deck that I showed was more an super-expensive expert deck, let's speak about the most beloved beginner faction this time - Stonekin. Prologue: Even though I don't want to present simple solutions with fixed 20 cards, I have to split the Stonekin topic into 3 parts. There are always nice cards that you can not take because of the limited slots, or other cards that offer other options, but that would be just another deck. Stonekin is a great example. So that the tension is not quite so unbearable, already the outlook for you: 1/3 will be a classic Stoneki
  19. Thanks Metagross! The order is Spells (used often), Units (used sometimes) and Buildings used 1-2 times. I would not buy/trade/get the cards from cheap to expensive but priorize them a bit from their importance Please have in mind, that the deck as posted is heavy spell based and relies on the shrine of war. For the beginning add at least 1x T2 unit (perhaps Fire Stalkers, they are cheap and good), 1x T3 (perhaps Magma Hurlers) and 3-4x T4 Units as long as they have no charges. Here the Giant Wyrm could be a very good budget solution. For battleground, for the beginning, fill with
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