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  1. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Kapo in Iron League - Tutorial Deck Runs   
    Hey guys!
    The tutorial deck (TD) is growing more and more on me. Again on the stream yesterday - as always - someone mentioned that all Expert maps have been completed with the TD. (In the coming weeks (and months?) I will start to try for myself. )

    I'm still thinking - is this true though? You find _some_ old runs, but surely not for all of the maps. So, it would be very kind if some of you who have been more active in the EA era can point to some links, maybe there are some old replays... Just link them please 😃
    TD Encounters With Twilight.pmv
  2. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Donaar in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    I improved my record for Insane God Solo- 8.30.4

  3. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    New time for rPvE 10 1player 

  4. Volin liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in Pure frost RPVE 9   
    Hey Krasy, Your t1 is in both decks perfect. Mountaineers is mainly a personal preference. Alternatives could be War eagle or Stormsinger. On t3 I experienced that 1 unit is overall enough, especially with spell support. My choice would be the Core Dredge, but Avatar works too. Shrine of Martyrs should be an auto-include in a pure frost deck with freeze spells. On t4 you run 4 different units. I would cut battleship as it feels a bit out of place, I would pair it more with a construct deck. I wouldn't run Amii Monument -> Regrowth. The sustain you got from the Dreadnought + all the shields will 9 out of 10 times be enough. Because the deck is also more on the side of creature heavy, the power you spend on Amii Monument would be kind of a waste as it basically blocks the same amount of power as a Ironclad does. 
    Depending on charges, you can also choose to add the other Ironclad as those, besides spells, are you most reliable damage
    For the Winter witch, do not spam those, 3 should be enough at all times. 
  5. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Kapo in Targeted spell at portrait   
    If I select two (or more) units, on the right I see the units as small portraits, and cast targeted spells on them.
    But if you only select one unit and the portrait gets big, you cant cast spells on that "picture". Can this be consolidated so the big portrait can be used as a target for spells too?
  6. Nyakyua liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    New time for Treasure Fleet expert Dutchy: 14.49.00

  7. Hirooo liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    New time for Treasure Fleet expert Dutchy: 14.49.00

  8. arabikaa liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    New time for Treasure Fleet expert Dutchy: 14.49.00

  9. Volin liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    New time for Treasure Fleet expert Dutchy: 14.49.00

  10. RadicalX liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    New time for Treasure Fleet expert Dutchy: 14.49.00

  11. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Majora in Official PvP Rookie Contest#1 Clashes of Swords - 08.10.2021   
    Regarding the free PvP decks:

    Every week you can select up to two decks that are fully upgraded and can compete in the PvP meta. For our new players, here is a quick recap:
    - Select the sword on the top right of the menu to select your 2 free PvP decks.
    - Free PvP decks are fully upgraded decks, that can only be used in PvP. 
    - You can select two new decks every week, if you want to switch things up.
    - You can freely swap around cards in those decks with cards in your collection to customize the decks to your liking. You can do this by clicking the tab in your inventory on the top left (see the image).

    If you are a new player and have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. This tournament is for you, and we would gladly help you get started in PvP! 
  12. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Minashigo Hiko in Official PvP Rookie Contest#1 Clashes of Swords - 08.10.2021   
    Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings.

    It has been some time since the last event and now we are back!
    Welcome, to our first PvP Rookie Contest, where every participant gets a booster!

    What kind of event will it be?

    PvP 1vs1 - Rookie - Best of 3 (Bo3) - Double Elimination (format might change if enough participate)
    All Rookies from far and wide,
    are welcome to join us in a fight!
    We want to see you brawl, compete and maul,
    live on stage.. Fight them all.
    No real restrictions, not many rules.. Show us what you got and claim the pot.

    Join Toggy and Hiko this Friday afternoon, to the clashes of swords!

    When will it start?

    We are accepting entries until the start of the tournament (08.10.2021 18:00 CEST).
    We will stream the tournament on the official Twitch channel of Skylords Reborn.
    The stream will start 17:30 CEST.

    How can I participate?

    Since we already have some experience from past tournaments hosted by Toggy, we will also host this tournament on Challonge.
    You can register for the tournament there. You will also find the bracket on Challonge at the start of the tournament. Please use the name of your ingame account to speed up communication in finding your opponent

    What are the rules?

