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  1. Wish granted, but now juice tank also drains the life of all your units at the same time with 100hp/sec I wish twilight had many more cards so i could play a decent twilight deck
  2. Hello, In 4 player pve maps, when you are divided in 2 teams of 2 to complete certain objectives specific to your team, you are unable to see the objectives of team 2 in the lobby. For example if you are in team 1 in the lobby, you'll see your objectives, but when switching to position 3 or 4, you can't see the objectives you have for that side. Many say this was never a feature but I clearly remember me switching positions back in the days to see check the objectives which would be more "fun". (in the screenshots you can see i can't see the objectives of player 3 & 4 which are to clear enemy camps, etc...)
  3. 2737, because you all decided to screw it up :p
  4. Wish granted, but that KFC will have disgusting food that will make you very sick every time you eat there. I wish for an uncorruptable wish
  5. wish granted, but the math exercises are easy af and are exercises like 1+1 I wish I would not pass my exams
  6. Granted, but the toads turn into gigantic cockroaches I wish to see a shooting star in the sky
  7. 2660 the amount of how lazy I am atm
  8. Happy birthday :D 

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  9. I'd rather choose playstation than xbox, so PS is my vote (cuz i can't do pc)
  10. @Ultrakool @InsaneHawk @MrXLink @Kiwi @fiki574 Personally, there is no need to apologise! I love you all like brothers and I don't mind it that there is a delay. In fact, we need to thank you all for doing all this excellent and hard work for us with bringing the game back! And Not just bring it back, but also making it better! I know it must be somtimes hard for y'all but never get your heads down & always go on! keep thinking positive and remember, when you are down, the only way to go is up! You're all doing a great job & far better than most ppl or leading game companies would tbh xd we can count on you unlike other people in this world. You can make delays as much as you want, I'll always be here to support every1 in whatever times that will come and aid where I can. Forget all those negative people and those yelling at you or swearing at you, just ignore them, the only thing they are doing is making you even more famous and loved because of the support you'll get of the good members in here. I believe in all of you and I just know you can do it!
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