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  1. Some friends of mine keep insisting that I get it, but personally I have my doubts. Not due to the fact that it's an Early Access game, but simply because of the fact that it looks so generic. I mean with so many MOBA's that are already out there, this game seems incomplete. I know it's supposed to be like a MOBA but without the farming and stuff, but it really keeps me away from buying a game that I might not like due to the amount of MOBA's I already play :3
  2. My name would have to be Eowyn Cloud if everything's correct :3 I was born and still live in Belgium. The Northern part that speaks Dutch Strangely enough I also happen to live ON the border with The Netherlands, and I'm also half Netherlands, so you could say I am the perfect crossblooded Dutchman Last time I remember playing BF would have to be about..... 2-3 years before the closing of the game? I do remember that this was one of the few EA games I dare admit that I loved. The other 2 being Mass Effect (which is technically Bioware, but EA fucked up the 3rd one) and Battl
  3. I did not realize that the forum was a thing here.... I feel retarded :P

    1. Ladadoos


      Welcome, in that case :bf: 

    2. Eowyn Cloud

      Eowyn Cloud

      Thanks :P I have been checking the Dev Platform and never noticed the Forum next to it xD

    3. Ladadoos
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