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  1. only gonna say two words about this card: f****** broken.
  2. thanks for the advice on how to build up a collection man, I will definitely use it ;]
  3. you were able to build this up in only 10 days O___o quite impressive, I must say xD and yeah, shaymin is extremely expensive and with good reason since it's a really good card. Anywy, that deck is looking pretty good ^-^ and yeah, I might jus have to make me a new acc to start playing again, my old account only has outdated cards so I think it's better if I just restart XD (they're all back from BW) XD I'll let you know when I do here so you can add me to the list.
  4. I like this card, it's a decent L counter but most importantly it's Slam ability just allowed you to stop certain units of your opponent in PvP, a notable one being Mounty. though I honestly haven't seen much of it in PvE. Anyway, I'm happy to see that In return to the forums and notice this thread has been brought back to life, nice!
  5. ok, idk how I even got it but thanks for 20 Rep everyone ^-^ XD

    1. WaterMelonLord
    2. EonBen


      oh, okie... thanks I guess? that wasn't my intention at all but okie...

  6. my new PC just came, I'm ready now for when BFR drops ^-^ (as well as finally having a pc that doesn't crash every 5 minutes lmao)



  7. so... my dad literally just bought me a smartphone simply cuz pokemon go will make me go outside XD

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    2. WaterMelonLord


      Vaporeons attacks in pokemon go are really fast

    3. BionicReaper


      Then he took it away after learning about the Pokemon GO deaths :kappa:

    4. WaterMelonLord
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  8. or just use a screenshot app like lightshot, and you don't even have to mess with paint
  9. welp, my 3ds charger/3ds battery just broke, really could've gone without that money being gone out of my very scarce wallet.

    1. Riviute


      so youre not able to play anymore?

    2. EonBen


      look at my last one message, tried again today and it somehow worked xD (idk what happened, just taking it)

    3. Riviute
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  10. top Anime: 1. Your Lie in April 2. Erased 3. Code Geass 4. The Seven Deadly Sins 5. Mirai Nikki
  11. Though I never owned the card myself, I had a friend that really liked playing Pure Shadow and he always had it in his deck, overall it looks really cool and is pretty decent for PvE, but indeed, I don't think it's that great for PvP, it's just kinda weak compared to stuff you could get by splashing instead. In general I'd say he's a cool card though.
  12. Not necessarily, I've played plenty of games with such a quiz feature and this problem is very easily solved: by adding a 30 sec (which I find a fair time) to answer, that's hardly enough time to look it up. And plenty to allow someone to think about it. I'm not saying this will solve the NPE problem, but it'll deffinitelly help a bit. Besides, from what I've seen, lots of people enjoy doing a BF quiz I do like your idea of having different categories and difficulties though. BTW, I also really like the idea of referencing the forum in hints of the day and etc that was mentioned waaaaaa
  13. Well, you can always watch the replay, you won't be able to ask questions there live but atleast you can still see it. btw, have fun at that wedding edit: nvm that even, @Ultrakool set up this topic where you can ask any questions you have
  14. New Devupdate, yaaaaaaaassss :hypetrain: :hype: :hype: 

    1. Dodotron


      yeees :hype::hype: \o/

  15. what about you sing a small part in the next replay and we'll be the judge of that
  16. Since it has been quite a while since the last card, I went and decided to put one up. Mountain Rowdy (P): Tainted Ice Block: Activate to turn the unit into an Ice Block. In this state it is immobile but takes 65% less damage and is surrounded by a gelid breeze: hostile units within a 20m radius take 25 damage every second. While turned into an Ice Block the unit is immune to all status effects like Freeze or Paralyze. Lasts for 15 seconds. Reusable every 20 seconds. Mountain Rowdy (B): Blessed Ice Block: Activate to turn the unit into an Ice Block. In this state it is immobil
  17. wow, this is awesome, thanks for this ^-^
  18. since idk what it is either, guess you better make it pretty basic XD
  19. I think there'd be a fair amount of people interested in that, atleast I am
  20. yeah... I was gonna say the same thing lmao. saw this first at like 1am so I wasn't gonna say it at first cuz obv I was tired but @Valaraukar is right XD
  21. yeah, I believe @FarRock once uploaded a 2v2 Replay of someone doing it. I'd have to find it though.... on the Topic of NC, great card in my opinion, even better when you consider it's a starter card as well ^-^
  22. this project isn't dead, idk where they are with a company manager, but development wise they just are at the most difficult part: entering the maps. As soon as the Devs figure that out though it should start going a lot smoother again. just be patient and keep up the hype
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