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  1. I have to giggle when this one comes to my mind - yeah great card too. It did not even get much attention from me as pve player (actually you @Blashyrkh brought it back to my mind, back then when we both started digging deeper into fire) Ah those funny lovely fire cards. Still hoping for Windhunter and our team to find more good solutions for Fire to make it a bit more consistent and overall playable, though ofc the last patch already helped.
  2. Stylewise it is for me the Jugger - "Size matters!" Love how he looks and sounds - a real fun unit for me. Sadly no tool for my pve 😞
  3. By the way, I have a team that is looking for a Nature player, if you are interested to join them send me please a message via Discord @ Volin#8101
  4. ? PS: Btw, its even ~double the damage and 3/4 of the freeze 🙂
  5. Shadow has resource booster which is probably strongest. Couldn't say it any better. Because in the next step it would be 2-3 Stong heals for each faction. A Cluster Red alike dmg spell for every faction. An Frenetic alike super CC for ervery faction... and in the end Deckbuilding is throwing in random cards.
  6. Hehe, yeah, I am an upvote bitch. If I agree, like something or can smile a post gets often a vote from me. It is ofc ok if this gets rejected, but if I don't ask, I can't be helped 😀
  7. There is no best. All depending on mates, map, position, attitude, your goals and so on 🙂 There are maaaaaany great decks out there, btw, some have even 3 or 4 colors.
  8. Have love for all colors, play them all regular, but this is my most beloved: Multiple choice would have been nice. I really like Fire from the style and it was hard decision for me
  9. Maybe you got me wrong 🙂 I wan to give more, not to get ^^I don't care about my upvote stats But there is a limit which I reach from time to time PS: But thanks anyway - cool!
  10. Even though I'm often moaning around, I also have a lot of love to give, as the title says: a few more upvotes would be really cool!
  11. Hello Skyfolks! Even though not everyone plays it, 4 player rPvE lvl 9 battlegrounds is probably the most popular game mode in general. About time for a competition! The latest big balance patch, which has been around for a while now, made me realize I've never seen a rPvE match with 4 different colors. I'm curious to see your replays! Since I can't participate in my own contest, of course, I'd be happy to spend some time with you, if you'd like. Let's see how I can help! Replay analysis - strategic tips Anyone who has played their first rPvE lvl10, or speedrun with
  12. Just to throw in another, newer, Bandit deck guide, but this is expensive and adresses more to advanced players. To your other questions: Bloodhorn affinities are both great, purple does a great job, if not a better (supported with Disenchant) Skip Corsair Soulhunter is usually not played for its affinity, choose either. Skip Spearmen and Bandit Sorc
  13. I would only recommend a few T2 melees, Mountain Rowdy would not be really among them, but strongly agree with everything else!
  14. Volin

    Very creative Avatar ... not. Sorry, but this is a bit poor, with the same Letter in the same community 😞

  15. Thank you kind Sir! This also corresponds to my state of knowledge, I just didn't want to give the TO false hope in case I am wrong here.
  16. All good, let's forget this 🙂 @Majora Can you perhaps help us here? Do you perhaps know where we are standing with this suggestion? I have in mind that the suggestion from @Diratoswas taken positively in the team and that this feature is perhaps even on the road - am I correct here? Can't find the info and fear a bit that my mind plays tricks on me 🙂
  17. Who is telling bs now? I was never against more then 1 rerolls, I even gave my voice FOR that 🙂 But I just wanted to correct -shortly - the wrong assumption that something was already changed. I still hope for this feature to come, better sooner then later. PS: Just saying PPS: Just reading it again shows me, that I even defended you, though I don't share all of your reasoning. But in the topic I do "Strongly agree" as my first post says in your suggestion.
  18. Volin


    Watch this 5 almost empty beautys When the best card out of five boosters is that uncommon Frost Mage ^^
  19. Just no more cheat cards. But I have trust in our balancing team here 🙂
  20. So your T4 is just random cards no matter color? Nah thanks 🙂
  21. I am used that card games have a "cheat" card - but we have already 2 very stong ones in BaFo. Clearly maps and cards are by design for 4 orbs per player. Clever players already switch prolly an orb - this as a cost and I like that this malus occurs. Deckbuilding should have a strategy factor, not only throwing in randomly the best cards of all colors. And in addition balancing around a constant 5-orb meta would be hell I guess ^^
  22. Why don't you take Amii Mon? What would be the the new benefit, I don't see it? Beside maybe giving the wrong incentive to 5-orbs decks what is usually not a really good idea 🤔
  23. Hey Metagross, thanks, glad you enjoy it. I have two different ways to engage. If I feel safe enough I avoid long shots and pull by sight, throw in a CC or two, and focus the spawner directly. Another great way to engage is just to spit in the frontline and CC them when they come, throw in infect and kill a few. Then you move in and can kill quite safe the spawner.
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