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  1. That was already an issue in the base game. The devs just didn't gave razorshard that must range (except if count the splash damage maybe ?) It's not abnormal, just dumb descriptions.
  2. It seems as though many lobbies do not even show the player's name. I believe these are ghost lobbies as joining them result in nothing happening.
  3. What's more is that if you attempt to leave the group afterwards, any action on the game select screen like "Back" or "Refresh" will cause a disconnect.
  4. I tried to test it back with @DDrazard, he was the group leader and the one who left. The game sorta froze for a second after he close his launcher, his units dissapeared, but I wasn't able to spawn other cards, until the game froze for good this time. There is still the "Unknown Error" text showing as well.
  5. I was able to reproduce the bug : -Was in a group with @DDrazard. -He joined The Treasure Fleet map. -Since it's 1Player, I left the group. -I joined The Treasure Fleet, change difficulty to advanced (don't know if it's important), start a game, and crashed.
  6. @Dexirian Thank you very much This bug as reappered on Battleground and is trigerred when a member of a group try to change the difficulty before joining any lobby. I reproduced it at least three time, so I am fairly certain this is how it occure. I also tried it with story maps while changing one of the three difficulties, but it worked, so it is only on Battleground. Here is a screenshot to show a comparison with @DDrazard
  7. @Ladadoos It would seem as though the problem haven't been fixed fully. Changing or selecting a slot allow to see the deck properly, but new players invited to the group still get the features of the previous deck.
  8. @N0SKYO Actually I think I use this locker for a box filled with lots of money, which I placed in a locker where the code is 2572 .
  9. The card who gives me the most nostalgia ? As in, not necessarily my favoriest ? Well... when I was introduce to the game at first, I really liked Shadow in general, and I still do. The most nostalgic one would be Necrofury, with Witchclaws a close second. Necrofury's design is so unique and it represent Shadow almost perfectly, and I will always have a bias toward Witchclaws as a swift common card, even if it is outclassed by Dreadcharger.
  10. My theory. Thunder Wagon is a machine. Machines need electricity to function. Thunder Wagon is an electric machine.
  11. Lost Horror green aff could be an interesting choice. The multishot and splash damage is strong enough to consider it in T4 for PVE and rPVE, even if it is terrible on one-on-one situations.
  12. Picked a contrary name to hide is obsession of fire . However, he also no da we, my bruddah
  13. I can't believe this is still going, but I guess I'm not the only one saying so. Oh, and uh yeah, 2558. Sounds like the code of a locker I lost somewere.
  14. When I was introduced at the game, the edge of Shadow really compeled me... and then I learned about the mixed factions and Lost Souls. It was love at first sight. The cards were kinda expensive back then, and with very little BFPs, I tried many other deck combinations. But deep in my heart, my desire for Lost Souls never tired, and throught many sacrifices and efforts, I finally managed to get myself one full PvE deck, which I kept until the servers were shut down. With Reborn coming soon, you can be sure I will pick this deck again... but why stop there ? I already have plans for others
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