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    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    Amii monument vote ended with 4 green to 0 red from community representatives for the following sugesstion: Vote : Change amii monument build cost to 325 make it untradeble and give it out as a achivement for complete all maps on expert. There also was the options 300 cost and 350 cost. And not to make it an achivement but let it a normal card. We wanted to make it close to as expensive as a normal monument and let it be a achivement witch you have to proove to be worthy first first and give a incentive to complete all missions. The public vote majority voted for 350 cost with 32 green 18 red. And 35 red 32 green for the Achivement status. You will now have the oppertunity to say your opinion on the proposal here in the forum. Kind regards
  2. Karl Lavafeld

    A serious concern

    1 I disagree pvp is only appeal. Atm we have a growing map making community that creates new content. 2 the reason that many not play pvp is not that u get cards to slow but there are too less low elo enemy's. And starting VS veterans is painful. 3 u not need all cards to play pvp just one deck, and you should be able to get a decent starting deck after idk... one month?! 4 real money is our of discussion, cause the game is not property of Sr. 5 I hope that the planed achievements system give an early boost of cards. @Ultrakool We didn't here something of the achievementsystem since ages. Would be awesome if we could get an update on this. Kind Regards
  3. Karl Lavafeld

    Search for good community maps

    Here is a Playlist for YouTube. Kind regards
  4. The main inspiration is rpg s in general. Or f.e. war craft 3 rpg custom maps. keep on , you can do it. try other tactic. Kind regards
  5. Regarding the tw fraction ability most likely they will be only able to adjust transformationcost and values of the effect (F. E. tw-minions gets higher damage buff percentage ) , with what it would be allready possible to achieve better balance between fraction abilitys.
  6. For the transformationcost u only get the transformationability. it's the only thing twilight has, and it's not even cheap. U only save a deckslots for spells that u don't need cause u have the ability. But unfortunately No ability is good enough to substitute the real spells u need. F. E. Oink, regrowth... Kind Regards
  7. The units are not unbound. If they would the ability would be strong. Recheck in F. E. Communitysmithy. It's easy to check if u kill a transformed unit u ll get void. The units bind as much power as the unit would cost if u would have summoned it normal. I suggest that twilight transformation includes a discount like breeding grounds. So you save a deck slot and its at least not worse transforming units instead of killing the old and spawning new one at breading grounds.
  8. Karl Lavafeld

    PVP Deathmatch

    I tryed, isn't possible. At least not without much effort. And maybe the gameplay wouldn't be fun. The main thing might be who gets ganked by multiple players the least.
  9. Karl Lavafeld

    2v2 Troll-nament

    is the saboteur allowed to attack te other saboteur? i d say better not. maybe just ban nasty and decomposer instead of ban shaddow in general. maybe also better play it on 3vs3 maps cause saboteur could just do nothing else then taking wells and orbs to deny the player to take wells and go t3.
  10. Karl Lavafeld

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    @MrXLink Bfp per min is awesome but IMHO you should also add gold per min playtime for communitymaps and pvp or I still have to farm gold in maps that I not wanna play anymore. Pls not force me to farm Gol, Soultree or rpve over and over again. :-) Your bfp gain is only half of the real deal to the way to make all game modes worth playing. Bring to an end what you started. Check it's a communitymap or pvp then activate extra gold over time gain. Use same system like bfp. Just have to choose the gold gain rate. Communitymaps have unlimited potential and content and you not have work creating them. Kind regards
  11. Karl Lavafeld