    The access to this tournament will be restricted to players only, who...
    ... are not pvp gold rank or above
    ... have a w/l ratio of below 60%
    ... feel like they are rookies
    Please note: this tournament is for our less experienced players, we will personally check the entries.
    No bug abuse, cheating or insulting other players. Penalties may vary from a warning to default loss.
      Disconnecting during a game results in a default loss. It is possible to have a remake, if both sides agree.
      Not showing up to your match after 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 mins.
      After your match, go to Challonge and insert the result. This is done by clicking on your match and selecting the winner/stats . The brackets will be updated automatically.
      Use your account name for the tournament. If your Challonge account differs from your Battleforge account name use the "Sign up with an alternate name" feature or change your name for the tournament in the settings. This will speed up finding your opponent. If you do not register for the tournament with your Battleforge name we can't find you for the prizes! 
       You follow all restrictions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Map Pool!

    The first match of every round will be played on the following fixed maps, after that it is the losers choice.
    1st Round:  Haladur 2nd Round: Simai 3rd Round:  Elyon 4th Round:  Lajesh 5th Round:  Uro 6th Round:  Yrmia 7th Round: Haladur 8th Round: Simai 9th Round: Elyon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Sounds fun! What's the prize pool?

    The following prize pool will be adjusted according to the amount of participants:

    1st place                12 general Booster packs
    2nd place              10 general Booster packs
    3rd place               8 general Booster packs
    4th-6th place        6 general Booster packs
    7th-9th place        4 general Booster packs
    10th-12th place    2 general Booster packs
    participation         1 general Booster pack

    In conclusion

    This event is a simple Rookie 1vs1 Tournament with basic rules.
    Your Event Mods will be: DutchyDutchy and DDrazard

    To summarize everything:
    You have to signup on Challonge before the start of the Tournament to be able to participate. Please use your ingame account name on Challonge. You have to play the first match of each Bo3 on the associated map of the Map Pool. Keep in mind, that everyone plays a minimum of two Bo3's (Double Elimination) We will stream some of your games on Twitch. The stream will start 30 minutes before the start of the tournament.
    Future events
    If you are interested in helping with these kind of events for the community, or want to host one yourself, don't be afraid and simply reach out!
    Send me a PM on the forum, or direct message via Discord (Minashigo Hiko#1126).
    We are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring your prize pool!
    We hope you have a lot of fun with this event and are looking forward to casting your games!
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Best regards,
    Skylords Reborn Team and Toggy
  13. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Majora in Community Update #12 - October 2nd 2021   
    I checked with the team: standard advanced and expert 
  14. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Bini Inibitor in Community Update #12 - October 2nd 2021   
    Given you have to cope with degenerates like me, that sounds like a lie. 🍆
  15. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Zyna in Skylords Reborn: Open Staff Positions   
    - Added Global Moderator role.
  16. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Majora in Community Update #12 - October 2nd 2021   
    Greetings Skylords!

    It's been three weeks since our last community update so it's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn!

    Adding new voice-lines into the game
    In our last Community Update we made our new Sounds Converter open source in the hopes of improving the sound quality for adding new voice-lines and sounds into the game. 
    We are happy to tell you we discovered a different, albeit non-optimal, conversion method. Using this new method, we are able to convert certain files in the mp3 format into the snr format required by the game. This allows us to improve the sound quality to a state where we start to feel confident in adding new voice-lines into the game, especially for our upcoming new cards.
    There are still a few things to figure out, for example the fact that some sounds are hardcoded into unit models, or how some special voice-lines are triggered. For the former, we are still in need for volunteers for the "3D Tool Developer" role.
    However, in the following weeks you can expect a post asking for volunteer voice actors. If you want to make your mark on the Skylords Reborn legacy, this is definitely one way to do so! We will be in need of both male and female voice actors, and will share more info on how to apply soon.  
    Open Sourcing effect editor
    After our success with open sourcing the Sound Converter, we will now also be open sourcing the Special Effect Editor. As mentioned in a previous Community Update, with this tool we are able to edit the special effects of BattleForge and create new ones from scratch. This is particularly useful for spells, since they are for the majority special effects. Many units also have special effects on their models though, like the flames of Batariel or the frosty cold effect emitted from Frost Mage.
    If you want to give it a try or contribute, you can find detailed instructions how you can get started here. You can compile the tool yourself, or just download it here.
    If you feel like you got some cool results, please reach out to us. We are looking for some volenteers to help us out with the effects for new cards. 

