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  1. The last update on this was that there is no template for fire/frost, so no new card with this pattern could be added, not sure though if this is still accurate. If they figure it out one day, don't expect full editions like we have for other factions, as making new cards is prolly a lot more work then most could imagine.
  2. Think we must have more in that 500+ league. Guess I am only the loudest here 😄
  3. Why a new thread, why not answering the question that was put: Did you try a VPN? Probably not, but blame the game ... 😕
  4. Did you try using a VPN? Please speak english here, if you have troubles I can recommend deepl.com for quite accurate german-english translation
  5. Hey all! The contest is over and the participation was overwhelming - I thank you all for that. Love you folks All in all I got 33 replays, of which 24 where valid (3 double/6 invalid because of not opened chests). 70 unique Players participated, that where more then in any other official contest so far (no guarantee on that). The Players with the most runs where: Paxvobiscum with 5 entries Damo with 4 entries and Subnnobs, Malolo, Taylor, AntonWsh and Janjua each with 3 entries I thank you very much for your replays. We will look out for the hot scenes and present you the highlight in the Stream on the 07.11.2021. Of course we will present you a full ranking then and hope for your patience until then! Keep the up!
  6. Already training to beat ze hadicap of being german 😂
  7. I don't think speedrunner should be a steakholder here, as it touches balancing and game experience. They have to work with existing tools, and if this brings a meta shift there, I would not even consider that a bad thing. Strongly agree! Would love to see a lets see x1.5 game experience. Slower speed could also be appreciated by some, to give more people access to some harder game modes. And additional options would not hurt others, that are glad with the current game speed. Like the idea very much. Ofc this should only touch match speed, not daily timers and such PS: Many rts even allow to adjust speed (in single player and campaign) during the match
  8. Hello Skyfolks, again me with an update. We have been struggling with the question of whether to publish an interim score and how to publish it - as in every of this events. Many people give me the feedback, that I can feel, that they would like to know where are they standing. Others of course want to polish their times first, or need to find the time to do so in a 4 player group, we understand this too. We are also aware that such a ranking can be motivating as well as demotivating - we hope it can push you again - so here we are: There are already 12 submissions and a lot of people have still announced to send one. Here are the, anonymous, times of the top 3 as well as the currently 8th place. 1st 10:57 min 2nd 10:57 min 3rd 12:04 min ... 8th 14:06 min Yes, this is no copy and paste error, we have two submissions within the same second! To further increase your motivation to participate, we have decided that the prize pool will be expanded if we get beyond the 16 entries! Then there will be a booster per person for the places from the 9th to the teams that are in the top 50%. If we even crack the 30, we can possibly talk about even more boosters, so send me your replays!
  9. I want you all to friendly remind - please share me the replays in the following scheme: playername1_playername2_playername3_playername4.pmv I have prolly more then a hundred hours of work with this contest and if you take yourself these minute I would be very glad! 🙂 Thank you soo much for the overwhelming feedback and I am looking forward to get more questions and replays! Spam me! 🙂 GL& HF Best V.
  10. I have to giggle when this one comes to my mind - yeah great card too. It did not even get much attention from me as pve player (actually you @Blashyrkh brought it back to my mind, back then when we both started digging deeper into fire) Ah those funny lovely fire cards. Still hoping for Windhunter and our team to find more good solutions for Fire to make it a bit more consistent and overall playable, though ofc the last patch already helped.
  11. Stylewise it is for me the Jugger - "Size matters!" Love how he looks and sounds - a real fun unit for me. Sadly no tool for my pve 😞
  12. By the way, I have a team that is looking for a Nature player, if you are interested to join them send me please a message via Discord @ Volin#8101
  13. ? PS: Btw, its even ~double the damage and 3/4 of the freeze 🙂
  14. Shadow has resource booster which is probably strongest. Couldn't say it any better. Because in the next step it would be 2-3 Stong heals for each faction. A Cluster Red alike dmg spell for every faction. An Frenetic alike super CC for ervery faction... and in the end Deckbuilding is throwing in random cards.
  15. Hehe, yeah, I am an upvote bitch. If I agree, like something or can smile a post gets often a vote from me. It is ofc ok if this gets rejected, but if I don't ask, I can't be helped 😀
  16. There is no best. All depending on mates, map, position, attitude, your goals and so on 🙂 There are maaaaaany great decks out there, btw, some have even 3 or 4 colors.
  17. Have love for all colors, play them all regular, but this is my most beloved: Multiple choice would have been nice. I really like Fire from the style and it was hard decision for me
  18. Maybe you got me wrong 🙂 I wan to give more, not to get ^^I don't care about my upvote stats But there is a limit which I reach from time to time PS: But thanks anyway - cool!
  19. Even though I'm often moaning around, I also have a lot of love to give, as the title says: a few more upvotes would be really cool!
  20. Hello Skyfolks! Even though not everyone plays it, 4 player rPvE lvl 9 battlegrounds is probably the most popular game mode in general. About time for a competition! The latest big balance patch, which has been around for a while now, made me realize I've never seen a rPvE match with 4 different colors. I'm curious to see your replays! Since I can't participate in my own contest, of course, I'd be happy to spend some time with you, if you'd like. Let's see how I can help! Replay analysis - strategic tips Anyone who has played their first rPvE lvl10, or speedrun with me knows I am a patient teacher and will gladly share ALL my knowledge if you just ask for it. And even if competitions are aimed at players above the average, we also know that there are (hopefully) many very good players who want to participate, but whose experience in speedrun is much smaller. That's why I'm happy to offer my strategic support to any team that wants it. Deckbuilding, routes, interaction, little tricks - I'll be happy to take a look at your replays over the next few weeks and try to support you from the outside as much as possible. My only condition: provide me with a replay and ask specific questions about it. If I see something obvious outside of the questions, I will of course mention it. I just want to make sure that you make the same effort as I do and not have a lot of theoretical discussions in advance. Team finding Although I would not recommend you to take this service, I would like to offer it: If you are looking for a "fixed" group for this contest, but can't find any players ingame or on Discord, feel free to contact me - if there are enough players, I can help you to group up. If necessary, you can also register here as a group of 2 or 3 and I will help you find the last members. However, I strongly recommend you to actively form your groups yourself via Discord or ingame, otherwise you will lose valuable time and players will hang in the queue until I have 4 requests together. General tips There are free voice chats in the official Skylords Reborn Discord - use them! I promise you, the top teams will be those, who had fast and good communication. Act as team. Ask yourselves constantly: What can I do for my companions? How could my team support me in my task? Teamwork and strategy are worth more than any good individual performance. Stick to the meta (as far as possible). Voidreturn is usually essential in Speedruns. This should (presumably) be your first priority, to which you subordinate EVERYTHING else. Do not hesitate to restart! Once the basic framework of a strategy is in place and a first time has been reached, it is often not worth finishing games where a lot has already gone wrong. Talk to each other and just restart the round! And please keep in mind that there are harder tasks and easier ones. It is not uncommon for the same player to ask for a restart over and over again. This may not be because your teammate is bad, but often because their task is difficult. Speedruns are often at the limit, otherwise they wouldn't be a speedrun, so things just go wrong sometimes. Think outside of the box! I wish all participants a lot of fun! And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
  21. Just to throw in another, newer, Bandit deck guide, but this is expensive and adresses more to advanced players. To your other questions: Bloodhorn affinities are both great, purple does a great job, if not a better (supported with Disenchant) Skip Corsair Soulhunter is usually not played for its affinity, choose either. Skip Spearmen and Bandit Sorc
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