    PvP t4 fight

    Deathmatch arena is a t4 pvp map too and it can be fun.
  12. I found this in the depth of www and repost it here. Hope there is no similar thread existing allready. Some things might be outdated if so tell me then I ll change it. If you know more undocumented details post them in this thread. Kind regards Battleforge undocumented details * Frozen units only take 50% damage. * Corpses last on the ground for just-about 17 seconds. * Embalmer's Shrine, which makes corpses give more life points, does not help your enemies' corpse gathering, but it helps your allies. * Homesoiled units have their bonus for a little (about 2-3m) less than the max root link distance. BUFF STACKING * Damage buffs not stack only biggest buff is applied. * Damage reduction does stack until 90% is reached.The damage can further be increased by cards that say "the unit only takes x % damage" instead of the unit gets x % damage less. But not clear how this 2 different kinds of DISENCHANT (GREEN): It's Debuff-blocking allows you to use a unit's abilities under a Mark of the Keeper and also prevents Mind Control. ORBS: I also saw this conversation on bfcards: Kaldra: you know when you abort and not build orb you gain 75 power back? means you just waste 25 power... CARD RECHARGE RATE If you have no charges left on a card, its recharge time is equal to half of its cost in power or its stated recharge time, whichever is longer. Upgrades that reduce power cost can reduce recharge time in this way. Breeding grounds reduces not just the base cost, but the real cost of a unit. i.e. A drake is normally 100, with 90 going to void on death, with BG it is 70 with 63 going to void on death. ATTACK TYPE VS ENEMY SIZE I was amazed the first time I heard about paying attention to a unit's attack mode (Special, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) in regards to the opponents unit, as if they match said attacking unit will be dealing 150% damage (total. Meaning 100% + 50%). DAMAGE I wouldn't say it's not well known, but the damage number on a card is the amount it will do in 20 seconds of constant attacking. REGENERATION Regeneration stacking thread: link1 and link2 In short, wheel of Juvenesce stacks with any 1 (one) other form of regen Except Viridya. Any other regen combo actually cancels all regen. Nature affinity root nexus is notorious for this. * Strength and Resilience stack since the last patch; juves does not. WALLS Did you know you can shoot at buildings and XL units over walls? But not anything else? You can shoot at buildings and XL's through walls only if they were targeted before the gate was closed. Otherwise they will just shoot at the gate. BREEDING GROUNDS hmmm i believe breeding grounds work for allies but not sure if juice tank does Breeding Grounds does work for allies, but Juice Tank and Resource Booster do not. STAMPEDE * ground units can not pass over unused monument/well slots. obvious? yes! but why are these mos and juggernauts always ramming into my well/monument clusters, instead of stampeding alongside of them? if you want to destroy wells/monuments standing in a line, stampede parallel but very close to this line and destroy all of them (or at least get your stampede max dmg out) instead of running into it from the side, thus destroying only 1-2 wells. * XL units stampede S and M units, knocking them back and dealing 10 damage for each squad member. L units stampede S units, knocking them back and dealing 10 damage to each squad member. ** UPDATE 2009.11.06. ** MIND CONTROL PVE enemies are classed differently on each PVE map when it comes to mind control abilities. Some maps you can swap stonekin warriors, some you can't, some maps you can swap vilebloods/destroyers/horrors and some you can't. 2 good examples of this: Soultree all destroyers and horrors (at the beginning) can be swapped, but they cannot be swapped on Nightmare Shard (one of the first fights is against a horror). On Convoy all the stonekin warriors (the one's with charges) can be swapped, but on Soultree (on the path where you protect Viridya) they cannot. So in other words, just cause a mob can't be swapped on one map, you may want to test it on another, on many maps anything up to L is fair game for a swap, including rageflames/stonekin warriors/vilebloods/destroyers/horrors/aggressors/windhunters/alpha birds and I'm not sure on some of the bandit lieutenants, but I doubt any of them can be. This probably is also true for many creatures when it comes to parasite swarm, and amazon beast control. ** UPDATE 2009.11.09. ** RAGE *Like the fact that 'rage' makes an attacking unit build up attack power while attacking until it has 4x base damage. This resets after not attacking for 5 seconds. * It's 5 seconds for most cards, the only one I know of that is longer is the Fire Dragon at 10 seconds. ** UPDATE 2009.11.11. ** LEGENDARY UNITS * There can be 2 legendary units on the field, if they dont have the same upgrade level GRAVITY SURGE * Flying units under the effect of Gravity Surge (Tainted version) are not damaged by Aura of Corruption. MIND CONTROL * If a Parasite Swarm mind