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  1. So much prizes so close after reset? I don't see a section where you thank donators =3
  2. Hi, there was a progression reset on 18th December. That means all cards, bfp, gold, etc.
  3. Hi, there was a progression reset on 18th December. That means all cards, bfp, gold, etc.
  4. You need to make an exception if you want to use it, it's a false positive. SR installer is not harmful for your device.
  5. moved to general talk There's so rule regarding assign mode ingame, just common courtesy, however, it seemed from your post that you have done all you could
  6. You can also click decks and you should see it listed there
  7. Hey guys, this thread was created before the reset, therefore I think it's not an active giveaway anymore. Therefore, I will close it Ultra Unless @MolochTurtle pm me to say it's still ongoing in which case thread will be reopened
  8. Yes, we had a reset on 18th of December
  9. Ultrakool


    Checking.. moved to tech support it should be Lenovo now
  10. All Mails with official Skylords Logo are from the SR Staff
  11. I hope you dont mind, I edited your original post to clarify the name of the channel where to get test server files, as well as adding a direct link to that discord channel Also, thanks for the initiative to organize a tournament in test server to test the changes
  12. A bit off topic here as a reply to an announcement, I think it would be better if you create a separate topic for it
  13. Discord is a social messaging platform, much like Skype, with an emphasis as a platform “for gamers”. It’s also atm our most active platform. I meant pming us there. If you don’t use discord, I guess forums is fine, however it will have slower response time due to a lack of a good notification system
  14. @chickennoodler As people said, please report ingame with /report playername reason. If it’s something more urgent, you can also pm ModMail #5460 on discord or pming a online Global Moderator. Also refrain from publicly reporting another person, even with the right screenshots and everything.
  15. Replay: https://discordapp.com/channels/412337391521628179/723890801859493989/755916474379403327 Maybe this helps you Original Poster is @Pritstift
  16. I’ve asked on the teaching discord server for help for you
  17. You’ve been autobanned for multiqccount after further investigation
  18. What do you mean? You want to reset progress?
  19. Are you still having issues? I don’t see anything wrong with your account
  20. Hello you’ll find the answer in this thread point 6
  21. There is no set order that you have to do them in, however this may be interesting to you.
  22. yes, we recently did a fix that should have solved trojan detection issues. You dont need to redownload any files though
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