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  1. Alstar

    Multiplayer matchmaking problem

    It seems as though many lobbies do not even show the player's name. I believe these are ghost lobbies as joining them result in nothing happening.
  2. Alstar

    lobby for match does not show

    What's more is that if you attempt to leave the group afterwards, any action on the game select screen like "Back" or "Refresh" will cause a disconnect.
  3. Alstar

    Closed Beta Applications

    Alright, so Closed Beta is reopening their doors and everyone seems to be jumping in that occasion, so good luck reading all these serious paragraphs @InsaneHawk. Seriously though, I really wished to become a Beta testers, I have been attentive to the forums and on for a while now, right until the "last" recruitment. It might have took me some time to join Discord, but my excitement for Battleforge is still alive, fighting throught my impatience and pessimism. As it stands, I have a fairly great amount of free time as of now (I still have not found a summer job yet), but even if I did had one, I would still be able do dedicate 1 or 2 hours per day at least. I already imagined a bunch of decks that I want to try ingame, which will probably take some effort. To go into more details, I was mostly a PvE player, I did not got far enough into PvP or rPvE, so you can be sure I will try to experiment a bit. If you want some testing in areas like the lore section, I would be happy to oblige, even if @fiki574 and @Kubik seems to be almost done with that part. My brother and I used to play at lot of this game when we were but innocent child. I introduced him to the game as did a friend beforehand, and I will probably tell him about this topic later. If I am not chosen, at least do it for @MadMax. I wish good luck and fortune to all administrators, developers and members of the community as a whole. Don't stress it out, take your time, and hopefully, I will see you all in the Forge later ! Alstar(#3378)
  4. Alstar

    What was your favorite Card/Character?

    There is already a similar post in the card discussion section. It would be best to check if your topic idea haven't been made previously, so that we can keep every discussions uniques, otherwise the moderators will most likely delete your post. I recommend that you check the forum rules if you want to procede in the forum (I know it's long, but you can just quickly check the numbered essentials points). If you want to know, though, my favoriest card is probably still Lost Horror.
  5. Honestly, it's only a matter of aesthetics to me. Sure, most of the UNITS mind you were taken from older models, but there are a lot of factors to take account. The sound effect as far as I remember were actually still original (except for Amii Phantom being a copy of Nightguard), even with the minimal sound treatment for Lost Souls and Twilight cards. Getting rid of whole expansions also means taking out buildings and spells, which are for the most part original. And hell, even if the models were recycled by lazy EA, the cards still had unique effect and stats, resulting in overall completely differents cards, not to mention that certains elements wouldn't exist without expansions. Besides, I don't think that the development would ever do something as controversial as this, even if they could. Overall, I think you should less focus on the design and more on the gameplay side of things.
  6. Alstar

    Which cards? Creature damage thread

    Actually I was refering how their base health is much bigger than what is shown in the game, since Gaint Wyrm have 6800 on the graph but 3530 in the cards stats. Skycatcher is supposed to have 2640-3230 between non-upgraded to U3, but is 5300-5890 though, so I was wondering why do theses flying units have higher health and not the others ? What's so special about them ?
  7. Alstar

    Which cards? Creature damage thread

    From my understanding, Lost Spirit Ship can do the most damage per second, but it depends on how many entities are fought, or the direction faced by the unit. At best, it can shoots 8 missiles each dealing 115 damage for a total of 9200 every 2 seconds without upgrade. For a single unit, it's probably Tortugun for the raw damage, but Fire Dragon with Rage gets pretty close. Even then, the damage dealing description on the card is sometimes wrong, so @ImaginaryNumb3r's list is a better reference. On a sidenote, I checked the graph and I'm surprised at the total health of Giant Wyrm and Skycatcher ! Is there an explanation ?
  8. Alstar

    The legendary forum game "count"

    @N0SKYO Actually I think I use this locker for a box filled with lots of money, which I placed in a locker where the code is 2572 .
  9. Alstar