controls a Shadow Phoenix after it has started to crash dive, the dive will not be interrupted and it will damage the units of the Shadow Phoenix's previous owner. ORBS * you get "only" 75 power back when you destroy your orb while beeing build. Therfor you loose 25 power. (new orb costs 100 afterwards) ** UPDATE 2009.11.13. ** 1.Buffing: Damage amplification: I've done some extensive testing and found that Unholy Power stacks up to 2 times for +100% damage, this double stack can also be stacked with any of the following buffs. Homesoil Motivate Soul Splicer Unholy hero Of all of these buffs none stack with one another besides with Unholy Power and that the highest achievable amplification of damage is 300% Via Unholy hero+ Unholy Powerx2. Snapjaw (fire) will also increase this damage on whichever target is the focus of the fully buffed unit. Damage Reduction: Stacks such as life weaving, defenders stance, and crystal fiend (frost) Frozen units take 50% normal damage 2. Unit size: When choosing what unit to counter another with it is important to pay attention to the unit's attack, and the unit's size. By choosing the correct counter for a given unit you can save time and power. It works as such. A units size determines the best effective attack against it. If your unit's attack size matches the enemies unit size then your unit will do on average 50% more damage. The same is true in reverse. Cards like lyrish knight, who is a medium sized unit with a high small attack are an excellent counter to small units since the majority of small units also posses a small attack which means that they will not receive the +50% damage vs your lyrish knight, but you will receive the +50% vs their small units. I have also done some testing on unit size to determine that the +50% is average, not the rule. XL units have a variety of attack animations, and while some prove more effective (up to +64%) other animations are less effective (44%) , so based on the luck of the draw,and how your unit wants to animate you could potentially be doing +64% damage to a unit with a size disadvantage vs your attack depending on the animation (Axe chop, two handed blow, horn sweep, stomp, etc. Most xl units have 5-6 attack animations depending on the size of their foe. Stampede: XL units can stampede small and medium units: Knocking back and doing 10 dmg to each squad member. L units can stampede small units: Knocking back and doing 10 dmg to each squad member. 3. Legendary Cards - Promo cards Legendary cards like Ravenheart can be played with their promotional version to bypass the legendary unit limit. Promo cards of existing units are considered different from the non-promo version for the purpose of buffing such as motivate. 4. Void and Power 90% of a units actual power cost is returned in void power from suicidal units. This is effected from breeding grounds thus instead of refunding 90 power from a 100 power skyfire drake it will return 90% of the actual ammount of power it took to summon in the unit. Eg. U3 breeding grounds = 30% Thus making skyfire U3 cost 70 power instead of 100, the void gained on a suicide of that unit is then 63 (90% of 70). Power enhancing structures such as Juice tank and Resource booster will both effect your own power wells (and stack effects), but they will not effect allied/enemy wells. Breeding grounds: The effected power savings (15%-30%) will work for allies summoning in the effective area, saving them a portion of the summoning cost. Orbs: Each orb costs 100 power + a one time power fee for each tier after the first. 100+50 = T2 100+150= T3 100+ 200 = T4 If the wrong orb is accidentally built, destroying the orb before its completion will result in 75 power of the 100 being refunded. 5. Corpses/Corpse Gathering When using something like embalmer's shrine's special ability it will effect all friendly units corpse gathering abilities as well. Corpses last approximately 17 seconds before they vanish, so time those Undead armies, and harvesters appropriately. 6. Walls: Important things to remember are that XL units and Buildings can be targeted through a wall while S, M, L units can only be temporarily targeted by other S,M,L units if they were visible through a hole in the wall or, if the gate was down. Only XL units and buildings can attack S, M, L units over a wall unless the unit attempting to fire is placed on the wall defensively. All small units can be placed on walls, this includes melee units. While they cannot attack, they do provide something else for enemy units to focus on, thus reducing damage on the walls overall. Snapjaw, being a small unit but with a squad of 4 can compact more units onto a group of wall segments than the other 6 member squads. A two segment wall can house 3 units of snapjaws while only being able to support 2 units of 6 member squads such as master archers. 7. Rage: Rage abilitiy will allow a unit to do up to 4 times (400%) its normal damage when fully enraged. To maintain this most rage units must attack every 5 seconds, while Fire dragon must only attack every 10 seconds. 