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  1. This bug was prevalent in the game pre-shutdown. Would happen fairly often in rPvE.
  2. I had same issue, May be worth noting that i changed the graphics setting at the login screen before logging in. A simple close and reopen fixed this issue for me.
  3. Same question as "Which is stronger, Rock Paper or Scissors?" In all fairness, in T1 it mainly comes down to skill level as it is fairly well balanced. Check out this thread for more detail on weakness and strengths of certain decks and colours. There is a whole PvP subforum dedicated to threads like this
  4. As much as your signature kills me inside... your a good man.
  5. Gonna be honest, the 4 basic elements.. Yes Lost souls and Stonekin... Yes The twilight one... I'm just not feeling it. Let me elaborate and turn it into constructive criticism. I'm not a hater but I believe you would wan honest criticism. For me it doesn't identify with any factor that the twilight faction represents. I don't feel it relates to twilight. It just doesn't click for me like the other symbols do. The link just isn't there Just my opinion.
  6. Bandit or souls could possibly be a skull Skull and crossbones for bandits? or even the renegade logo? amii edition card logo for lost souls? or even the lost souls logo Twilight could even have the twilight edition card logo Not very original i know but could form the basis for inspiration. Stonekin.... idk. MAybe a picture of a diamond or something? (reflection of adamant skin?)
  7. Do you mean like a simple logo representing the factions? Something very very simple knocked up in paint in a couple of mins. The dual colour factions could be interesting
  8. They have the exact same model & animations. Stone tempest is just a reskin.
  9. Think of it as 'useful' Its a very potent card and the reality is that in a high level rpve game, this card is a staple. It's very risky to use in 2v2 (using this in 1v1 is not viable on an even skill level) Binding 150 power and ensuring it survives for the duration of the build time (no idea how long that is) and then 60 seconds for the ability cooldown and then killing enough units to make it worth using can be extremely hard to pull off at the power disadvantage you put yourself in. If you can easily do this then you have already won the match and there are better options to end the game quickly. When asking if a card is OP the first argument (like it or not) is always whether it is majorly affecting the pvp balance. If not, does the card have a game breaking effect on pve? If it is blatantly overpowered (LSS anyone?) then yes it may end up on a watchlist. At the end of the day, if the pvp balance is not affected, there would need to be a large outcry from the community to get the card considered for balancing. Was SoW on the watchlist at one point? Seem to have a vague memory of it for some reason. if anyone knows it would be @Treim
  10. 1 - No, its a global effect and team mates also benefit from it. 2 - Every unit (squads such as windweavers, master archers etc count as one unit) you kill while the ability is active will transfer the percentage (12% when fully upgraded) 3 - You manually activate the ability (60 second cooldown after building. can be reused every 60 seconds)
  11. This is actually on @MrXLink's steam wishlist....
  12. Currently addicted to Killing Floor 2 Anybody else play it?
  13. come on guys i tried giving up the memelife... appealing to a suppressed area of my mind **edit: posted in wrong thread fml**
  14. sexy you mate

    1. SpiritOfTheAbyss


      sorry, i have a girlfriend

    2. anonyme0273


      I laughed at that more than I should :D

    3. Lukaznid


      That response was perfect!

  15. Should send me a sample and let me be the judge.
  16. wants me to stroke that fro... I must say, i do feel obliged to.
  17. [quote='ladadoos' pid='6637' dateline='1437139066'] ninja'd me [/quote] I remember this guy... ^_^
  18. [quote='MephistoRoss' pid='2284' dateline='1435429736'] [quote='Alendorf' pid='2283' dateline='1435429571'] wish granted but you don't have water around you too and you die... I wish i have a husky (dog) =D [/quote] Granted, but you will get 101 of them. I wish I wasn't bored. [/quote] Granted, but you're so busy you never get to play BF again. I wish no-one would corrupt my wish...
  19. I used to use the name Necro as my alias for a number of things. (the reason behind that is a fetish i have towards necrophilia) When i signed up to BF i saw that Necro was taken so i went on a little rage and started saying hmm some other guy took my name the spaz... yeaa the necrospaz... then thought, actually i like the sound of that, so i took it.
  20. Should pass me some when he finds out what it is.
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