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  1. It's amazing! Thanks for the great work. It adds so much more depth into the whole market aspect of the game.
  2. What a nice event! Looking forward to see more of the CCC serie.
  3. It was a nice stream. Keep up the great work. Communitycontent like this is much appriciated.
  4. Amii Phantom 😉 And yes i did. Nice to read! Looking forward to it.
  5. Hi, We currently have a nature/frost(Stonekin), frost/shadow(Lost Souls), shadow/nature(Amii), nature/fire(Twilight) and a fire/shadow(Bandits) faction. It might sound silly, but shouldn't there be a Frost/Fire faction too? Something neutral to both, like lightning/electric energy or so. (?) Fire - - - - - Frost | \ Lost Soul - / | | \ / | | \ / | | \ / |
  6. Hey all, I've been wondering, what happend with the Amii faction and cards? Why is there only one card in the game for this faction? Are there any plans to expand this faction in the future? And if so, what would be it's strenghts, weaknesses, main focus, etc. I would love to see more Amii cards. The cardcollection feels a bit incomplete with just one card of the faction.
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