8. PvP In collection battles awards are given as such Battle Tokens = 2 for matches lasting at least 2:31 Battle Tokens = 3 for matches lasting at least 8:31 Battle Tokens = 4 for matches lasting at least 11:31 Battle Tokens = 6 for matches lasting at least 14:31 The loser is awarded half of this number rounded down to the nearest whole. For tome matches: i'm pretty sure it's just double the normal tokens, but maxed at 9 tokens. (i.e. you get 8 tokens when you would get 4 in collection games, and 9, when you would get 6) ** UPDATE 2009.12.02. ** LOOTER - it only works versus buildings that your opponent built, not including wells and orbs. - you get a certain percentage (i think it's 40% at U0) of the buildings powercost as extra power into your usable power pool if you completely destroy the building just with units that have the looter ability. - you don't get that power in one big bunch when the building is destroyed, but rather every time you damage the building, you get a small part of it. - so if a building has 1000 health points, and you make 100 damage to it with your looters, you will get 4% of the buildings power cost. - the opponent will still get 90% void, so the power is not "stolen" but additionally granted. - normally you won't have many opportunities to use this ability, but if your opponent loves to spam buildings, you can make a lot of extra power with this. ** UPDATE 2009.12.07. ** UPGRADE COSTS ............. U1 ...... U2 ..... U3 Common ...... 50 ..... 250 .... 500 Uncommon ... 150 ..... 500 ... 1000 Rare ....... 400 .... 1000 ... 3000 Ultra rare . 800 .... 2000 ... 6000 ** UPDATE 2009.12.09. ** The Root Network A lot of people really don't understand how the root network works, and don't get to use it at it's full potential. It is actually fairly simple to use and if done properly can make for one of the best defenses in the game in most situations. How does it work --- The following cards have the Root ability... Living Tower SpikeRoot Thornbark Razorleaf Howling Shrine (tainted and gifted) Spore Launcher And two support buildings Root Nexus (gifted and blessed) The buildings are automatically rooted but the units have the ability to become rooted (immobile) and gain special attacks, and can be un-rooted and moved to a new area. You will know they are connected when a faint green colored line connects between the units, as long as they are linked to one unit in a network they will be connected to the whole network. You must be outside the linking range and have seperate units not connected the to first network in any way to have a second seperate network. Every rooted unit/structure that becomes part of a root network supports the other units in it by boosting attack power and or speed. However the most important part of this function to know is that if a unit or structure is attacking, it -does not- add its power to the network i.e. only unit/structures that are idle will add their power and boost ONE of the linked attacking units -unless- the root network is maxed out (for a level 3 upgrade that is 11 linked units) then any additional units will add power to a second attacker. Only one unit per network can receive a power boost (unless network is maxed out for that unit with additional supporters for secondary unit), this is determined by the attacker closest to the network. Example: Two Spikeroots one in front of the other, connected to 7 living Towers. The spikeroot in front will have the attack boost, until enemy units move into range of the second spikeroot, as soon as he starts attacking the first spikeroot will lose and bonus and now the New attacker closest to the network will receive a power boost. If the enemy units move beyond the spikeroots and engage the living towers, then all power boosts will be lost. This is part of what makes root nexus so potent and useful in a root network. Root Nexus does not contribute OR subtract from the root network, it does however connect units, allowing you to have a large group of stationary towers, and keep using their power by moving your unit(s) and creating cheap root nexus buildings as you go. They also have useful abilities which they give to any unit connected directly to them. Gifted Root Nexus - Any unit connected directly to this structure will regenerate 2% of their life points every second Blessed Root Nexus - Any unit connected directly to this structure will take 25% less damage If you build one of each of the support structures at the edge of the root network (every 25m-ish) so that each root nexus takes less damage and regenerates health, then surround them with living towers in the center, and place your attacking units at the outside edges making sure everything has one of each nexus connected to it. You will have an entire defensive force (units and structures) all of which are self regenerating and take less damage from attacks, meaning no repairing, and in some cases, no healing required. This strategy is for example perfect for defending the gold wagon on Bad Harvest, using razorleaf for attack. You don't even need to bother destroying the cannons because your defenses will regenerate themselves and take less damage from them. At this