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  1. Neox

    Local Recipes

    I love this thread, I will be trying some cool recipes soon Something I like to bake is a little cake with some special ingredients
  2. For everyone like me who has finals right now, good luck!

  3. This is me I'm a fun guy and I love tacos
  4. They all look cool But The first one could use a different font, for now I read Skyloros I would vote for the second one if the text was actually readable... I would like to see how the third is completely finished but for now I won't vote... Although great job by all three designers! Lots of respect
  5. Neox


    No it lost its charm
  6. Well, the New Year begins. We will, together, MAKE BATTLEFORGE GREAT AGAIN!

    1. anonyme0273


      Trump inauguration - 13 days.

      BF release - read the FAQ :kappa: 

    2. chargeR


      Donald @fiki574 approves xD

  7. My friend had the exact same And when you play a new game for the very first time and lose to bots... You just know nope not my game.
  8. because of the power well? or am I missing something?
  9. The official language is English only on this forum :/
  10. I remember when some sort of hacks came out and suddently people did the RPVE in a matter of seconds
  11. you should keep updating the dev.bfreborn page


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    2. Kiwi


      I also understand marketing and advertising and have experience in this over a period of around 6 or more years but now isn't the time for such a thing until the game is 100% back, there is no need to market a game and disapoint people when it isn't in full release, we also currently have no funds to do such a thing I am working on small projects in the background as we speak. As soon as things are fully up and running I will put them into place don't worry about that. Sadly only developers have access to the Devplatform otherwise I would gladly update it just like I do my thread. I hope this helps and thanks for sharing your opinion we take it on board just please try to remember we don't get paid for this and we do it in our spare time. Welcome to the forums and we all look forward to seeing you in the forge soon! :)

    3. Neox


      There's always a chance to overhype a game(such as no man's sky) so maybe it's for the best :) 

      See you on the forge! 


    4. Sykole


      Can we all appreciate me for a second? :kappaross:

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