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  1. Well guys, lets start praying to RNGesus and hope that we get in closed beta, and if thats not the case let the :salt: consume you :kappa:

    1. anonyme0273


      I feel like I should staz quiet... but good luck to you :)

    2. shadowxxs77
    3. BionicReaper


      Make your prayers >;D

  2. I find Age of Mythology the most fun RTS but thats probably biased since its my childhood game.
  3. Guys I completely disagree with JarJarBinks but I'm 99% sure he is just trolling, just dislike the thread (even though he probably doesn't care) and don't get yourself wind up and most important keep the hype up! :hypetrain::hypetrain:

    1. WaterMelonLord


      You guys serious? He should get as much negative rep as we can give him. :kappa:

    2. SunWu
    3. shadowxxs77


      Oh, my bad, I don't want you guys to dislike him I'm just saying that you should just leave a neg rep if you're bothered by him instead of replying to the thread. Sorry if I made it sounds like that :unsure:

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  4. Once upon a time there was a baby juggernaut names Little Mo. He was hating inappropriate content because he
  5. Looking for fellow members to play skyforge with:


    1. Menchrese


      I've got an account level 50 there 

    2. shadowxxs77


      Awesome, would you like to join us?

    3. BionicReaper


      He must have mistaken because afaik there no levels

  6. Just a grain of sand in a desert full of people hyped for Battleforge

  7. Cant understand anything, sounds good tho 6,5/10
  8. If Jugger deserves promo all the t3 pure cards xl units deserve promo= Avatar of frost, Abysall warder and Sataniel
  9. IGN: shadowxxs77 Role: Anything Region: Euw
  10. Guys all the status feeds we post now will probably be in the last 100 status feeds before the game got launched! HYPE


    1. veryhasted


      Inb4 I make 100 status feeds just to prove you wrong :kappa: 

    2. alex33399
  11. Waiting for battleforge while being bored to death, lets rewatch all the battleforge video's again!

    1. shadowxxs77


      Send me names and I will watch them :D


    2. Ultrakool



      Check out the playlist, everything is there, and I mean EVERYTHING.

    3. shadowxxs77


      Seen all of them already expect the wrathgazer and a few tutorials :D anyway thnxs! ^^

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  12. Promo easter egg boys or abyss walker, prefer easter eggs though
  13. Lookimg for a future pvp player for 2v2's ^^


    1. Ultrakool


      what was/will be your preferred deck? Can you tell me something about play style? We'll try it out when the game starts thats for sure ! Just if you can give me some info. I played fire nature before. Right now I'm thinking about getting into nature-frost Play style depends, but i try to outpower them by making efficient trades, cc, not t2 rush. rather well than an orb.

    2. shadowxxs77


      I played pure fire and usually played with my friend 2v2 pure frost and pure fire combo (wildfire+coldsnap etc...) anyway im think about playing lost soul but im gonna let rng jesus decide and play the element of the first card I get in my first bootster pack :D


      Owh and I always tried to get t3 since it was more fun then tryhard rushing


    3. Ultrakool


      Do you have Skype?

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