present time it seems that Howling shrine doesn't work as the description states ( 4 turrets each deal 325 damage written on the card) yet no matter how many supporters it only fires one turret. However each one has a special ability, gifted paralyzes an attacker tainted roots them. on a maxed network they activate this special nearly every second if you place the rooter out front it will hold and attack enemies and with the paralyzer behind any that get through the roots will then be paralyzed and attacked, they can be powerful or just used as another structure supporter. At this time though the damage they deal however is minimal (seems to be glitched). Mark of the keeper works well with root network as well, providing some defense and preventing special attacks like disintegration or paralysis that can shut down heavy damage linked attackers. Combined with breeding grounds you can create a mass of unit supporters and create an entirely mobile root network, which turns it into a more effective offensive weapon. This is where Thornbark really shines, it gives you extra network supporters to work with and provides mobile anti air support since Spikeroot attacks ground units only. A razorleaf out front with an equal mix of spikeroots and thornbarks can make a powerful offensive force, anti air, heavy attack and support ground fire all in one if things start to look bad you can pull your razorleaf back to a defending network while your other units create a wall for it's escape. PVE Random Loot List Difficulty 1: 0 Honor Tokens, 0 Victory Tokens, 2 Battle Tokens about 3minutes Difficulty 2: 0 Honor Tokens, 0 Victory Tokens, 3 Battle Tokens about 4-5minutes Difficulty 3: 0 Honor Tokens, 0 Victory Tokens, 4 Battle Tokens Difficulty 4: 0 Honor Tokens, 1 Victory Tokens, 6 Battle Tokens Difficulty 5: 1 Honor Tokens, 2 Victory Tokens, 10 Battle Tokens Difficulty 6: 2 Honor Tokens, 3 Victory Tokens, 15 Battle Tokens 16 minutes Difficulty 7: 3 Honor Tokens, 4 Victory Tokens, 20 Battle Tokens 19 minutes Difficulty 8: 4 Honor Tokens, 6 Victory Tokens, 30 Battle Tokens 600 XP 22 minutes Difficulty 9: 5 Honor Tokens, 7 Victory Tokens, 40 Battle Tokens 900 XP 22 minutes Difficulty 10: 6 Honor Tokens, 8 Victory Tokens, 50 Battle Tokens 1125 XP 42 minutes MELEE ATTACK There is a cap on the number of melee creatures that can attack an opposing creature. Actual numbers depend on size of the attackers and size of the defenders. First i would like to define 3 different melee attack classes: * Normal (most M and S size creatures, with M counting twice as much as S) * Reach (some M and S size creatures, with counting M twice as much as S) * Huge (all L and XL size creatures, with XL counting twice as much as L) The following creatures are in the Reach class: * Spearmen * Ghostspears * Mauler * Drones * Phalanx * Imperials * Lyrish Knight * Silverwind Lancers * Ice Guardian * Wrecker * Enforcer * Scythe Fiends * Giant Slayer * Executor * Shadow Insect Note that both Nomad and Dreadcharger are not in this class even though they use lances! And now the caps on the numbers of melee attackers for creatures of different sizes: * a single S creature can be attacked by at most 4 Normal, 6 Reach and 2 Huge attackers * a single M creature can be attacked by at most 6 Normal, 10 Reach and 2 Huge attackers * a single L creature can be attacked by at most 8 Normal, 12 Reach and 4 Huge attackers * a single XL creature can be attacked by at most 12 Normal, 14 Reach and 6 Huge attackers Similar mechanics apply to melee attacks against buildings, but the number of attackers seem depend on the footprint size of the buildings. OTHER * Disintegrated targets doesn't revive with second chance or promise of life. * Reducing damage effects like life weaving or freezed also reduce damage from self damage like instability or blood healing. However, self-damage from disintegrating (shadow worm) can't be reduced. * Soulshatter's secondary effect doesn't trigger from death of air units. * Bandit walker doesn't count as XL unit (units with XL attack doesn't do more damage vs them). Construct does. * Buffs like unholy power/hero/motivate increase damage from shadow mage's foul play, but only if buffs are here when bomb explodes, not when bomb planted. * Damage to allies from wrathgazer's pain link calculated before his resilience or any other reductions. * Overlord can store corpses up to X points (max hp - current hp = X), then he use them to regenerate even if there are no more corpses around. * Armored tower's active ability works on buildings under construction. * Defenders, Commandos and Darkelves get thier range decreased when activating ability. * Pve Units and buildings of Lost Souls cant be controlled by f.e. mattermastery or mindcontrolled and so on. DISINTEGRATION upgrade lvl / disintegration rate(hp/sec) / hp loss(per sec per unit) disintegration rate of 100 means it can disintegrate unit with 1000 hp in 10 seconds. Church of negation U0 / 80 / 60 U1 / 85 / 60 U2 / 90 / 50 U3 / 100 / 50 Wrathgazer U0 / 135 / - U3 / 150 / - Shadow worm U0 / 110 / 70 U1 / 115 / 60 U2 / 125 / 50 U3 / 150 / 45
  13. Karl Lavafeld

