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  1. Every day after the work im checking out the BFR Forum. Any News? Hmmm maybe no update but tons of notifications and new topics. There is so much going on in this forum. Keep up the activity guys, together WE WILL KILL THE TIME UNTIL THE RELEASE! :hype:

  2. There shall be yet another stream tonight ladies and gents, prepare yourselves! https://www.twitch.tv/battleforgereborn

  3. Looks like the status updates have finally calmed down a bit :P

  4. Anybody who's jealous of the ones with beta access. You don't need to be as currently our time is spent like this:

    20% disconnecting
    20% waiting for server to restart
    20% reconnecting
    15% freezing then crashing
    10% restarting the game
    9% chatting with the devs
    1% playing


    1. Ladadoos


      And a few % is laughing at someone who is already a member of team 7 :kappa: 

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  5. Today (13.09.2016) is the positive thinking day skylords (and skyladies), so BFR will be playable for or of us people. We lived nearly 3years without our favorite drug: Battleforge. Lets hold out a bit more, soon we weill rescue the world of Nyn again! HYPE :D


  6. 1. I woke up.

    2. I got Beta

    3. Played BFR for hours

    Not in this exact order, but this order, 2,3,1

  7. Thank you for making me this amazing profile picture :o<3

  8. So many new topics and status updates? Kinda feels like Christmas! Keep up the hype guys!

  9. waiting for the Beta

  10. Still hyped for BATTLEFORGE Reborn!

  11. We are gathered here today to witness the end of the master purple race. We shall never be forgotten. :(

  12. WTT Northguards for Promo Mo.

  13. RngJesus, here my prayers! :watermelon::ladadoos:

  14. Congratz community for breaking the previous record on most users online on the forum, new record is 257 users at the same time. Good job :gem:

  15. I did not realize that the forum was a thing here.... I feel retarded :P

  16. I did not realize that the forum was a thing here.... I feel retarded :P

  17. Oh no! A salty Mo stopped hype the train! :salt::mo::kaboom::hypetrain: 

  18. Only 13.5h left until the stream! :hype:

  19. game features now 55% XD :hype:

  20. And the Game Features just dropped by 35%. The non believers are gonna strike again...

    1. Ladadoos


      This status update is for sure going to confuse people...

    2. (See 13 other replies to this status update)

  21. 35% jump in game features?


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