    An update on Defence RPvE
    As we mentioned in a previous Community Update, multiple game modes are currently in development. One of them is Defence RPvE. Instead of the normal RPvE where you attack to clear the map of enemies within the time limit, here you have to defend waves of enemies. 
    We are not ready to release this game mode, since there is still a lot of work to be done.  However, since a lot of people are curious about how it will work, we figured to give you a glimpse of what the mode will look like. Keep in mind these features and mechanics might still change in the future. 
    DRPvE will be playable by 1 to 4 players. It's a co-op scenario where you will all work towards the same goal. If you play alone or with 2 players, the other spots will not get enemy waves. 
    You play against one of the 8 enemy factions, randomly chosen. Each of those factions has one custom final boss. For each phase, 3 out of 5 units are randomly chosen from the available options for that faction. This means that even if you play against the same faction twice, you might have a different experience on both runs.  
    There are 4 phases of enemy attackers, with each phase being concluded by a mini-boss. At this point the current wall will be destroyed and you will unlock the next tech-tier. During the small break you can advance to the next wall and build up new defences. 
    Each player will also have a switch that can be activated as soon as the mini-boss of the current phase has been spawned. If all players press it, the new phase starts immediately, allowing different timings of RPvE runs. 
    Each position/lane (see the picture) gets a free unit or units at phase 2. 
    Optional objectives
    - There are 2 guarded shrines that cast spells to defend themselves. Destroying those will reward you with global buffs and energy.
    - There are 4 bases, one for each of the dual color factions. Defeating those will reward you a free unit of the corresponding faction. 
    Below you can see the map. You spawn at the bottom, and slowly make your way to higher placed defence positions. 

    As mentioned before, we are still hard at work on this game mode. We are currently working on the bosses for this mode and are in need of a Map Artist to work on the look and feel of the map. If you want to help, please reach out to us!
    We are curious what you think so far, so please let us know in the comments. 
    Tournaments & Events
    • FINISHED: Skylords Open #11
    Last week marked the return of the Skylords Open, with its 11th edition. This was the first 1vs1 tournament since the big balance patch, so if you are interested in PvP (or want to see tier 4 in a pvp tournament!) be sure to rewatch the stream. 
    • NEW: Upcoming tournament
    Our event manager is currently planning the next tournament but details were not finished in time for this community update. Please keep an eye on our forums in the coming days for the announcement. 
    • Host your own event / tournament
    Want to host a tournament or event? Please reach out to our Event Organizer Hiko to have your event prizes sponsored by us. If you have a cool idea for a PvE event, or want to host a PvP tournament, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we will gladly assist you. 
    New Team Members / Open Positions
    We are developing exciting new cards and game modes, but we would love to speed up the progress. If you want to help, we would love to have you on our team.  
    Below are three roles highlighted, but you can find more information, desired traits and all our open positions here. If you are unsure if you qualify, please reach out and have a talk!
    Open Position - Global Moderator
    As a Global Moderator, you are at the highest level of moderation and responsible to moderate and help players on multiple platforms. In this position you are expected to have a good grasp of how moderation works and how to handle sensitive data that you will receive access to in order to perform required moderation tasks. You will be responsible to moderate the forums, process Discord tickets from our Discord bot, answer moderation questions that come to us via e-mail and handle in-game reports. To support you with this, you will work closely with several of our internal moderation tools. Next to this, you will have the chance to shape our moderation tool that is being developed by our web developers by discussing workflow and feature improvements with them.

    Open Position - Map Developer
    As a map developer you are responsible to script new official maps or alter scripts of existing maps as a cause of map balance updates. BattleForge maps are created using the BattleForge map editor and the scripts are written in LUA.

    Open Position - Map Designer
    As a map designer you are responsible to design the gameplay experience of a map from start to finish. This includes make a rough proposal for the layout and feeling of a map, design the story and goals of the map etc.

    In Conclusion
    We hope you liked this Community Update, thanks for reading! 

