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  1. Heads up: Spawning discounted units (via breeding grounds, and probably also for similar effects) appears to not discount the score of the unit (at least on ultralord's website). That is, spawning a 100-cost unit inside breeding grounds' 25% reduction zone, thus spending 75 power, ends up giving your replay +100*2=+200 points, rather than the discounted +75*2=+150 points. Not sure if this is an oversight in the way the website counts points, or if it's intended (i.e. score is deliberately based on the card cost rather than actual power spent), but it may be good to clear this up sinc
  2. Really loving the new patch! I dropped a voice actor application. Sounds like an easy way to help out 😄 "A new frost skylord" hmm...is rogan kayle retiring? 👀
  3. Really love the patch! I've been putting the new abyssal warder in every deck it fits into because the new "recombine" mechanic is so much FUN to play with -- great job, whoever came up with that idea! Nature rPvE feels challenging, but not so hard it's unbeatable (lost souls still feels more brutal, in my opinion.) I like it! Only one thing to complain about, is the spawner building is hard to spot at first glance. It feels like the colors of it kinda blend in with the surrounding units/buildings/environment. Maybe it's a matter of not having gotten used to it yet 🙂 But if more p
  4. Would it be a lot of dev work to implement something like a solo queue for 2v2? (and/or is it perhaps on the list of things to do already?) What i mean is something like you queue up alone the system matches you with three other players who queued up alone (four total in the match, including you) the system assigns the four players to their teams, trying to keep the teammate-sum-ELO-rating as close as possible between both sides (so the two players with highest rating won't be on the same team vs the two lowest) the game begins and you play I
  5. Oh i just loaded the magma hurler photo into GIMP and adjusted the hue 🙂 In gimp you can find it in the top drop-down menus: Colors > Hue-Saturation > drag the hue slider to rotate the image's colors. I'm sure photoshop (or whichever image manipulation software you favour) has an equivalent feature -- if not, gimp is open source and free to download here.
  6. That sand worm idea is really cool! The Endless Stomach mechanic might be a bit unreliable if it's used in conjunction with other units though (other units might steal the killing blow and screw your worm's durability.) Maybe something like an "execute" mechanic could help in this regard -- imagine the worm deals 2x damage if the target has less than a certain amount of HP (e.g. if the worm does 500 damage per hit, and the target is at or below 1000 health, the worm would do 2x500=1000 damage instead, thus giving it a much greater chance of actually benefiting from its passive ability). Would
  7. Nature needs some love. (card art was generated by stable diffusion, so they might have copyright i'm not sure) --- Bush Men (T2 N at 65 Power) --- A sneaky unit that excels at sticking to and taking down single priority targets. In particular, the 'ambush' function allows them to stick to flying units, thus covering up a much needed and heavily abusable "hole" in early nature's tool kit. Giving it a damage bonus versus beasts (or possibly dragonkin, since they're lizard-like) would fit with the theme of a wilderness hunter type unit, but it probably has enough utility/usefulnes
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