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  1. Say something about the person above you.

    Picked a contrary name to hide is obsession of fire . However, he also no da we, my bruddah
  2. The legendary forum game "count"

    I can't believe this is still going, but I guess I'm not the only one saying so. Oh, and uh yeah, 2558. Sounds like the code of a locker I lost somewere.
  3. Shadow/Frost

    When I was introduced at the game, the edge of Shadow really compeled me... and then I learned about the mixed factions and Lost Souls. It was love at first sight. The cards were kinda expensive back then, and with very little BFPs, I tried many other deck combinations. But deep in my heart, my desire for Lost Souls never tired, and throught many sacrifices and efforts, I finally managed to get myself one full PvE deck, which I kept until the servers were shut down. With Reborn coming soon, you can be sure I will pick this deck again... but why stop there ? I already have plans for others strategies and, who knows, other colors ? (Probably bandit) ... Why the hell do I keep responding to 1 year old topics ?
  4. Common decks

    A common deck with an orb for each faction also seem to be an interesting idea, althought rainbow decks is an entirely different topic on its own...
  5. Battleforge Lore

    I believe you are referring to the birth of the factions, and more specifically about the Shadow and the Fire elements. I can barely remember it, but I think you are on the right track. I'm still not sure, but they were princes, brothers who ended up fighting. The Slayed One's blood then dropped on Nyn and it became the Shadow, the first element. That's the best I can remember, but with the info you already have in the wiki, you should be fine.
  6. Twilight transformation questions

    I'm not certain, but it seems this apply more specifically to cards which create units such as Plague, or even Nox Carrier and Grim Bahir when they spawn Rippers/Crawlers. An example for Twilight would be the Infected Tower and its ability to make bugs appears out of a dead unit corpse. In other words, you might be wrong about being wrong. But what do I know... Edit: I think it might have more to do with the Mind Control and Charm section of the Wiki : http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Void_Power#Void_Power My hypothesis is that the power is given back directly thought the ability activation of Transform, and the bound power of the previous Twilight creature still remain until it dies.
  7. Let's be realistic for a second. When the Open Beta will arrive in one month, we won't start automatically with our desired cards in our hands (except perhaps for the booster packs giveaways). This mean we will have to test out the very few cards given to us or the one who aren't hard to get, AKA common cards. I decided to start this thread just to talk about what would be some of the most interesting decks solely based on common cards, either for a smoother beginning or simply for a little more challenge. I already thought about my own PVE deck centered around Lost Souls : https://allcards.skylords.eu/cards.html?d=Q29tbW9uIExvc3QgU291bHM+OTV8Mnw0Njh8MTg0fDE5N3wxODd8NDc1fDIwMXwzOXwxNTJ8MjU3fDMyOHw0ODR8NDc3fDUwOXwyNTJ8MjI4fDQ3OXwxMzd8MzQ3fA== I just wanted to open the discussion, so if anyone got ideas, feel free to say whatever you want ! On a side note, I think most good common decks would definetly be splash decks, mostly with nature.
  8. Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    With that much money, I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up with all the cards AND every charges for upgrades. As it is for me, I spent overall 20 $ for BFP, but the hard part was acquiring cards in a market where people who spoke your language were as rare as diamonds. I had some ups with very respectful players, a whole lot of down with greedy creeps, but at the end, I was able to keep around my worth of BFP for a deck (I didn't have many charges as you can imagine), and for me, that was far more than enought.
  9. I drew the Harvester 6 years ago

    Damn it look good ! Just had to say it.
  10. Cyruel's Decks

    Looking at your decks, I find the "Ultimate Defense" one very interesting : all three skyelves, Worldbreaker Gun and Church of Negation(fanboy screams), even Frenetic Assault... really nice one ! I did see thought that your put the Lost Laucher red af for T2, a very good card... among others. Frost/shadow have some very good buildings options at T2 and on others situations, the Lost Launcher would have been nice, but you also have access to Cannon Tower, which has more health. Now granted, the Lost Laucher have 2 advantages over the Tower : it has rage and can hit air. However... 1. The rage seem very broken to begin with, since with units like Rageclaws, Giant Slayer and Fire Dragon, it allow them to inflict 4x their normal damage the more they fight. Sadly, buildings don't work that way, and if I remember well, the Lost Launcher only can multiply its attack by 1.5x. 2. You should not worry over the air if you have the Skyelf Templar at T2. In a deck without them, I would see some utility to the Launcher, and they do have better firepower, but to me, the Cannon Tower just seem like a better choice. With the Skyelf, of course. But hey, why stop to the Cannon Tower, I also really like the Time Vortex ! Sure, it demands much more energy, but the health is of the chart, and even if is attack is not impressive, is firerate increased depending of the void power(more or less with the affinity). Damn, I really do like to nitpick. Also, no T4 units ? Why ?
  11. hardest pvp deck

    Meh... Windweavers are OK... now SNAPJAWS on the other hand... I have to say that even now, a Root deck seems like such an unreliable option for nature, like why is it even a thing ? Still, I did saw some replay with beijinguy using the deck, and althought it looks hard to pull of while relying on the opponent's passiveness, the results were quite devastating. Once the Spikeroot and the Living Towers are up and start destroying your well, what can you do ? Overall, a Root deck is very impressive to witness when it work... which is almost never.
  12. Current Proposal: Rewards

    Thanks for letting me know Reading about the friend referral made me nervous for a second. I suppose I missed the info or didn't remembered it.
  13. Current Proposal: Rewards

    I like the idea of "re-rolling" ; players won't feel cornered by the system. But of course, it comes at a moderate price with less earning... I do hope that this system will work well, especially since players cannot downright buy BFP and dominate the auctions market. Still, with the beta coming HOPEFULLY at the end of the month, I think it is time to start thinking about setting amount for daily reward. There is one thing on my mind however : it is mentionned that the friend referral system will not give any tradeable rewards like cards, but if I remember correctly, in the old days of Battleforge, wasn't it one of the only way to create Promo cards ?(I'm not entirely sure of what I'm talking about, but I just want to know if anyone have considered ways of getting Promos in the game) Still, good job, developers ! Keep up the hard work !