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  1. I found some units that are missing there: Fire: Thugs, Scavenger, Warlock, Nomad Twilight: Twilight creeper Bandits: The Overlord of the Bandits (dont know the real name) Guess the rest is complete, but maybe missing some more of the AI-only-creatures.
  2. Today (13.09.2016) is the positive thinking day skylords (and skyladies), so BFR will be playable for or of us people. We lived nearly 3years without our favorite drug: Battleforge. Lets hold out a bit more, soon we weill rescue the world of Nyn again! HYPE :D


    1. anonyme0273


      And Skythings... 

      <3 :bf: I approve of that message 

    2. Deadman


      The Ultimate WaterMelon OverLord approves of this message. 

    3. Ladadoos
  3. I watched the stream again and yea now i understand. For those people who are wondering which sword was mentioned in the stream, you can check it out here
  4. I don't know if you watched the stream, but they said something about your sword. They said that it was a really close call, and that it kinda not fits the contest or something (I might have misunderstood that). Basically they said that the next contest, there will be a category for cosplay, where your sword fits... so still well done, and maybe nexttime. well yea, maybe i missed that too, when they talked about it, but well i wont complain anymore about it, good work though from all those winners
  5. Nice job to the winners, well deserved... But still im depressed, entered 2 weeks ago, you could have told me that the sword doesnt count for FanArt. But now i was full of hope especially as you said that there are not 3 winners but 5.
  6. Congrats to the winners, have fun in the forge :)

  7. Wow that was close, finished my work for the BFR Contest 2 weeks ago and now the contest is closed :o:o:o

    I wish all participants good luck and see you in the forge skylords :)

    1. Ultrakool


      Good luck, let's hope all that hard work paid off.

    2. Strek0za


      I feel you. I was to lazy to make some photos of the bow, but managed to enter the contest.

  8. maybe @Lukaznid can help you. he uses photoshop and stuff like that a lot... Sadly i cant help you sorry
  9. ouh ouh ouh, 3pm that means i have to wake up early, ill need an extra alarm clock Im so excited The is REAL!
  10. No mans sky is really going downward. what a shame after such a hype. This wont happen to Battleforge Reborn! The Hype is real guys :D

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    2. Deadman


      No Man's Sky? More like No Man Buy.

    3. Lumix


      It's hard to lose 90% of players after 2 weeks :lol: Maybe only the developers play it :D

    4. Drifter


      @Lumix It's what they deserve for major misadvertising :D

  11. Already invested 18Hours into my work for the BFR Contest, lets see if i can finish it soon :D

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    2. Riviute


      Im going to participate in the FanArt, but its nothing painted. Just have to find a way to varnishing it then i will upload it. The rest is a surprise ;)

    3. Eirias


      Oh, are you a woodcarver? That's pretty awesome. I dabble a bit in woodcarving myself!

    4. Riviute
  12. Keep the :hype: up guys, Battleforge Reborn will come :) Just stay patient, cause you were able to live without battleforge since 31.10.2013., so nearly 3 Years, so you will be able to wait a bit longer. Sooner or later, we all will  be back in the forge. :hypetrain:

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    2. Riviute


      In pvp one the skylords has always to be rekt, that cant happen in good ol pve :). (but well, sometimes you got trolls who try to kill you in pve with altar of chaos or something like this...)

    3. Ultrakool


      We should totally try to play pvp in pve just for fun :P

      Whoever loses a monument first loses

    4. Riviute


      Bad Harvest battle royal! The winner takes all the upgrades... :D

  13. my left ring finger got badly hurt today at work, i cant nearly play any games with that swollen finger :'(

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    2. Deadman


      Man I wouldn't want to be you, but you enjoy the game and I don't. 

    3. VeriiMoney


      Haha, i've stopped playing handball for a half year now, gotta focus on my education as blacksmith 

    4. Deadman


      Well good luck with it, I want to be a police officer, and not for guns, cause police in England don't get guns.

  14. just make a screenshot it, than paste it into paint, cut it out, save it and then post it and im pretty sure that it should be called "Cute but evil"
  15. yea i got monster hunter generations, it came today :)

  16. btw if you got time, maybe you can find out a good farming armor for me, remember, whim, fastgather and gathering ;)

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    2. EonBen


      Hawkhat X
      Hawksuit X
      Chakra Bracelet
      Hawkcoil X
      Chakra Anklet
      8x Blessing Jewel 1
      6x Gathering Jwl 1
      5x Spree Jewel 1

      (also uses 3 slot weapon)

    3. Riviute


      so the charm just need to has 3 slots?

    4. EonBen



      yeah (sorry for the kinda late answer as you're already heading to bed)


  17. Greetigns skylord :) heres now my idea about that signature for myself, where you wanted to help me with your photoshop skills :D first of all the background should be shadow (cause it was my main faction) in the front pls at the left this pic of riviute riviute.png

    and in the right a mutating frenzy, if you could make that, it will be damn awesome, the mutating frenzy maybe mirror him, that he looks to the left then :)

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    2. Lukaznid



      Waiting for adjustments

    3. Riviute


      wow, this looks already amazing man :D good job, i dont think that you have to change something about that :) really big thanks to you skylord

    4. Lukaznid


      You're welcome :)

  18. well i would like to see a promo spirit ship, cause everybody loved the spiritships for battlegrounds for twilight maybe the skycatcher or an abomination bandits, have some nice cards, but i guess the bloodhorn is the most popular
  19. I see the dogs and i throw a bone away so the dogs try to find it. Than i headbutt you and you forget why youre there and just go away. Now i own the hill. Now theres a worldbreaker gun on top of the hill.
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