    Here is a scratch code you can redeem in-game for a mini booster: COMM-UNIT-YNEW-S012
    The code is valid till October 23rd. 
    We will update you again on October 23rd.
    As always, we are open to feedback so please let us know! 
    Community Update #9
    Community Update #10
    Community Update #11
  17. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by RookieN in Restoring Lyr - Need play testing and feedback - UPDATE 2.2 Out!   
    Wow.. Might sound weird but this means alot to me actually, and i mean ALOT. Like many others this was a childhood game and now be able to give something back for a game that we loved and love 🙂 feels amazing. To see other people enjoy something myself have created too.  Thank you for your nice comments and feedback Dutchy and to ALL others who helped me with feedback. stay safe skylords 😉
  18. RookieN liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in Restoring Lyr - Need play testing and feedback - UPDATE 2.2 Out!   
    This map is so close to amazing. Really! Just the final touches and it will be comparable with the existing maps, if not better then some.
  19. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by RookieN in Restoring Lyr - Need play testing and feedback - UPDATE 2.2 Out!   
    Thanks for all the tips and feedback, thought i fixed the wave script up north, need to look at it again. Yeah there are alot of bad choices done i notice now after, but all this is good for learning since its my first time ever. So its great practice to try and figure out how to solve these problems 🙂 But will try to make it as best as i can, next map will sure be better planned, but i dont wanna give up on this one 😄
  20. RookieN liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in Restoring Lyr - Need play testing and feedback - UPDATE 2.2 Out!   
    Hey RookieN, I just did the map on expert a few times with Arabika, and the map felt different than the last time I played it, which is good, as it was more of a challenge. However, we collected a few points that stood out to us when we theory crafted on how to beat the map and when we actually played it. 
    - The walls. Because you can fly over some walls, the units will rocket into space, which makes them difficult to control. this is especially notifiable at the bottom entrance of the top left A.  I do not mean you can cross a wall, but more on the sides. 
    - Because the camps are filled with high difficult enemies, the easiest strategy is to wait for a huge army. Because there is no real timer to make you rush the camps. The only real limit are the charges. (FYI, The topside was done with pure fire)
    - We felt like there needs to be more pressure on the player on the top side, as he can basically wait for power for 20 minutes without getting punished. Maybe some patrolling waves could spawn every few minutes that gets stronger each time. 
    - The Bottom is super easy to defend until minute 24, when the abomination spawns. Before that you can easily wait for power and defend with a rioters retreat and commandos. and later on with 1 or 2 necroblasters. 
    - The final wave at the top right seems not complete. There were 2 waves and then the attacks stopped, which felt very underwhelming as you have to wait 3 minutes for nothing. Either make 1 big wave and no timer, or have constant waves for 5 minutes. 
    - Which the top defense for 5 minutes, the bottom is doing basically nothing. After the top timer has run out, the top is doing nothing anymore. Of course, you could bring your units down to the bottom after, but that would make, even on expert, the ending way too easy. We thought that maybe the top timer and the last bottom wave could happen simultaneously. 
    - This map feels like a t4 less map. Without Amii monument, you will need to do 95% of the map pre t4. Of course, this is not a bad thing, but it seems weird you get t4 so late when you barely use it for anything. 
    - A small bug we found, after we killed an A camp, it was still shown on the mini map until all of the camps are killed, which could lead to some confusion. 
    - Obvious map abuses and "dirty" tactics: The cliffs are all really thin. With a combination of undead army and Scyth Fiends, you an get to the last 2 orbs without any problems. Maybe you could make that wall more thicker so this would not be possible. 
    Another cheap trick would be to use white rangers and go underneath the camps and kill them with their ability. Because the first two A-camps are in the form of a C, they will not walk towards you and attack,  but stay stuck inside the camp. 
  21. Dallarian liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in looking to open thread on community advice   
    If you want to test some cards, you can play them from the auction house into the forge. There is also the option to play on the test server. Here you have access to every card and every upgrade. 
    If you want to play on the test server, please start the SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe, to ensure you have the most recent version, and then close the updater. Then navigate to your BattleForge installation folder, and start the "LauncherTest.exe".
    Hopefully this helps you. 
  22. RookieN liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in Restoring Lyr - Need play testing and feedback - UPDATE 2.2 Out!   
    Yes, but I played both expert and advanced before the last update haha (last wednesday). I will try again somewhere upcoming week.
  23. RookieN liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in Restoring Lyr - Need play testing and feedback - UPDATE 2.2 Out!   
    The way it felt with the 2 games I played, it was about advanced difficulty. On expert I wouldn't say we need more difficult waves, but more waving overall with less downtime between them. for example, not waiting till the previous wave is ll dealt with, but non stop waves ( or almost). 
  24. RookieN liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in Restoring Lyr - Need play testing and feedback - UPDATE 2.2 Out!   
    I noticed the expert was the same as advanced when I tried it 😛 . What difficulty do you target with the current balancing?
  25. Majora liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in The Skylords Open #11 26.09.21   
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