    Winter Forge

    different forges you can buy for bfp or gold would be at least something you could spend your bfp or gold if u have all cards.^^ if you could also switch between them ingame.
  14. Karl Lavafeld

    Battleforge Music remix

    Years ago i did a remix of Battleforge music. Nothing special just took me some hours. I was asked to upload it. Here you go. Enjoy! Kind regards Battleforge-beat-emmaerzeh2.mp3
  15. Karl Lavafeld

    [Gamemode PVE+PVP] Survival

    With the new reward over time mechanic like on test server it will only count the time you play no matter what. If I understand correctly. What's awesome for communitymaps, since they give bfp then too. Zorscy and me work on a defencive rpve mode atm where u have to defend vs random fraction. Kind Regards
  16. Karl Lavafeld

    Communitymaps-update May 2020

    Lebovin and i updated all my maps, pls delete the old maps in your Map folder and download the new ones ! Thank you! The new maps can be downloaded ingame or here:
  17. Karl Lavafeld

    Communitymaps-update May 2020

    new maps are here
  18. Karl Lavafeld

    Youtube : Lets play communitymaps

    Hi, I started a new series on the "BattleForge Creator's Guild" youtube channel called "Let´s play communitymaps". I first will play my own maps and then i ll play other mapcreators maps too. Here is a link to the first video. Lets play communitymaps #1 Kind regards
  19. Hello fellow Skylords, Check out the new awesome map "Into the Jungle1" !!! The map and scripts have been created by "Emmaerzeh", "Kyriel" and "Perendi". Special thanks to all those who helped in testing and translating. Description: It is a 2 player PvE map set in jungle scenery. Various enemies of the nature faction have to be defeated on your way to the ultimate boss: The King of the Forest Elders. He has blessed some of his nature creatures with a magical aura that prevents your ranged attacks. If marked camps are not destroyed within respective time limits, he will summon swarms of flying units to attack you. Card Restrictions: To ensure diversity and encourage new strategies, some cards are not allowed on the map: -Amii Monument -Enlightenment -Mark of the Keeper -Wheel of Gifts -Nightguard (both affinities) Using any of these cards in-game results in a default loss. Competition: To further promote the map, it will revive and continue the old tradition of community challenges. -Competition period: 01 November 2019 – 31 December 2019 -Prices will be given out at 02 January 2020 Prices: -Fastest 2 player run: 3000 BFP (1500 each) -Second fastest 2 player run: 2000 BFP (1000 each) -Third fastest 2 player run: 1000 BFP (500 each) -Fastest 1 player run: 1500 BFP -Second fastest 1 player run: 1000 BFP -Third fastest 1 player run: 500 BFP Besides the speedrun category, there will also be prices for creative/ stylish attempts. The determination of the winner of this contest is subject to my discretion. -Most creative or most stylish 2 player attempt : 3000 BFP (1500 each) -Second most creative or most stylish 2 player attempt : 2000 BFP (1000 each) -Third most creative or most stylish 2 player attempt : 1000 BFP (500 each) A big thank you to all voluntary sponsors of the event: - 1000 BFP Eudoxos - 300 BFP by dersuchti -Further donations are very much welcome Additional Rules: -The competition uses the map version "IntoTheJungle1.pak". -The map has to be played on expert difficulty. -It is not allowed to share monuments in any way in a 2 player run, this means at the given camps 1 of the monuments is for each player, including tier 1 starting orbs. -This rule does not apply for 1 player runs in which you are allowed to take available orbs freely. -For 2 player runs each team is allowed to submit 2 replays, 1 for speedrun, 1 for style run category. -Everyone may additionally participate with a 1 player speedrun replay. -Players can only be part of one team for their submission, hence if "Player A" submits a replay with "Player B", he cannot also submit a replay with "Player C". In order not to limit the speedrun prize pool to possibly only a few traditional players, each player can only receive 1 prize. -If successfully participating in multiple categories one will only receive the highest prize money earned. -The priority for which category the prize money will be received if you win multiple prizes of the same value is: 2 player speedrun, 2player style run and 1 player speedrun lastly . -The prize money for other runs will instead be given to the next best player/team along the ranking, replacing their original reward and shifting all other prizes one rank down. -The position in the ranking will not be affected by this. -All winning replays will later be published and attached to this post and a selection of the best will be uploaded to YouTube with explanatory commentary by RadicalX. Participation Guidelines: -To participate, you may not violate any of the rules above. This will be verified by me. -Make your final replay (file format is .pmv) available to me via Discord before 01 January 2020 UTC+1 and indicate whether it is a stylerun or speedrun. My Discord name is Emmaerzeh#0240. You can also find me on the official Skylords Reborn Discord Server. -You can update your replay submission during the time of the competition any number of times. -It is not allowed to pressure the event organizer or other participants to publish tips or replays. Known Bugs: -The Burrower and Swamp Drakes show wrong names if you click on them (that is a mistake in the editor which cannot be changed). -Replays of community maps sometimes do not show up in the game Replay viewing selection. This issue has been reported to the developers. A workaround is to open another lobby of a Community Map first and then go to the Replay viewing selection again. Or try close the game, copy the replay to another place, rename it and copy it back to the replay folder. If the replay there shows the gear as an indicator of being broken or outdated, try again later and make sure you have the "IntoTheJungle1.pak" file in your C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\map folder. (Auto)saved replays can be found alongside the same path in the folder […]\replays. -If you find any other bugs, report them to me. Current Ranking: These are the best currently submitted speedrun times. Styleruns will be determined at the end of the challenge. To foster competition early on it is more fun if you tell your best time right away and do not wait until the last second. Of course, both ways are allowed. 2 player speedruns: 1. LEBOVIN + Pritstift 15:44 min 2. Douglas + Dersuchti 24:04 min 3.[Names] [Time] Styleruns: 1. DieBieneMaya + Edlend 2. LEBOVIN + Pritstift 3.[Names]  1 player speedruns: 1. Pritstift 23:11 min 2. [Name] [Time] 3. [Name] [Time] Downloads: -Attached you will find the map file which you first have to unpack and then save in your C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\map folder. Alternatively, the map can be downloaded directly in game. Make sure to have older versions deleted. -Later I will add the collection of replays that won in this challenge. I wish you the best of luck and lots of fun exploring the jungle! Karl Lavafeld (Emmaerzeh) IntoTheJungle1.rar
  20. Thx Kubik for allways be there for questions and get necessary things done. F. E. When I corrupted my mapfile by simply placing the wrong object in editor he tryed and succeeded to fix it. I hope you keep on staying in the discord and game as a non developer as well. @leftoverdevs Who btw we can now ask for delete uploaded communitymaps from the server? The community maps section needs some responsible person(s) to prevent its being spammed with copies or trash. Kind Regards
  21. Karl Lavafeld