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    The card who gives me the most nostalgia ? As in, not necessarily my favoriest ? Well... when I was introduce to the game at first, I really liked Shadow in general, and I still do. The most nostalgic one would be Necrofury, with Witchclaws a close second. Necrofury's design is so unique and it represent Shadow almost perfectly, and I will always have a bias toward Witchclaws as a swift common card, even if it is outclassed by Dreadcharger.
  10. Alstar

    My possible deck for PVE

    Have a problem with charges ? Offering + Bandit Lancer. Also, if you are to have many Soulhunters alive in the long run, why would you use a regenerative spell for a single unit ? I know that in the end, it's all just a matter of preference. You might need backup when you just got T3, get attacked and need immediate help. I didn't mentionned details about the cards I proposed, but they can have some interesting aspects : Mutating Frenzy is an XL counter, Fallen Skyelf's despair ability and Ashbone Pyro Siege and Lifesteal. I thought of this idea because Unity and Vulcan were a good matchup, but... wait a minute. Unity and Frenetic Assault both require two orbs of their respective element ! They are not compatible ! Blasphemy ! I know that decks need a few availible spots, so shouldn't the deck you show to everyone first be an allrounder with possible changes? At the end thought, it all depend on what fit your style better and what you think will. Everyone have different opinions, so try them out and see what you like and what you don't ! @Sp0re_FreAk By the way, Treim probably know a lot more about this than I do You might also want to check Mental Omega PVE Bandit guide (I would link the post but I don't know how to ).
  11. Alstar

    My possible deck for PVE

    Hell yeah, that'll show'em ! Your deck does look very good, but if I have to be blunt, I have two problem here : Ravage and Unity. Ravage is only useful on Windhunter and that card already have Lifesteal, so you don't really need it. I would recommend changing it for something else, which bring me to my second problem. Unity is not bad, but just like Ravage, there is very little use in your deck. However don't take it out. It is very good with Fire Worm, so if you want to keep that big guy, better put it to good use. What I would do is exchange Ravage with a T3 unit just to make it more relevant. My personal choice would be Vulcan, since it as terrible health but amazing attack and an incredibly strong ability. However, he is not compatible with Frenetic Assault, so I leave the choice to you, perhaps Mutating Frenzy, Fallen Skyelf or Ashbone Pyro. I mean, I might not be an expert, but I like to keep a little variety of unit in a tier. Soulhunter have a high energy cost, so if you lack time or you need to cover multiple places at once, you won't feel cornered.
  12. Alstar

    Why Thunder Wagon isn't called Fire Wagon?

    My theory. Thunder Wagon is a machine. Machines need electricity to function. Thunder Wagon is an electric machine.
  13. Alstar


    Lost Horror green aff could be an interesting choice. The multishot and splash damage is strong enough to consider it in T4 for PVE and rPVE, even if it is terrible on one-on-one situations.
  14. Alstar

    Booster pack simulator

    https://dev.skylords.eu/views/booster.html Sadly, it doesn't work well at the moment, sorry. It's on the Other Stuff section of the DevPlatform right above any page on the forum.
  15. Alstar

    PvP and PvE Wombo Combos

    You are hilarious, you know that ? Edit : I realised my post was kind of useless, so let me talk about some combos as well. For T1 Shadow in PVE, I saw a strategy in an old forum involving Forsaken and Skeletons Warriors. Send one troup of skeletons in front and use them to tank most of the aggro with their ability as well as with Life Weaving. Then, use a bunch of Forsaken (5 or 6) to kill everything with their Frenzy and Motivate. A simple, yet effective use of the predictable enemy AI. Another combination I use for Lost Souls T4 was Lost Dragon nature aff with Construct. One can knockback XL grounded unit with is large cannon and the other shutdown anything airborn. Paired it with Lost Evocation + Bloodhealing for heal and boost.

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