    Map editor tutorials

    Ok since Ultraedit is not free , here is an alternative: Thx to @Zorscy sharing his scriptlist for notepad++ snippets plugin. Thx a lot. In notepad++ - you go to expansions - plugins- there you check "snippets" and click install. Then you rightclick in snippets dropdownmenue and choose "import libary. then u choose the 5 files attached here in the zip. Now you can choose the commands form the list and notepad++ will write the scripts for you. Kind regards BF_Taglist_Notepad.zip
  22. Karl Lavafeld

    Map editor tutorials

    I found some old tutorials. Some are in german but, if someone is interested they can use translate or somebody translate it for the community. Pls @MephistoRoss add it to the first post as a link. TY To make scripting of maps a little bit easier, attached you will find a tag list of all functions in BattleForge. To use to, follow the steps: - Download the attached file - Download, install and start UltraEdit - CTRL+F8 - Rightclick into the tag list > Modify Tags - Browse to the downloaded file - OK The tag list on the right hand side should now show all functions including needed parameters cointained in BattleForge. Have fun! Kind regards Import export in bf editor by kaldra.odt fortgeschrittenes script tutorial by Ajihad007.odt BattleForge taglist6c6c.txt bf ids.odt Tutorial__How_to_use_the_Cutscene_Editor_-_BattleForge_Forum.pdf
  23. Karl Lavafeld

    Want to learn making maps?

    Hi skylords, "Darkstrider/Flameforge" is willing to make a livestream tutorial/coaching. The lesson needs no previous knowledge in mapmaking, and should enable you to execute the most usefull map mechanics. There is no date jet we just want to investigate if there is general interest. If you interested join my mapmaking channel or give me a pm. Kind regards https://discord.gg/V5Ngc8
  24. Karl Lavafeld

    Want to learn making maps?

    i got this but didnt try use it jet. kind regards Tutorial__How_to_use_the_Cutscene_Editor_-_BattleForge_Forum.pdf

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